Adjectives for Festivals

Adjectives For Festivals

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing festivals, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the varied adjectives linked to 'festivals' unveils the rich tapestry of celebrations worldwide. Describing a festival as 'religious' instantly conveys a sense of sacred observance, aligning it with spiritual or ritual significance. A 'great' festival, on the other hand, suggests scale and impact, often leaving a lasting memory on its attendees. 'Annual' highlights the rhythmic return, marking time in communal life, while 'public' festivals underscore their openness and accessibility to a broad audience. 'Major' festivals are landmarks in the cultural landscape, drawing attention far and wide. Meanwhile, 'certain' festivals may hint at more niche or specific traditions, inviting intrigue into lesser-known celebrations. Dive deeper to discover more adjectives that paint a vivid picture of festivals across the globe.
religiousThousands of people across the country gather to celebrate religious festivals with devotion and enthusiasm
greatOur town is known for our great festivals
annualThe town hosts many annual festivals throughout the year.
publicPublic festivals bring people from different walks of life together.
majorThe city is famous for its major festivals
certainMy sister was planning to go to certain festivals this summer.
importantImportant festivals commemorate significant events and cultural traditions.
nationalFamilies come together from around the world during national festivals
localThe local festivals were a celebration of the town's culture and history.
variousPeople from around the world join together to celebrate various festivals
internationalThe city hosts a variety of international festivals throughout the year.
popularPopular festivals are a great way to experience the culture of a place.
traditionalTraditional festivals are celebrated in different cultures around the world.
christianThere are a number of Christian festivals throughout the year.
seasonalThe holiday season is approaching, so many different religious and cultural seasonal festivals will be celebrated in different parts of the world.
solemnThe townsfolk participated in the solemn festivals with great reverence.
paganThe people gathered for the pagan festivals to celebrate the changing seasons.
specialThe town is famous for its special festivals
musicalThe musical festivals were a blast this summer.
numerousThe city hosts numerous festivals throughout the year and attracts a large number of tourists.
ancientThe town's annual festival will feature ancient festivals music, and food.
culturalTourists are drawn to the city's vibrant cultural festivals throughout the year.
principalWe celebrate many principal festivals in my country.
yearlyEvery year, the lively city hosts a wide range of yearly festivals that attract tourists from all over the globe.
muslimDuring the Muslim festivals the streets are decorated with lights and people wear traditional clothes.
sacredThe sacred festivals were attended by thousands of people.
agriculturalThe local agricultural festivals celebrated the region's farming heritage.
chineseChinese festivals are full of vibrant colors and traditions.
ethnicThe city's ethnic festivals offer a taste of global culture.
chiefPeople have a chance to see several of their chief festivals and holidays.
greekThe town was alive with the sounds of Greek festivals
dramaticThe town celebrated its cultural heritage with dramatic festivals and parades.
hinduThere are many Hindu festivals celebrated in India throughout the year.
romanThe Roman festivals were a series of public holidays and religious celebrations in ancient Rome.
ruralRural festivals celebrated traditional dances and songs that had been passed down for generations.
civicThe citizens took part in the civic festivals with great enthusiasm.
regionalThe traditional costumes and handicrafts of the different regions were on display at the regional festivals
europeanEuropean festivals attract many tourists each year.
regularMy family loves to attend regular festivals in the city.
buddhistBuddhist festivals celebrate religious events in the life of Buddha and other key figures in Buddhism.
grandThe city was bustling with excitement in anticipation of the grand festivals
indianDiwali is one of the most important Indian festivals
athleticThe children participated in athletic festivals
minorBesides major holidays, there are also many minor festivals celebrated throughout the year.
holyThe holy festivals of India are a vibrant expression of the country's rich cultural traditions.
outdoorThere are many outdoor festivals held during the summer months.
dionysiacThe dionysiac festivals were held in honor of the god Dionysus.
periodicThe town organizes various periodic festivals throughout the year.
athenianPeople from all over the Greek world attended the Athenian festivals
japaneseThe lively atmosphere of Japanese festivals is truly unforgettable.
dayTown people went to the day festivals and had a lot of fun.
islamicMuslims around the world celebrate a variety of Islamic festivals throughout the year.
dionysianThe dionysian festivals were held in honor of the god Dionysus.
competitiveThe town hosts competitive festivals for various cultural and artistic activities.
harvestHarvest festivals celebrate the gathering of crops and the changing of seasons.
joyousThe joyous festivals brought the community together in celebration.
frequentThe town is known for its frequent festivals
periodicalThe town's periodical festivals bring in a host of visitors.
splendidThe city hosts splendid festivals throughout the year.
famousMany famous festivals draw большое количество туристов.
communalCommunal festivals bring people together.
elaborateThe city is famous for its elaborate festivals that celebrate its rich cultural heritage.
tribalPeople from various tribes gather at the tribal festivals to celebrate their rich cultural heritage.
provincialThe provincial festivals feature traditional music, dance, and food.
gayThe gay festivals were a lively celebration of love and diversity.
revolutionaryThe French Revolutionaries experimented with many different forms of revolutionary festivals
monthlyEvery month the citizens celebrated with lively monthly festivals
patrioticThe town celebrated their patriotic festivals with parades and fireworks.
choralThe school's choral festivals are always a highlight of the year.
secularDiwali and Christmas are examples of secular festivals

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