Adjectives for Fighters

Adjectives For Fighters

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fighters, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word fighters conjures images of valor and strength, but the adjectives preceding it can alter that image significantly. Descriptors such as German, Good, Indian, Best, Japanese, and American not only denote the origin or the quality of the fighters but also shade the contexts in which they are viewed. A German fighter might bring to mind historical wartimes, while American fighters could evoke images of modern military prowess. Similarly, calling someone a good fighter versus the best fighter offers levels of admiration and respect. These nuances add depth and specificity, enriching the narrative around the fighters' identity and capabilities. Discover more about the subtle impacts of these adjectives in our complete list below.
germanSeveral German fighters flew over the city.
goodThe good fighters fought bravely in the battle.
indianI admire the courage of the indian fighters
bestThe best fighters are usually the most disciplined.
japaneseThe Japanese fighters bravely defended their homeland.
americanThe American fighters fought bravely against the enemy.
britishBritish fighters are well-known for their bravery and determination.
prizeThe prize fighters trained relentlessly for their upcoming bout.
fireThe fire fighters arrived on the scene quickly and bravely extinguished the blaze.
freedomThe brave freedom fighters battled valiantly for their country's independence.
youngThe young fighters trained relentlessly for the upcoming tournament.
braveThe brave fighters stood firm against the enemy's onslaught.
fierceThe proud nation boasted its fierce fighters
sovietThe powerful soviet fighters dominated the airspace during the war.
formerThe former fighters stood tall in the ring, their bodies scarred from years of combat.
betterThe fighters who have trained more often are better fighters
revolutionaryRevolutionary fighters battled bravely against the oppressive regime.
professionalThe professional fighters entered the ring with confidence.
rangeTwo range fighters fought for hours in the hot summer sun.
undergroundThe underground fighters risked their lives to fight for freedom.
modernModern fighters are equipped with advanced technology.
palestinianThe Palestinian fighters fought bravely against the Israeli army.
armedThe armed fighters had been trained for months.
trainedThe team of highly trained fighters had been preparing for this mission for months.
russianThe Russian fighters were well-trained and highly motivated.
enginedThe Korean People's Air Force had 54 Yak-3 engined fighters
toughThe tough fighters defended their homeland with courage and bravery.
afghanThe Afghan fighters were determined to defend their homeland.
heroicThe valiant warriors were renowned as heroic fighters
valiantThe valiant fighters defended their homeland with every ounce of their strength.
frenchThe french fighters valiantly defended their country against the enemy.
famousMuhammad Ali and Mike Tyson are famous fighters
activeThe active fighters engaged in a fierce battle.
excellentThe Spartans were excellent fighters
basedThe based fighters fought bravely.
hardThe hard fighters won the battle.
greatestThe warriors were known throughout the land as the greatest fighters
experiencedThe seasoned warriors were experienced fighters who had seen many battles.
supersonicThe roaring jets of supersonic fighters broke the sound barrier in a thunderous display of power.
arabThe Arab fighters bravely defended their homeland.
engineThe roar of engine fighters filled the sky.
communistThe communist fighters were brave and determined.
muslimThe Muslim fighters were brave and determined.
formidableThey were formidable fighters having trained for years in the art of combat.
courageousThe courageous fighters stood their ground, determined to defend their country.
partisanThe partisan fighters fought bravely against the enemy.
seatThe seat fighters were extremely uncomfortable.
skilledThe skilled fighters fought bravely in the battle.
lineThe line fighters bravely faced the enemy's advances.
hungarianThe hungarian fighters were brave and courageous.
chineseChinese fighters are skilled and disciplined.
nightThe night fighters were dispatched to intercept the enemy bombers.
advancedOur pilots are trained in the latest advanced fighters
tacticalTwo tactical fighters flew high above the battlespace.
polishThe polish fighters fought bravely against the invading army.
veteranThe veteran fighters put up a valiant fight, but they were ultimately defeated.
israeliThe Israeli fighters quickly gained air superiority.
africanThe african fighters were brave and determined.
seaterThe single-seater fighters were more maneuverable than their two-seater counterparts.
fearlessThe fearless fighters charged into battle, their hearts pounding with determination.
italianItalian fighters formed a company together
femaleThe female fighters competed fiercely for the title.
iraqiThe Iraqi fighters are fighting for their freedom.
seasonedThe seasoned fighters faced off in the ring, their eyes locked in fierce determination.
gallantThe gallant fighters fought bravely against the odds.
fellowThe fellow fighters stood side by side, their hearts pounding with valor.
ferociousThe fearsome horde consisted of ferocious fighters
cubanThe Cuban fighters fought bravely during the revolution.
islamicIslamic fighters battling in the city of Mosul have taken control of the governorate building, officials say.
friendlyThe friendly fighters engaged in a spirited but ultimately futile struggle.

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