Adjectives for Finals

Adjectives For Finals

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing finals, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The nuances of adjectives used with the noun 'finals' illuminate much more than just a position or a stage in a competition; they convey magnitude, scope, and prestige. Descriptors like 'semi', 'quarter', and 'first' indicate various levels of progression, serving as a ladder leading to the ultimate goal. Meanwhile, 'national' and 'regional' provide a sense of scale and battleground, highlighting the geographic expanse of the competition. 'Grand' stands apart, imbuing the term with a sense of finality and grandeur that surpasses the ordinary, making it clear that the event is not just any final, but the culmination of a long journey. For an in-depth exploration of the intricate shades these adjectives add to 'finals', view the full list below.
semiThe semi finals will be held next week.
quarterThe team advanced to the quarter finals of the tournament.
nationalMy favorite curlers are in the national finals this year.
regionalThe regional finals will take place next month in Madison, WI.
firstI have two first finals on Monday.
grandThe grand finals of the tournament will be held next weekend.
termI had to study for term finals all weekend.
surgicalThe resident prepared for surgical finals by poring over textbooks.
medicalI have been studying for my medical finals for months.
consecutiveThe team has won the last 3 consecutive finals
provincialThe provincial finals were held last weekend, and the home team won the championship.
preI stayed up all night cramming for my pre finals
olympicThe olympic finals were held in Tokyo this year.
frenchI'm going to take my French finals next month.
europeanWe're going to see you in the European finals
yearThe students were anxious as they awaited their year finals
germanYesterday I was playing in the german finals
straightThe team advanced to the straight finals
sectionalThe sectional finals are scheduled for next week.
consonantalThis is a sentence with consonantal finals
successiveThe ball bounced off the wall and landed in the net on successive finals
seniorThe senior finals will be held next week.
easternThe Eastern finals are set to begin on Tuesday night.
offThe plane is off finals and will be landing shortly.
gameThe team played hard and made it to the game finals
postPost finals I plan on taking a vacation.
medalThe medal finals were held yesterday.
alternativeThe movie had two alternative finals
semesterI've been studying hard for my semester finals
yardMy coach said he would let me skip yard finals if I cleaned the weight room.
tightThe students studied hard for their tight finals
modalThe composer employed the Mixolydian mode's modal finals to create a sense of longing and uncertainty in the piece.
metreThe athletes lined up for the metre finals
holeThe hole finals were quite the spectacle.
australianHe competed in the Australian finals of the tournament.
poundThe boxer had to train hard for the pound finals
quasiThe match today will be the quasi finals of the tournament.
calypsoWe had great performances at the calypso finals
dentalThe dental finals were postponed due to the outbreak.
looseThe anchorman's loose finals spilled beer all over the floor.
respectiveThe respective finals are expected to be next Saturday and the following Wednesday.
excitingWe are looking forward to the exciting finals
heavyweightThe heavyweight finals took precedence over the other fights.
lineIn the do-or-die line finals the emergency responders will always arrive in time to save lives.

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