Adjectives for Financing

Adjectives For Financing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing financing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives when paired with the noun 'financing' reveals the diverse facets of financial sourcing and its implications. 'Term financing' suggests a structured timeline for repayment, emphasizing the precision of financial planning. 'Public financing,' on the other hand, introduces the aspect of communal or governmental involvement, highlighting its broad impact. 'External financing' points to sources outside the entity, hinting at a dependency on external factors or agents. 'Self financing' implies a robust internal funding mechanism, showcasing resilience and self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, 'private financing' and 'foreign financing' discuss the sphere of influence and origin of funds, respectively, touching upon privacy, exclusivity, or international relations. Each adjective opens a new dimension to understanding financing, paving the way for a deep dive into the full spectrum of associated adjectives below.
termThe company secured term financing for its expansion projects.
publicPublic financing is a way for candidates to receive funding for their campaigns.
externalThe company plans to secure external financing to support its expansion plans.
privateThe project was funded through private financing
foreignSome foreign financing is available for the project.
additionalThe company will require additional financing to complete the project.
adequateThe project was able to be completed thanks to adequate financing
directThe company's direct financing activities led to a significant increase in its cash position.
federalThe federal government proposed providing $10 million in federal financing for the project.
corporateCorporate financing refers to the ways in which corporations raise capital to fund their operations and growth.
localThe project was funded through local financing
internalThe company's internal financing allowed it to expand its operations without taking on additional debt.
terroristInternational cooperation is essential to combating terrorist financing
internationalThe project is funded through international financing
totalThe total financing for the project is estimated to be around $10 million.
outsideThe company is seeking outside financing to expand its operations.
permanentThe bank provided permanent financing for the construction of the new building.
necessaryThis project requires the necessary financing to proceed.
domesticThe key to effective universal health coverage is domestic financing
creativeThe company used creative financing to acquire the new property.
industrialThe company specializes in industrial financing and has a long history of providing loans to businesses in the manufacturing sector.
conventionalWe offer conventional financing for your home purchase.
jointThe project was funded through joint financing between the government and the private sector.
compensatoryThe main objective of compensatory financing is to offset the temporary export shortfalls of developing countries.
inflationaryThe government used inflationary financing to fund its wartime spending.
futureOur future financing plans include expanding our product line and hiring more staff.
officialThe company announced official financing for its new project.
initialThe company secured an initial financing round of $10 million.
interimThe company secured interim financing to bridge the gap until the long-term loan is approved.
commercialThe company secured commercial financing to expand its operations.
inadequateThe company failed due to inadequate financing
basedHe recently purchased a home through based financing
indirectIndirect financing refers to the process of financial intermediaries playing a role in the flow of funds from savers to borrowers.
leaseThe company's lease financing program allows businesses to acquire new equipment without making a large upfront investment.
exemptThe project's exempt financing is available to qualified borrowers.
receivableOur receivable financing solution can help you improve your cash flow and grow your business.
partialThe company announced its plans to secure partial financing from several banks.
costThe cost financing provided by the bank allowed the business to purchase new equipment.
agriculturalAgricultural financing is the process of providing financial resources to farmers and other agricultural businesses.
monetaryMonetary financing involves the creation of new money by the central bank to finance government spending.
temporaryThe company secured temporary financing to cover its operating costs.
deficitThe government used deficit financing to cover the costs of the war.
netThe company has decided to reduce net financing in the following quarter.
substantialThe company received substantial financing from a group of venture capital firms.
educationalEducational financing allows students to pay for their education without upfront costs.
secondaryThe company raised secondary financing to fund its expansion plans.
institutionalThe project received institutional financing
availableBoth companies say there is $20 million in available financing from investors.
nonrecourseNonrecourse financing refers to a loan secured by the property being purchased, rather than the personal assets of the borrower.
scaleThe company plans to use scale financing to fund its growth.
alternativeWe are exploring alternative financing options to fund our new business venture.
concessionalThe country received concessional financing from the World Bank to support its development efforts.
sufficientThe company secured sufficient financing to launch the new product line.
soundThe project has sound financing and is expected to be completed on time.
municipalThe municipal financing plan was approved by the city council.
governmentalGovernmental financing was approved to help the citizens who had been displaced by the natural disaster.
rateThe customer took advantage of the store's rate financing offer to make the purchase more affordable.
limitedThe project's limited financing constrained the team's ability to hire more staff.
innovativeInnovative financing provides a platform for businesses to raise capital in a novel and efficient manner.
preferentialThe government offered preferential financing to small businesses during the recession.
favorableThe car dealership offered favorable financing to customers with good credit.
subsidizedThe government is offering subsidized financing to encourage businesses to invest in renewable energy.
partyWe are investigating party financing and other matters related to the recent election.
stageThe startup secured stage financing from a venture capital firm.
equityThe company plans to raise $10 million in equity financing

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