Adjectives for Fever

Adjectives For Fever

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fever, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fever can significantly alter the meaning conveyed. A 'high fever' suggests a serious illness requiring immediate attention, whereas an 'intermittent fever' might imply a recurring issue, possibly less alarming but still concerning. Descriptors like 'yellow' and 'scarlet' fever point to specific diseases known for their outbreaks and historical impact, while 'rheumatic fever' indicates a specific illness with joint inflammation and pain. 'Typhoid fever', on the other hand, references a specific and serious bacterial infection. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, offering a nuanced understanding of the condition. Beyond these examples, explore the full range of adjectives used with 'fever' to better express and diagnose.
yellowStaying in a guest house for a few days, he contracted yellow fever and died on his way home.
scarletThe child was diagnosed with scarlet fever and had to stay home from school.
rheumaticRheumatic fever is a serious complication of untreated strep throat.
highMy son had a high fever when he was sick last week.
intermittentThe patient experienced intermittent fever throughout the night.
typhoidTyphoid fever is a bacterial infection that can cause a high fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.
entericTyphoid is also known as enteric fever which is a bacterial infection of the small intestine.
acuteThe patient presented with acute fever chills, and cough.
malarialThe patient was diagnosed with malarial fever
gradeThe students were suffering from grade fever as they anxiously awaited their test results.
slightShe had a slight fever and a headache.
lowThe child had a low fever and a runny nose.
violentHe was delirious and sweating from a violent fever
puerperalPuerperal fever was a major cause of death for women in the 19th century.
malignantThe malignant fever was spreading throughout the countryside.
hemorrhagicSeveral other types of hemorrhagic fever including yellow fever, dengue fever, and Rift Valley fever, also result in bleeding into the skin.
biliousThe patient was diagnosed with bilious fever and was prescribed antibiotics.
undulantThe patient presented with undulant fever and fatigue.
hecticThe patient was rushed to the hospital, suffering from a hectic fever
mildMary had a mild fever and a runny nose.
severeThe patient presented with a severe fever and chills.
glandularGlandular fever is a common illness caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.
typhusThe patient had been diagnosed with typhus fever a serious bacterial infection transmitted by lice.
nervousThe nervous fever made him restless and anxious.
persistentThe patient presented with a persistent fever and a productive cough.
continuedThe patient continued fever despite antibiotic treatment.
epidemicEpidemic fever spread across the village, leaving many ill.
unexplainedThe patient presented with an unexplained fever and rash.
spottedThe doctor diagnosed the patient with Rocky Mountain spotted fever
slowThe patient had a slow fever making it difficult to diagnose.
irregularThe patient's irregular fever made diagnosis and treatment difficult.
childbedAfter her childbed fever she slowly began to regain her strength.
inflammatoryThe patient presented with an inflammatory fever and elevated white blood cell count.
moderateThe patient presented with a moderate fever and chills.
familialHe is suffering from familial fever
biteThe dog had a sudden bite fever and attacked the mailman.
borneThe island was borne fever due to the mosquitos.
haemorrhagicThe patient was diagnosed with a severe haemorrhagic fever which caused multiple organ failure.
putridThe putrid fever was ravaging the countryside, leaving behind a trail of suffering and death.
tertianThe patient was suffering from tertian fever which is a type of malaria that occurs every third day.
recurrentThe patient was diagnosed with recurrent fever which was caused by a bacterial infection.
africanThe doctor diagnosed him with African fever
fitfulThe patient was burning up with a fitful fever
splenicSplenic fever is a bacterial infection that affects the spleen and liver of cattle.
spinalThe child has been diagnosed with spinal fever
quartanThe quartan fever is a type of malaria that causes fever every four days.
dengueDengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease.
secondaryThe patient developed a secondary fever after antibiotic treatment.
suddenThe child's sudden fever worried the parents.
cerebrospinalCerebrospinal fever also known as meningitis, is a bacterial infection of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord.
speculativeThe speculative fever that gripped Wall Street in the late 1920s eventually led to the stock market crash of 1929.
continuousThe patient had a continuous fever for over a week.
perniciousThe patient was suffering from a pernicious fever that was rapidly spreading throughout the town
chronicDespite the chronic fever and fatigue, she managed to get out of bed and face the day.
infectiousThe patient was admitted to the hospital with an infectious fever
remittentHe tested positive for typhoid fever, which caused remittent fever weakness and severe headaches after eating contaminated oysters.
contagiousThe contagious fever spread rapidly through the population.
dangerousThe child was rushed to the hospital with a dangerous fever
paratyphoidParatyphoid fever infects a patient in an area that has poor sanitation and hygiene.
eruptiveThe patient suffered from eruptive fever accompanied by a maculopapular rash.
terribleI woke up with a terrible fever and couldn't move.
autumnalThe leaves danced in a flurry of autumnal fever
swampThe horse had a bad case of swamp fever and could not race.
tropicalMy tropical fever was a constant reminder of my time spent in the lush rainforest.
fatalThe fatal fever claimed many lives in the village.
septicThe patient had a high fever due to septic fever
prolongedHis prolonged fever and cough did not seem to improve despite multiple rounds of antibiotics.
calledHer face was called fever as she blushed.
goldThe gold fever had gripped the town, turning peaceful men into reckless adventurers.
lowgradeThe patient presented with persistent lowgrade fever for the past five days.
deadlyThe deadly fever ravaged the village, leaving behind a trail of sorrow and despair.
intenseI was burning up with an intense fever
endemicThe endemic fever has been plaguing the region for centuries.
postoperativeThe patient developed a postoperative fever shortly after surgery.
malariousThe patient was diagnosed with malarious fever and was prescribed a course of antibiotics.
brainThe patient was diagnosed with brain fever a severe form of meningitis.
inducedThe induced fever was carefully monitored to ensure the patient's safety.
sandflyThe sandfly fever virus is transmitted by the bite of infected sandflies.
revolutionaryThe revolutionary fever spread like wildfire, igniting a thirst for change in the hearts of the people.

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