Adjectives for Fields

Adjectives For Fields

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fields, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives with the noun 'fields' reveals how language shapes our perception of the world. Using adjectives like 'other,' 'magnetic,' 'many,' 'various,' 'electric,' and 'different' can dramatically alter the context and imagery of 'fields.' Whether it's the boundless possibilities in 'various fields,' the scientific intrigue of 'magnetic fields,' or the diversity found within 'different fields,' each adjective adds a unique layer of meaning. These adjectives illuminate the multifaceted nature of fields, emphasizing either their number, type, or intrinsic properties. Dive into the full list of adjectives to discover more ways to describe the vast landscapes of 'fields.'
otherHe has worked in other fields such as teaching and writing.
magneticMagnetic fields are a powerful force that can be used to move objects.
manyThere are many fields in this area.
variousThe university offers various fields of study for its students.
electricElectric fields are used in many applications, such as power generation, motors, and telecommunications.
differentPeople with different fields of expertise collaborated to solve the complex problem.
openThe farmer walked across his property, enjoying the views of his open fields
greenThe sheep grazed in the green fields
receptiveThe receptive fields of neurons in the primary visual cortex are typically circular or elliptical.
relatedHer accomplishments in related fields were equally impressive.
visualThe patient's visual fields have narrowed significantly since their last examination.
cultivatedThe farmer tended to his cultivated fields with great care.
electromagneticThe television creates electromagnetic fields that can travel through walls.
respectiveThe scientists continued their research in their respective fields
fertileThe fertile fields yielded a bountiful harvest.
strongThe heavy object bent the metal due to its strong fields
scientificShe received a doctorate in one of the scientific fields
cornThe farmer planted corn seeds in the corn fields
riceThe lush green rice fields stretched out before us, a vibrant patchwork quilt against the backdrop of the mountains.
externalThe presence of external fields can affect the behavior of atoms and molecules.
coalThe coal fields of West Virginia are a major source of the state's economy.
broadThe farmer planted his crops in broad fields
agriculturalThe agricultural fields were a patchwork of colors in the springtime.
richThe farmer surveyed his rich fields feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.
goldI heard they found gold in them gold fields
specializedThe program gives them an opportunity to succeed in specialized fields
technicalOur organization is currently seeking a highly experienced and skilled leader in technical fields such as big data, AI, and cloud computing.
vastI looked out over the vast fields and I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe.
diverseResearchers from diverse fields collaborated on the project.
professionalMany professional fields require specialized training and certification.
wideThe wide fields stretched out before them, a carpet of green under the vast blue sky.
electricalElectrons move easily through the electrical fields of metals.
followingThe following fields are required for registration.
academicShe has a strong academic background in various academic fields
gravitationalThe gravitational fields of neutron stars are among the strongest in the universe.
elysianHe wandered through the Elysian fields a realm of eternal happiness and bliss.
weakThe weak fields around the magnets were not strong enough to deflect the beam.
extensiveThe extensive fields spread for miles, covered in a carpet of lush green grass.
adjacentThe adjacent fields were separated by a fence.
theThe sheep grazed peacefully in the fields
athleticThe school's athletic fields were in pristine condition.
subject"Information systems" and "cybersecurity" are common subject fields for studying at a university.
dryThe dry fields stretched out before us as far as the eye could see.
freshThe smell of the fresh fields invigorated my tired senses.
ploughedThe farmers ploughed fields in the spring to prepare for planting.
flatFarmers tend to prefer flat fields for their crops.
distantThe distant fields stretched out before us, promising adventure and mystery.
terracedThe terraced fields cascaded down the mountainside, a testament to the ingenuity of the farmers.
alliedHis research has helped propel progress in allied fields such as immunology and cancer biology.
semanticThe study of semantic fields explores the relationships between words that share similar meanings.
randomThe random fields were used to model the spatial variability of the data.
battleThe soldiers fought bravely on the battle fields
nearbyThe children played in the nearby fields their laughter echoing through the warm summer air.
widerThe farmer walked across the wider fields
plowedThe farmer tilled the plowed fields in preparation for planting.
paddyThe lush green paddy fields stretched out as far as the eye could see.
electrostaticThe electrostatic fields generated by the charged particles repel each other.
fruitfulThe fruitful fields yielded a bountiful harvest.

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