Adjectives for Figure

Adjectives For Figure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing figure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a figure can significantly alter the perception of your subject. A central figure holds the narrative's focus, whereas a human figure adds a relatable, personal touch. Describing a figure as tall emphasizes their physical presence, often imposing or impressive, whereas a female figure highlights gender, bringing layers of societal or personal identity into play. Important and key figures stand at the pivotal points of stories, determining directions or outcomes. Each adjective weaves its unique shade of meaning, crafting a richer tapestry of understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to unveil the myriad ways they can color and shape your narrative.
centralThe central figure in the painting was a young woman with long, flowing hair.
humanThe human figure stood in the shadows, its face obscured.
tallHe spotted a tall figure in the distance.
femaleThe female figure stood tall and proud.
importantThe professor was an important figure in the development of the new technology.
keyThe key figure in this organization is the CEO.
prominentHe was a prominent figure in the field of computer science.
familiarI saw a familiar figure in the crowd.
lowerThe lower figure shows the average number of days for approval of reimbursement requests.
maleThe male figure stood in the shadows, his face obscured.
darkThe dark figure lurked in the shadows, its eyes glinting in the dim light.
historicalThe historical figure made a great impact on the world.
correspondingThe corresponding figure shows the relationship between the two variables.
fineShe was a fine figure of a woman.
dominantShe was a dominant figure in the music industry.
latterThe latter figure is slightly higher than the previous year's figure.
shadowyThe shadowy figure emerged from the darkness, its movements cloaked in mystery.
averageShe has an average figure and long blonde hair.
powerfulThe powerful figure was responsible for many important decisions.
slenderHer slender figure seemed to glide effortlessly through the crowd.
literaryShe wanted to become a great literary figure
popularHe was a popular figure in his town.
slightHer slight figure dashed past me, a blur of motion.
slimShe turned around and saw a girl with a slim figure
principalThe principal figure in the painting was a young woman.
tragicThe tragic figure wandered the streets, his life in shambles.
heroicThe valiant knight was a heroic figure who defended his kingdom with unwavering courage.
solitaryThe solitary figure walked along the desolate path.
legendaryThe legendary figure was known for his bravery and strength.
strangeI saw a strange figure in the moonlight.
seatedThe seated figure on the bench was reading a newspaper.
knownShe is a known figure in the art world.
outstandingThe outstanding figure in the painting was the beautiful woman in the center.
controversialThe controversial figure has been accused of corruption.
gracefulShe was admired by all who saw her, for her graceful figure
beautifulShe holds a beautiful figure even after giving birth to three lovely kids.
comparableThe comparable figure for other cities was much lower.
conspicuousThe conspicuous figure stood out from the crowd.
strikingShe cut a striking figure as she walked through the room.
influentialShe was an influential figure in the field of science.
aboveThe above figure shows the results of the experiment.
exactI don't know the exact figure but it's around 10.
impressiveThe impressive figure of the athlete left no doubt that he had been working hard in the gym.
tinyThe tiny figure rushed into the room.
thinThe thin figure emerged from the shadows with a haunting stride.
lowestThe lowest figure was below ten dollars.
romanticHe was a romantic figure a poet and a philosopher.
mysteriousI caught a glimpse of a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows.

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