Adjectives for Filtering

Adjectives For Filtering

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing filtering, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Filtering, a crucial process in numerous fields ranging from digital signal processing to collaborative projects, offers a plethora of nuances when paired with diverse adjectives. A 'pass' filter, for instance, differentiates between what's allowed through and what's blocked, embodying the essence of selection. The 'spatial' aspect brings in the dimension of space, enhancing images or data in ways intricate and bound by the laws of physics. The 'digital' realm transforms filtering into a complex, mathematically driven process, where precision and computational power take the front seat. 'Adaptive' filters, on the other hand, learn and evolve, offering solutions that are dynamic and responsive. Meanwhile, 'collaborative' filtering leverages collective insights for refined results, and 'linear' filtering simplifies the complexity, adhering to linearity for predictable outcomes. To explore more about how these adjectives transform the concept of filtering, delve into the full list below.
spatialThe spatial filtering technique was used to reduce noise in the image.
digitalThe digital filtering techniques are used to eliminate noise from the digital signals.
adaptiveAdaptive filtering uses error signals to adjust a filter's coefficients.
collaborativeCollaborative filtering is a technique used by recommender systems to predict the preferences of a user based on the preferences of similar users.
linearThe linear filtering method was applied to enhance the image quality.
medianMedian filtering is a non-linear digital filtering technique used to remove noise from an image or signal.
additionalThe additional filtering of the data yielded more specific and relevant results.
contentThe content filtering engine flags inappropriate or objectionable content.
nonlinearThe application of nonlinear filtering for uncertain data estimation was analyzed.
basedThe system applies rules-based filtering to identify spam emails.
opticalOptical filtering is used to select specific wavelengths of light from a light source.
optimalOptimal filtering is used to estimate the state of a dynamical system from a series of noisy measurements.
temporalTemporal filtering was applied to the data to remove noise and improve signal-to-noise ratio.
selectiveShe only heard the things she wanted to hear, exhibiting selective filtering
lowThe engineer will use low filtering techniques to enhance the quality of the signal.
recursiveThe recursive filtering algorithm was able to effectively remove noise from the signal.
appropriateShe used appropriate filtering to search for photos on the website.
properProper filtering allows the selection of relevant information while discarding irrelevant data.
electronicElectronic filtering filters the unwanted frequency components from signals.
dynamicDynamic filtering allows for data to be filtered in real-time.
furtherWe can continue the process of further filtering
gaussianGaussian filtering is a technique for reducing image noise by convolving the image with a Gaussian function.
homomorphicThe homomorphic filtering technique was used to enhance the image's features.
spectralSpectral filtering was applied to remove background noise and to improve data quality.
effectiveThe air purifier's effective filtering removed most of the allergens.
morphologicalMorphological filtering is a technique used in image processing to isolate objects based on their shape and size.
adequateThe adequate filtering system ensured the purity of the water supply.
egressTo improve security, the company implemented egress filtering on its network.
subsequentThe subsequent filtering of the data allowed for more precise analysis.
efficientThe efficient filtering system removed almost all of the impurities.
lightThe soft light filtering through the blinds created a warm ambiance in the room.
anisotropicAnisotropic filtering enhances the image quality of textures in 3D games.
fourierFourier filtering is utilized to eliminate unwanted frequencies from a data set.
suitableThe application of suitable filtering will lead to the elimination of any data that is not germane to the analysis.
preWe can use pre filtering to reduce the number of rows that need to be processed.
signalSignal filtering is a technique used to remove noise from a signal.
activeThe active filtering system efficiently removed unwanted noise from the signal.
carefulThe careful filtering of data ensured its integrity and reliability.
matchedMatched filtering is a technique used in signal processing to detect a known signal in the presence of noise.
statefulStateful filtering is a type of filtering that maintains state across requests.
initialThe initial filtering of candidates was done by the HR team.
spaceAdvanced image processing algorithms utilize space filtering techniques to denoise and enhance digital photographs.
mechanicalThe water treatment plant uses mechanical filtering to remove particles from the water.
automaticThe system utilizes automatic filtering to remove irrelevant messages.
wienerWiener filtering is a technique used in signal processing and image processing to remove noise from a signal.
directionalDirectional filtering is a technique used to enhance images by removing noise and sharpening edges.
electricalThe project involves complex calculations and electrical filtering
passivePassive filtering was used to eliminate noise from the data.
lowpassUsing a lowpass filtering technique, the engineer was able to remove high-frequency noise from the signal.
highpassThe highpass filtering process removes low-frequency components from the signal.
levelThe level filtering option allows you to filter results based on the level of detail.
bilinearBilinear filtering is a texture filtering technique used to improve the quality of textures by reducing aliasing.
conventionalConventional filtering methods remove noise at the cost of blurring edges.
sophisticatedThe sophisticated filtering algorithm detected and removed the malicious messages from the email inbox.
optimumThe optimum filtering method provides the best possible estimate of the desired signal.
extensiveThe extensive filtering system ensures that only the most relevant information is displayed.
statisticalThe company employed statistical filtering to refine the data they collected from their customers.
postThe data was analyzed using a post filtering technique.
idealIdeal filtering removes unwanted information from a signal while preserving the desired information.
inadequateThe pool's inadequate filtering system resulted in cloudy water.
advancedThe advanced filtering algorithm identified patterns in the data that were not immediately apparent.
sideThe customers who ordered online were able to use side filtering to narrow down their search results to only the products that they were interested in.
bilateralThe image is applied with bilateral filtering to remove the background noise.
mailTo ensure email safety, the mail filtering service is essential.
lineLine filtering is a technique for isolating specific lines of text from a larger dataset.
perceptualThe perception of a stimulus depends not only on its physical characteristics but also on perceptual filtering
staticThe static filtering method can be used to improve the performance of a data pipeline.
cognitiveThe internet filters information through cognitive filtering
continuousThe continuous filtering system ensures that the air in the room is always clean.
sensorySensory filtering is a way for the brain to focus on important information and ignore distractions.
excessiveThe recent article caused a lot of heated discussion because of its excessive filtering of key evidence.

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