Adjectives for Fiber

Adjectives For Fiber

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fiber, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Fiber is a versatile noun, carrying with it a bouquet of semantic nuances depending on the adjective it pairs with. For instance, 'optical fiber' plunges us into the world of high-speed communications, while 'dietary fiber' shifts the context to health and nutrition. Similarly, 'single fiber' evokes technical precision, in contrast to 'moral fiber,' which discusses character strength. Meanwhile, 'crude fiber' refers to its raw, unprocessed state, and 'soluble fiber' underlines its ability to dissolve in water, highlighting functionality in dietary contexts. Each adjective not only modifies fiber but also opens a new realm of meaning and application, illustrating the rich interplay between words. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'fiber' and explore the expansive linguistic landscapes they inhabit below.
opticalThe optical fiber cable transmits data over long distances using modulated light waves.
dietaryDietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet.
singleThe single fiber of the optic cable was broken.
moralThe community's moral fiber was threatened by the rising crime rate.
crudeDietary fiber, also known as crude fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate found in plant foods.
solubleSoluble fiber can lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar control.
highBrown rice is a good source of high fiber
syntheticSynthetic fiber is a man-made fiber that is created from chemical compounds.
longThe long fiber was carefully woven into the fabric.
multimodeThe multimode fiber has a larger core and can support multiple modes of light propagation.
naturalThis sofa is made of natural fiber
extremeThe bread boasts an extreme fiber content, providing ample dietary sustenance.
myelinatedThe myelinated fiber is a specialized type of neuron that is found in the central nervous system.
insolubleInsoluble fiber cannot be broken down by the body and helps to keep the digestive system moving.
hollowThe hollow fiber membrane was used for water purification.
shortThe short fiber has been used in the composite manufacture.
fineThe fine fiber of the fabric felt soft against my skin.
strongThe sturdy rope was made with strong fiber
veryYour words have become embedded in my very fiber
skeletalThe skeletal fibers in this muscle were organized in a parallel fashion.
individualEach individual fiber was approximately 10 to 15 micrometers in diameter.
elasticThe elastic fibers of the skin give it its elasticity.
sensoryA sensory fiber is a type of nerve fiber that carries sensory information to the central nervous system.
opticThe data transmission speed of optic fiber is very fast.
continuousThe continuous fiber is wound onto a bobbin.
dopedThe doped fiber can be used in various fiber-optic devices, such as amplifiers and lasers.
muscularHer muscular fibers were taut from the intense workout.
toughThe rope snapped due to its tough fiber
nerveThe nerve fiber was severed in the accident.
woodyThe woody fibers in the wood provide strength and rigidity to the tree.
outerThe outer fiber of the stem is tough and flexible.
coarseThe coarse fiber in the vegetables helps to promote regularity.
striatedThe striated fibers in the muscles contract and relax to move the body.
thinThe thin fiber was carefully threaded through the small hole.
standardThe company uses standard fiber to manufacture its products.
intrafusalThe intrafusal fiber is a specialized muscle fiber found within the muscle spindles.
rawThe raw fiber is a coarse, fibrous material that is often used in textiles.
typicalThe typical fiber in most vegetables is insoluble and cannot be digested by your body.
muscleThe muscle fibers were aligned in a parallel fashion.
enoughThis cereal has enough fiber to keep you feeling full all morning.
madeThe doll's hair was made of a soft, synthetic made fiber
giantThe giant fiber is a type of neuron that is found in the squid.
multiThe cable has multi fiber technology which provides high internet speeds.
cardiacThe cardiac fibers are responsible for the coordinated contraction of the heart.
smoothThe smooth fiber of the fabric made it feel luxurious against his skin.
postganglionicThe postganglionic fiber of the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for transmitting signals from the spinal cord to the target organ.
coatedThe coated fiber was then placed in a vacuum oven to dry.
softThe soft fiber of the cotton plant is used to make clothes.
plasticThe plastic fiber was used to create a durable and flexible material.
neutralThe neutral fiber is the level in a beam or slab where there is no stress.
glassThe glass fiber is a thin, flexible strand of glass that is used in a variety of applications.
fatThe fat fiber helped insulate the house from the cold.
ceramicCeramic fiber can be used as a heat-resistant material in various industrial applications.
inkedThe letter was written on inked fiber
topI enjoy granola for breakfast because it has a lot of top fiber
crystalThe crystal fiber was shimmering in the sunlight.
peripheralThe peripheral fiber of the nerve was damaged in the accident.
unmyelinatedThe unmyelinated fiber is a type of nerve fiber that does not have a myelin sheath.
dryThe dry fiber had almost no nutritional value, so it was a poor choice for the starving animals.
bottomThe bottom fiber of the carpet was frayed.
bareThe bare fiber was carefully spliced to the optical cable.
adequateA healthy diet contains adequate fiber
spunThe spun fiber was woven into a delicate fabric.
parallelAscending axons enter the granule cell layer and branch into parallel fibers.
flexibleThe flexible fiber was easy to bend and shape.
recycledThe recycled fiber used in the new packaging has greatly reduced the company's environmental impact.
basedThis construction company uses a based fiber for their concrete mix.
conventionalConventional fiber is composed of natural materials, such as cotton, linen, and wool.
isolatedThe isolated fibers of myelin cause multiple sclerosis.
cladThe clad fiber has a jacket over it to protect the glass material inside.
indigestibleThe indigestible fiber in the celery gave me terrible gas.
coreThe core fiber reinforced polymer should be a cost-effective material for general use in ship structures.
extraAdd extra fiber to your diet by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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