Adjectives for Filling

Adjectives For Filling

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing filling, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe filling can significantly alter the perception of your message. 'Diastolic' filling emphasizes a medical or physiological aspect, often relating to blood pressure or heart chambers. A 'rapid' filling, on the other hand, suggests speed and efficiency, perfect for contexts like service delivery or process optimization. 'Complete' filling denotes thoroughness and often implies satisfaction or fulfillment. 'Left' hints at direction or preference, introducing spatial dynamics. 'Gap' and 'space' filling address voids, either by bridging or occupying, each casting a different light on the subject matter. The adjectives you choose paint nuanced pictures of filling, each with its unique shade of meaning. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives to describe filling and their illustrative sentences below.
diastolicThe ventricles fill with blood during the diastolic filling phase.
rapidThe rapid filling of the reservoir caused the dam to overflow.
completeThe pasta was cooked to complete filling
earlyIn general, early filling should be avoided.
cardiacCardiac filling is the process of filling the heart's chambers with blood.
retrogradeThe retrograde filling method was used to trace the projections of neurons in the brain.
partialThe form requires partial filling and must be completed for processing.
temporaryThe dentist put a temporary filling in my tooth to protect it until I could get a permanent one.
backThe construction company used back filling to fill in the trench.
adequateThe cake had adequate filling for its size.
venousThe increase in venous filling pressure causes the heart to beat faster and stronger.
concreteThe concrete filling had fully set and now provided a solid base for the next layer.
gradualWater seeped through the cracks, causing a gradual filling of the basement.
slowThe water pipe had a slow filling
normalThe dentist found no cavities and gave me a normal filling
initialWith the initial filling of water, the tank provided a solid base for the entire system to operate.
poreThe pore filling of the coating was increased by 20%.
subsequentThe subsequent filling of the order took two weeks.
properThe empty stomach needs a proper filling
inadequateThe inadequate filling ruined the entire pie.
permanentHe was given a permanent filling to cover the gap between his teeth.
lessThis soda has less filling
voidWithout a doubt, the void filling was a great success.
halfHe filled the cup half filling it with water.
capillaryThe capillary filling was delayed, indicative of poor perfusion.
rootThe dentist recommended root filling to save the infected tooth.
immediateThe immediate filling of the tooth was necessary to prevent further pain.
asepticThe juice is treated through aseptic filling which means it is heated to a very high temperature to kill any bacteria before being sealed in a sterile container.
grainThe grain filling stage is when the kernels are accumulating starch and protein.
mereShe gave him a mere filling in his tooth.
hotThe hot filling in the apple pie was bubbling when it came out of the oven.
sweetThe apple pie was filled with a sweet filling
timeThe time filling schedule is going to be determined next week.
alveolarThe alveolar filling is a dental procedure that involves filling a cavity in the tooth with a material that is similar to the natural tooth structure.
solidThe large pot was filled to the brim with solid filling
delayedThe delayed filling of the paperwork caused a significant setback in the project timeline.
perchaThe cake was filled with a sweet percha filling
ventricularVentricular filling refers to the process of blood moving into the ventricles during diastole.
simultaneousThe simultaneous filling of the containers was efficient.
softThe soft filling of the pie oozed out when I cut into it.
lemonThe lemon filling made the tart taste refreshing.
perfectThe cake had a perfect filling of gooey chocolate that melted in your mouth.
selfThe water bottle is self filling
satisfactoryThe meal was satisfactory filling
uniformThe cake had a uniform filling throughout.
excellentShe covered her pie with an excellent filling she found.
automaticThe automatic filling system quickly and accurately dispenses the right amount of liquid into the container.
abnormalThe abnormal filling of the lungs indicated a possible infection.
suddenThe sudden filling of the room with water startled the occupants.
hydraulicThe hydraulic filling method involves pumping a slurry of solids and water into a mine to fill and stabilize it.
dentalI had a dental filling last week and it still hurts.
extensiveThe dentist performed an extensive filling to repair the large cavity.
liquidThe liquid filling oozed out of the broken container.
choroidalChoroidal filling was hypofluorescent in the early phase and hyperfluorescent in the late phase.
rectalThe patient experienced rectal filling after the enema.
irregularThe irregular filling in the tooth caused discomfort when she ate.
fractureThe fracture filling consists primarily of fine-grained calcite.
coronaryCoronary filling was also present in the coronary arteries
arterialArterial filling of the lungs occurred only at low V(O2).

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