Adjectives for Filing

Adjectives For Filing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing filing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of documentation and record-keeping, the adjective preceding 'filing' can significantly shift its meaning and implications. An 'electronic filing' denotes modern, digital submissions, contrasting with the traditional, perhaps cumbersome 'paper filing.' A 'late filing', meanwhile, carries a connotation of procrastination or oversight, potentially leading to penalties, whereas a 'timely filing' suggests diligence and punctuality, often rewarded with smoother processing. The term 'initial filing' introduces the start of a process, a beginning filled with possibilities and sometimes, apprehension. Each adjective not only describes but colors the noun with distinct shades of urgency, modernity, and efficiency. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'filing' and uncover the nuances each brings to the table.
electronicElectronic filing is a convenient way to file taxes.
suchHe kept such filing in his office.
lateThe late filing penalty was waived due to extenuating circumstances.
timelyPlease ensure the timely filing of your tax return.
initialThe initial filing was submitted to the court on January 10th.
mereThe mere filing of the lawsuit caused a stir in the industry.
originalThe original filing can be found here.
preThe lawyer suggested that we file a pre filing motion to preserve our client's rights.
individualEach associate is treated as an individual filing during an audit.
properProper filing ensures easy retrieval of important documents.
worthIt was a minor bug, not worth filing
foreignThe foreign filing deadline is approaching.
verticalThe vertical filing system helps to save space and keep documents organized.
actualWe require proof of actual filing and payment for your claim.
alphabeticalThe files were organized in alphabetical filing order, making them easy to locate.
subjectI organized the files in my cabinet using the subject filing method.
nonThe client will be subject to non filing penalties if the return is not filed.
numericThe numeric filing system allowed us to quickly locate the documents we needed.
onlineOnline filing is the electronic submission of tax forms to government agencies via the Internet.
marriedWe file our taxes jointly as married filing jointly.
annualThe company's annual filing was due last week.
singleWe walked out of the theatre single filing
subsequentThe subsequent filing of the application was met with approval.
regularI have been doing regular filing of my tax returns every year.
taxThe deadline for tax filing this year is April 15th.
numericalThe company's numerical filing system is organized by customer account numbers.
centralWith the help of central filing system, it becomes convenient to keep and store the documents safely.
permanentCopies of the documents should be submitted for permanent filing
officialWe have no record of an official filing stating your change of address.
manualThe manual filing process is time-consuming and inefficient.
recentBased on a recent filing the company is expecting a 10% increase in revenue.
directThe company offers direct filing of tax returns.
carefulThe employees must be careful filing the documents in the correct folders.
promptTo ensure timely processing, please submit your paperwork by the prompt filing deadline.
flatThe clerk filed the documents in a flat filing cabinet.
easyFiling taxes is now easier than ever with our easy filing process.
paidThe lawyer assisted his client with paid filing
systematicAll documents were kept in a systematic filing system.
postThe post filing was due in court yesterday.
geographicWe can use geographic filing to organize files and folders.
toothThe dentist performed a tooth filing to repair the cavity.
accurateThe accurate filing of paperwork is essential for any successful business.
handI spent the afternoon hand filing the edges of the metal sheet.
voluntaryThe company announced a voluntary filing for bankruptcy protection.
priorThe court ruled that the prior filing was invalid.
regulatoryThe company submitted its regulatory filing to the SEC on Monday.
federalThe federal filing deadline is approaching quickly.
mandatoryMandatory filing is a requirement for certain types of financial transactions.
efficientThe clerk's efficient filing system made it easy to find the documents I needed.
earlierThe deadline was extended to allow for earlier filing
quarterlyThe quarterly filing will be available next week.
immediateThe judge ordered immediate filing of the case.
circumferentialThe circumferential filing system is an innovative approach to document storage.
consularThe consular filing fee for a tourist visa is $160.
laterThe case was closed due to later filing
routineThe routine filing is necessary for the company's records.
untimelyThe error was caused by an untimely filing of the tax return.
lateralThe lateral filing system allowed for easy access to the stored documents.
roughWe had to replace the rough filing with a smoother one.
chronologicalDocuments were sorted in chronological filing order by date.
terminalCan you please move this file to terminal filing
preliminaryWe have filed a preliminary filing to the SEC.
improperThe improper filing led to a delay in the processing of the documents.
probableThe probable filing of a lawsuit against the organization is expected soon.
automaticThe system has automatic filing for invoices over $500.
geographicalThe company uses geographical filing to organize its customer records.

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