Adjectives for Fifth

Adjectives For Fifth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fifth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'fifth' can subtly alter its meaning and impact. A 'one fifth' share suggests a precise division, whereas 'top fifth' denotes excellence or a high ranking within a group. 'Perfect fifth' ventures into the realm of music theory, highlighting harmony and consonance. Meanwhile, 'twenty fifth' transitions into the realm of celebration, marking significant milestones. The term 'fourth fifth' introduces a mathematical progression or sequence, and 'late fifth' evokes a sense of timing, whether it's historical periods or lateness in a sequence. Each adjective weaves a unique narrative thread, expanding 'fifth' beyond its numerical value. Dive into the full list below to explore the myriad ways adjectives enrich the noun 'fifth'.
oneOne fifth of the cake is left.
topThe top fifth student in the class received a scholarship.
perfectThe perfect fifth is a musical interval spanning seven semitones.
twentyHis twenty fifth birthday marked the start of an adventurous year.
fourthThis is the fourth fifth sentence.
lateBy the late fifth century, A.D., the kingdom of Aksum had already converted to Christianity.
seventyThe seventy fifth anniversary of the founding of the company is next year.
sixtyThe sixty fifth anniversary is a diamond anniversary.
fortyThe forty fifth parallel runs through the United States, France, and Italy.
thirtyThe thirty fifth time he attempted the trick, he finally succeeded.
bottomThe bottom fifth of the class scored poorly on the exam.
royalThe royal fifth also known as the perfect fourth, is a musical interval.
fiftyThe fifty fifth anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating.
lowestThe lowest fifth was barely audible.
diminishedThe diminished fifth interval, with its characteristically dissonant sound, can add tension and drama to a chord progression.
thirdThe third fifth of the class sang a beautiful song.
upperThe treble clef is positioned on the upper fifth line of the staff.
richestThe richest fifth of the population owns more than 80% of the wealth.
highestThe tune features a prominent figure in the highest fifth
ninetyThe ninety fifth day of the year is April 5th.
middleThe middle fifth is to be played as F natural.
fourFour fifth of the students passed the exam.
partThe part fifth of the concert was my favorite.
posteriorThe posterior fifth of the diaphragm is supplied by the phrenic nerve.
anteriorThe anterior fifth is a classic dissonant interval.
flattedThe flatted fifth in the chord progression created an unexpected dissonance.
wealthiestThe wealthiest fifth of the population owns more than half of the country's wealth.
sectionThe section fifth of the document is about the conclusion.
twoHe completed two fifths of his work.
threeThree fifth of the students passed the exam.
imperfectThe chord's progression had an imperfect fifth interval.
sixthThe sixth fifth is a musical interval.
apicalThe apical fifth is the highest note that can be played on a guitar string.
eightyThe eighty fifth anniversary of the founding of the company was celebrated with great fanfare.
seventhThe seventh fifth chord is a dominant chord.
basalThe basal fifth is the fifth degree of the scale in an octave below.
finishedThe team played well but only finished fifth
distalThe distal fifth is the fifth finger bone, which is located at the end of the finger.
hundredHe received the hundred fifth prize in the competition.
augmentedThe augmented fifth interval creates a sense of tension and dissonance.
memorableYesterday was a memorable fifth but today is even better.
midShe was born in the middle of May, so her birthday is in mid fifth
fortunateWe were a fortunate fifth to witness the historic event.
cantoThe canto fifth is full of light.

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