Adjectives for Fighting

Adjectives For Fighting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fighting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fighting not only paints a vivid picture but also conveys the intensity, type, and emotional tone of the conflict. Describing a battle as hard implies a strenuous effort from both sides, while heavy fighting suggests a large scale and severity. Use of the word actual emphasizes the reality of the combat, distinguishing it from metaphorical or playful fights. A fierce fight implies a wild, intense, and aggressive conflict, and bitter fighting suggests deeply rooted animosity or resentment. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, enriching the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to portray every nuance of fighting below.
hardThe hard fighting soldiers defended their country with unwavering resolve.
heavyHeavy fighting has broken out in the disputed territory.
actualThe actual fighting stopped when the peace treaty was signed.
fierceThe fierce fighting raged on, testing the limits of both sides.
bitterBitter fighting characterized the final months of the campaign.
moreThe new changes will lead to more fighting in the streets.
handThe boxers engaged in close-quarters hand fighting
muchThere was much fighting during the battle.
desperateThe desperate fighting continued for hours, neither side willing to give up.
severeThe severe fighting caused widespread destruction.
littleWith little fighting the two teams managed to come to an agreement.
seriousThe two men had a serious fighting in the street.
realThe real fighting started after the first punch was thrown.
constantThere was constant fighting between the two of them.
bloodyThey engaged in bloody fighting from dusk to dawn.
furtherContinual further fighting could cause an increase in deaths.
indianThe Comanche engaged in harsh Indian fighting during the Texas Revolution.
sporadicSporadic fighting caused the families to flee their homes.
intenseThe soldiers endured intense fighting for over a week.
sharpThe sharp fighting continued unabated for hours.
continuousThe continuous fighting between the two tribes had devastated the region.
streetThey engaged in fierce street fighting in order to take control of the city.
worthThis is worth fighting for.
fireFire fighting is an essential service for protecting lives and property.
savageThe savage fighting lasted for hours, leaving the battlefield strewn with bodies.
closeThe soldiers engaged in close fighting their swords clashing and bodies straining.
desultoryThe desultory fighting ended in a stalemate.
heaviestThe heaviest fighting occurred in the eastern part of the country.
recentThe recent fighting has displaced thousands of people.
factionalThe faction had been weakened by the factional fighting
openThe two sides engaged in open fighting in the streets.
fiercestThe fiercest fighting was in the streets of the city.
activeThe war zone was full of active fighting
busyHe was busy fighting with his inner demons.
hardestThe hardest fighting was in the streets.
incessantThe incessant fighting forced the residents to seek refuge in neighboring countries.
considerableThe battle was hard fought, with considerable fighting taking place in the first hour.
furiousThe two armies engaged in furious fighting
fairThe school promotes fair fighting and does not tolerate bullying.
scaleThe scale fighting was intense, with both sides desperately trying to gain an advantage.
terribleThe battle was marked by terrible fighting
subsequentThe subsequent fighting led to several arrests.
violentThe violent fighting left many people dead and injured.
continualThe continual fighting left the town in ruins.
stubbornThe stubborn fighting continued until dawn.
defensiveJohn utilized defensive fighting techniques to protect himself from the attacker.
viciousThe vicious fighting continued for hours.
tribalTribal fighting has broken out in the region.
internalThe party's internal fighting is threatening its electoral chances
stiffThe troops showed stiff fighting against their adversaries.
continuedThe continued fighting in the region has caused a humanitarian crisis.
internecineThe internecine fighting within the company has led to a loss of productivity.
intermittentThe battle proceeded with intermittent fighting throughout the day.
toughThe Marines faced tough fighting in the fierce battle.
lessThere would be less fighting in the world if everyone just tried to understand each other.
brutalThe brutal fighting continued for hours, leaving countless casualties in its wake.
warThe Pentagon has released a report on war fighting in the Pacific.
bloodiestThe bloodiest fighting of the war took place in the streets of the city.
frequentThe frequent fighting between the two siblings was a constant source of stress for their parents.
tohandThe two fighters engaged in intense tohand fighting
confusedThe two groups erupted into a confused fighting
worstThe worst fighting took place in the streets.
heroicThe soldiers displayed heroic fighting in the battle.
prolongedThe prolonged fighting has left deep scars on the community.
terrificThe knights engaged in terrific fighting during the tournament.
bitterestThe bitterest fighting took place in the city center.
koreanThe Korean fighting technique taekwondo teaches students to defend themselves through kicks, punches, and blocks.
quarterThe quarter fighting game was a lot of fun.
protractedThe protracted fighting had left the land in ruins.
aerialThe aerial fighting was intense, with both sides claiming victories.

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