Adjectives for Fifty

Adjectives For Fifty

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fifty, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'fifty' sheds light on the nuances and specific characteristics being emphasized. Whether it's 'eight,' highlighting precision; 'old,' expressing age or timelessness; 'hundred,' implying a milestone or vastness; 'page,' suggesting content depth; 'six' or 'sixty,' adjusting scale - each word paints a different shade of meaning. This meticulous selection underlines the importance of accuracy in communication, setting the stage for the perception of quantity, sequence, or significance. Dive into the full array of adjectives tailored for 'fifty' and discover how each one uniquely alters its interpretation.
eightThe train will arrive at eight fifty
oldOld fifty turned 51 yesterday.
hundredI have been walking for a hundred fifty miles.
pageI found the answer on page fifty of the book.
sixIt's six fifty
sixtySixty fifty dollars is way too much for that old car.
sevenIt's seven fifty now.
threeI can't believe the sale on those shoes is only three fifty
tenI have to leave by ten fifty
twoI bought a pair of shoes for two fifty
nineteenI was born in nineteen fifty
oneThe bus leaves at one fifty
topThe top fifty earners in the company will receive a bonus.
contrastContrast fifty takes two parameters, a dictionary and a list, and returns a dictionary with the list values substituted into the dictionary.
calledShe called fifty times but he didn't answer.
sectionIf you read section fifty you'll understand.
andThis is the year two thousand and fifty
fourI can't leave work until four fifty

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