Adjectives for Field

Adjectives For Field

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing field, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vast landscape of language, the noun 'field' takes on diverse nuances when paired with different adjectives. A 'magnetic field' mesmerizes with its invisible forces, while an 'electric field' buzzes with charged energy. The 'visual field' expands the horizon of our sight, offering a boundless panorama. Describing something as a 'whole field' suggests completeness and unbroken continuity. 'Open' and 'wide fields' evoke a sense of freedom and expansive space, inviting exploration and adventure. Each adjective not only modifies 'field' but also enriches our understanding and perception of the word, opening up a myriad of imagery and interpretations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'field' and uncover the layers of meaning they add.
magneticA magnet has a strong magnetic field around it.
electricThe electric field around the wire is weak.
visualThe patient's visual field was normal.
wholeThe whole field was covered in wildflowers.
openThe farmer walked across the open field
wideShe peered through her wide field binoculars.
externalThe external field of the magnet was very strong.
particularShe has extensive experience in the particular field of software engineering.
entireThe entire field was covered in a thick blanket of snow.
gravitationalThe gravitational field of the Earth is about 9.8 m/s².
electromagneticThe electromagnetic field around the magnet is strong.
strongThe strong field of gravity around the black hole
uniformThe uniform field extends throughout the entire region.
vastThe vast field stretched out before them, a sea of emerald under the golden sky.
widerThe use of wider field of view lenses has become more popular in recent years.
farThe far field of the antenna had a radiation pattern that was nearly omnidirectional.
nearThe near field is the region of space within a few wavelengths of an antenna.
leftThe outfielder ran into left field to make the catch.
broadFarmers have a broad field of crops this year.
receptiveThe receptive field of a neuron is the area of the sensory field that, when stimulated, causes a change in the neuron's firing rate.
darkThe dark field microscopy technique can reveal features that are invisible with conventional bright field microscopy.
electricalThe electrical field around the charged particle is very strong.
meanThe mean field approximation is a widely used technique in statistical physics.
electrostaticThe electrostatic field around a charged particle is strongest near the particle and decreases with distance.
operativeThe surgeon prepared the operative field by shaving the skin and draping the patient.
fertileThe fertile field yielded a bountiful harvest.
staticThe static field of the object is used to store data that is shared among all instances of the class.
limitedOur knowledge in this limited field is still very incomplete.
richThe rich field of artificial intelligence has seen rapid advancements in recent years.
geomagneticThe geomagnetic field shields the Earth's surface from harmful radiation from the sun.
greenThe green field stretched out before us, inviting us to explore its vast expanse.
athleticThe athletic field was vast and well-maintained.
coalThe coal field is located in the Appalachian Mountains.
fairHe had a fair field with no favor, and the result was entirely due to his own merits.
soundThe sound field was measured using a microphone array.
narrowThe company only hires from a narrow field of candidates.
specializedHis specialized field is physics.
fruitfulThis fruitful field has yielded a bountiful harvest.
weakThe weak field of the magnet was barely able to hold the paperclip.
perceptualThe experimenters manipulated the participants' perceptual field by altering the lighting conditions.
broaderHe decided to change his major to one that offers a broader field of job opportunities.
brightThe bright field of the microscope illuminated the specimen.
semanticThe words 'kill', 'murder', and 'death' belong to the same semantic field
crystalThe crystal field splitting energy of the d-orbitals determines the electronic structure and magnetic properties of transition metal complexes.
academicThe academic field of study that interests me the most is history.
sterileThe surgeon maintained a sterile field throughout the procedure.
surgicalThe surgical field was carefully draped and prepped for the procedure.
promisingThe promising field of artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding.
bitThe bit field is a data structure that stores multiple flags in a single integer.

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