Adjectives for Finance

Adjectives For Finance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing finance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe finance can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence, reflecting various scopes and sectors within the financial world. Public finance deals with government revenue and expenditure, emphasizing taxpayer funds and governmental budgeting. International finance explores the dynamics of global financial systems, including exchange rates and international investments. High finance refers to complex financial activities and transactions handled by top-tier financial institutions. Corporate finance focuses on the financial activities to run a company, including raising capital and managing assets. Local and external finance highlight the source of funds, whether within a community or from foreign investors. Each adjective unveils a unique facet of finance, inviting readers to explore more about how these descriptors shape our understanding of the financial landscape.
publicPublic finance is the study of the role of the government in the economy.
internationalInternational finance deals with the flow of funds between countries based on transactions of goods and services.
highThe high finance world is a complicated one.
corporateThe company's corporate finance team is responsible for managing its financial resources.
localThe local finance industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth.
externalExternal finance is any financing obtained from outside of a company's internal sources.
termThe company used term finance to fund its expansion.
privateThe company announced it would seek private finance to fund the acquisition.
personalIt's essential to manage your personal finance carefully.
nationalThe national finance of the country has been in turmoil for years.
americanThe American finance sector is one of the largest in the world.
soundThe company's sound finance allowed it to weather the economic downturn.
globalGlobal finance is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
municipalThe city council discussed municipal finance at length in their meeting yesterday.
industrialThe new project will involve industrial finance which is a type of financing that is used to fund industrial projects.
modernModern finance relies heavily on technology to facilitate complex transactions.
foreignThe company received significant foreign finance to expand its operations.
institutionalInstitutional finance is a broad term that encompasses the activities of financial institutions.
educationalEducational finance is the study of how to raise and use funds for education.
agriculturalAgricultural finance is the provision of financial services to farmers and agribusinesses.
necessaryThe necessary finance for the project has been secured.
internalInternal finance is responsible for managing the financial resources of an organization.
ruralRural finance provides financial services to rural communities.
additionalThe company has secured additional finance to expand its operations.
adequateThe project lacks adequate finance so it has been put on hold.
inflationaryThe government's resort to inflationary finance led to a rapid decline in the value of the currency.
indianIndian finance has been growing rapidly in recent years.
britishThe British finance minister said the economy was growing.
domesticDomestic finance is the management of financial resources within a country.
directDirect finance involves providing loans or equity directly to businesses or consumers, without the use of an intermediary.
frenchI am interested in learning more about french finance
concessionalThe World Bank provides concessional finance to low-income countries.
islamicIslamic finance is a financial system that complies with Islamic law, known as Sharia.
informalThe informal finance sector provides loans to individuals and businesses that may not have access to traditional banking services.
behavioralBehavioral finance explores the psychological and cognitive biases that influence financial decision-making.
germanThe German finance minister has said that the country will not be able to meet its climate targets without help from other EU countries.
japaneseJapanese finance is a complex and sophisticated system.
functional"Functional finance" is a macroeconomic theory that advocates for government spending to maintain full employment and economic growth.
europeanEuropean finance is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
commercialThe company offers various commercial finance products, such as loans, leases, and lines of credit.
provincialThe provincial finance minister announced the upcoming budget.
indirectIndirect finance is a financial system in which funds are borrowed and lent indirectly through financial intermediaries.
availableThe available finance for the project was insufficient.
outsideThe company raised outside finance to fund its expansion.
governmentalThe governmental finance team is responsible for managing the financial resources of the government.
egyptianThe Egyptian finance Minister presented the new budget to the parliament.
compensatoryThe government implemented compensatory finance to stimulate economic growth during the recession.
sufficientThe company has sufficient finance to expand its operations.
officialThe program is funded through official finance which are loans from foreign governments or international organizations.
structuredStructured finance is a type of financial engineering that involves repackaging and selling financial assets.
frenziedThe hall was a scene of frenzied finance
royalThe royal finance department was responsible for managing the financial affairs of the royal household.
speculativeSpeculative finance involves making investments based on future expectations and predictions.
inadequateThe project was abandoned due to inadequate finance
basedBased finance is a new form of decentralized finance that uses blockchain technology to provide financial services.
jointWe discussed joint finances before getting married.
wartimeWartime finance can be difficult to manage due to the uncertainties and fluctuations that come with war.
imperialThe royal court was flush with imperial finance
cheapHe manages to get cheap finance for his new project.
orthodoxOrthodox finance typically places a strong emphasis on risk management and diversification.
operativeThe company's operative finance team is responsible for managing the day-to-day financial operations of the business.
extraWe were able to secure extra finance for the project.
colonialColonial finance was vital to the British Empire's expansion, providing the necessary funding for wars, trade, and settlement.
campaignCampaign finance laws are designed to prevent corruption and ensure transparency in elections.
mathematicalMathematical finance is the application of mathematical methods to financial problems.
intergovernmentalIntergovernmental finance involves the transfer of funds between different levels of government.

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