Adjectives for Findings

Adjectives For Findings

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing findings, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The utilization of adjectives with the noun 'findings' profoundly influences the interpretation and impact of statements. For instance, 'clinical findings' guide medical decisions, emphasizing their health-related implications, whereas 'empirical findings' underscore the evidence-based nature of the conclusions. 'Recent findings' highlight the timeliness and relevance of the information, whereas 'major findings' signal the significance and potential impact of the discoveries. Each adjective, from 'similar' to 'physical,' colors the noun with specific nuances, enhancing the precision and context in communication. Explore the fascinating landscape of adjectives associated with 'findings' to enrich your expression and understanding.
For the full list of adjectives that offer unique shades of meaning to 'findings,' see below.
clinicalRespiratory and neurologic examinations revealed no abnormalities, and standard laboratory tests showed normal clinical findings
similarWe had similar findings in our study.
physicalThe physical findings were consistent with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
empiricalOur empirical findings suggest that the intervention was effective in improving outcomes.
recentRecent findings have indicated a positive trend in consumer confidence.
majorThe major findings of the study were published in a peer-reviewed journal.
experimentalThe experimental findings of the study suggest that the new drug is effective in treating the disease.
positiveThe recent study yielded positive findings indicating the effectiveness of the new treatment.
preliminaryThe preliminary findings of the study suggest that the new treatment is effective.
abnormalThe doctor ordered further tests after seeing the abnormal findings on the patient's X-ray.
radiographicThe radiographic findings were consistent with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
mainThe main findings of the research are summarized in the following paragraphs.
importantDr. Smith presented the important findings of the study to the medical conference.
significantOur research yielded significant findings that have the potential to transform the field.
previousWe build upon the previous findings that smartphone use is associated with anxiety and depression.
negativeThe primary endpoint of the phase 2 study did not meet statistical significance, and negative findings were observed in the two secondary endpoints.
earlierThe earlier findings are not in contrast with the latest findings.
pathologicThe pathologic findings were consistent with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis.
scientificThe scientific findings indicate a strong correlation between air pollution and respiratory illnesses.
interestingThe study produced some very interesting findings
aboveThe above findings suggest that the new drug is effective in treating the disease.
specificThe specific findings suggest that the patient may have a rare genetic disorder.
characteristicI am impressed by the characteristic findings
keyThe key findings of the study were that...
pathologicalThe pathological findings from the biopsy indicated the presence of cancerous cells.
initialThe initial findings suggest that the treatment is effective.
presentThe present findings show that the effectiveness of the treatment was only 20%.
typicalA physical examination of the patient revealed typical findings consistent with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
histologicThe histologic findings revealed the presence of a well-differentiated adenocarcinoma.
rayHer chest ray findings were unremarkable.
objectiveObjective findings revealed a distended abdomen with hyperactive bowel sounds.
microscopicMicroscopic findings revealed the presence of numerous atypical cells.
neurologicThe patient had multiple neurologic findings consistent with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
consistentThe consistent findings suggest that the new treatment is more effective than the old treatment.
additionalRecent studies revealed additional findings on the subject.
contradictoryThe contradictory findings made it difficult to draw any conclusions.
histologicalHistological findings revealed squamous cell carcinoma of the lung.
relevantThe report includes relevant findings on the company's financial performance.
latestIn accordance with the latest findings the experiment was a success.
neurologicalStandard neurological findings were unremarkable.
radiologicThe radiologic findings were consistent with the patient's clinical presentation.
principalThe principal findings of the study were that the new drug was safe and effective.
diagnosticThe diagnostic findings indicate a high probability of malignancy.
ocularThese ocular findings suggest the presence of a macular hole.
sonographicThe sonographic findings were suggestive of a myocardial infarction.
roentgenographicRoentgenographic findings were consistent with herniated nucleus pulposus at the level of L5-S1.
incidentalThe study involved reviewing patient charts for incidental findings
angiographicThe angiographic findings were suggestive of a large pulmonary embolism.
archaeologicalThe archaeological findings suggest that the site was inhabited during the Iron Age.
statisticalStatistical findings from the survey revealed a significant increase in customer satisfaction.
radiologicalThe patient's radiological findings were unremarkable.
histopathologicHistopathologic findings exhibited a spectrum of parenchymal and inflammatory changes.
biochemicalFurther investigation including biochemical findings may demonstrate the cause of the patient's symptoms.
inconsistentThere were some inconsistent findings in the available literature.
unexpectedThe researchers were surprised by the unexpected findings
operativeThe operative findings were unremarkable.
electrocardiographicDoctors analyzed the electrocardiographic findings and found evidence of ischemia.
overallThe overall findings were very positive.
classicA chest X-ray of the patient revealed classic findings of sarcoidosis.
detailedThe detailed findings of the study were published in a peer-reviewed journal.
postmortemThe postmortem findings revealed extensive trauma to the body.
psychologicalRecent psychological findings suggest that mindfulness meditation can improve well-being.
quantitativeThe quantitative findings from the study suggest that a significant number of students showed improvement in their test scores.
pertinentThe most pertinent findings were related to the patient's recent hospitalization.
factualDue to recent factual findings about the ozone depletion, we need to minimize the use of aerosol products.
echocardiographicEchocardiographic findings revealed a dilated left ventricle with reduced ejection fraction.
frequentFrequent findings included hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and type 2 diabetes.
strikingThe study yielded striking findings about the effects of climate change on local ecosystems.
conflictingThe researchers are still evaluating conflicting findings on the safety of the new drug.
anatomicalThe anatomical findings of the study were consistent with the clinical presentation.
surgicalThe surgical findings revealed a ruptured appendix.
unusualThe research team stumbled upon some unusual findings during their excavation.
substantiveOur substantive findings show that children who had been deprived of parental care were significantly more likely to have behavior problems than those who had not.
nonspecificThe physical examination was unremarkable, with nonspecific findings
qualitativeThe researcher found that the qualitative findings were consistent with the quantitative findings.
mixedHis latest album received mixed findings from music critics.

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