Adjectives for Finances

Adjectives For Finances

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing finances, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discussing finances opens a world where adjectives bring out the distinctions and nuances of financial discourse. Whether you're exploring public finances, with its implications on governance and societal welfare, or delving into the complexities of personal finances, where individual financial habits and decisions are scrutinized, the choice of adjective plays a pivotal role. From the macroeconomic considerations of national finances to the more intimate realm of one's own finances, each term carves out its own domain within the financial landscape. Mentioning local or French finances further colors the conversation, hinting at geographical or cultural specificities. For a comprehensive insight into how these adjectives shape our understanding of finances, discover the full list below.
publicThe government is responsible for managing public finances
personalLet's talk about how to take control of your personal finances
nationalThe country's national finances are in a difficult state.
ownI manage my own finances
localThe local finances of many municipalities are determined by the amount of revenue they receive from property taxes.
frenchThe French finances are in a state of disarray.
municipalThe auditors reviewed the implementation of the new accounting software used by the city's municipal finances
adequateThe organization has adequate finances to support its operations.
federalThe federal finances are in a state of disarray.
necessaryThe team lacked the necessary finances to complete the project.
royalThe royal finances were in disarray after the war.
inadequateDue to inadequate finances the project had to be put on hold.
egyptian"Egypt was one of the first civilizations to develop a system of writing for the purpose of recording financial transactions, which greatly aided Egyptian finances."
provincialThe government is facing a number of challenges with provincial finances
soundThe company's sound finances allowed it to weather the economic downturn.
imperialThe imperial finances were in a state of disarray.
privateShe has been managing her private finances very capably.
indianIndian finances are managed by the Ministry of Finance.
precariousThe company's precarious finances caused them to consider drastic measures.
governmentalTaxes are the primary source of income for governmental finances
papalThe Cardinals supervise papal finances and formulate general Church policies.
corporateThe company's corporate finances were in good shape.
centralThe company's central finances are in shambles.
britishThe British finances are in a state of disarray.
germanGerman finances despite a strong economy, are still facing some challenges.
shakyThe company's shaky finances made it difficult to secure a loan.
poorThe company filed for bankruptcy due to poor finances
disorderedHer life was fraught with financial difficulties because of disordered finances
russianRussian finances are in a state of disarray.
internalThe company's internal finances were in disarray.
sufficientWe had sufficient finances to purchase the property.
domesticThe couple had to sort out their domestic finances before they could move in together.
colonialThe colonial finances were in a state of disarray.
availableOur available finances are limited, but we can make it work.
meagerThe company was struggling with meager finances and had to lay off half of its staff.
externalWe are very grateful for the external finances that have been provided to us.
spanishSpanish finances were in a precarious state.
jointMy wife and I agreed to merge our joint finances
austrianThe Austrian finances are in a good state.
straitenedDue to straitened finances the family had to make some difficult choices.
familyWe need to talk about our family finances
tightThe family is having trouble paying their bills with their tight finances
turkishThe global economic crisis had a serious impact on Turkish finances
strainedHer strained finances made it difficult for her to pay her bills.
insufficientOur bank account is experiencing insufficient finances at the moment.
chaoticHis chaotic finances left him struggling to make ends meet.
slenderHis slender finances often put him in awkward situations.
weakThe company is facing weak finances and may not be able to continue operating for much longer.
confederateThe confederate finances were in a state of disarray.
termThe company is seeking term finances to fund its expansion plans.
depletedThe company's depleted finances forced them to lay off half their staff.
overallThe company's overall finances are improving.
institutionalThe university's institutional finances are managed by the finance department.
ruinedHis poor decisions ruined finances and left him in debt.
communalWe discussed the issue of communal finances at length.
haitianHaitian finances are in a state of crisis.
meagreDespite their meagre finances they managed to scrape by.
improvedWith improved finances they were finally able to afford the house of their dreams.
healthyMaintaining healthy finances is crucial for long-term financial stability.
irishThe Irish finances are in a precarious state.
persianPersian finances were managed by a central bureaucracy.
stableSarah's stable finances allowed her to invest in the stock market.
athenianAthenian finances were in a state of disarray after the Peloponnesian War.
shatteredHer shattered finances made it impossible for her to pay her bills.
terroristThe government should do more to crack down on terrorist finances
sustainableThe company is committed to sustainable finances
stateThe state finances are in a precarious condition.

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