Adjectives for Finger

Adjectives For Finger

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing finger, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives used with the noun 'finger' can convey a variety of nuanced meanings. For instance, 'little finger' often evokes an image of delicacy or something diminutive, while 'middle finger' can convey defiance or rudeness. The 'first finger,' usually known as the index, signifies direction or pointing. When we say 'right finger' or 'left finger,' we dive into specifics of orientation, which could be essential in detailed descriptions. The 'third finger,' often linked with the ring finger, brings a connotation of commitment or affection. Each adjective, when paired with 'finger,' unlocks a unique imagery or symbolism, enriching our communication. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that give life to 'finger' and their distinct implications below.
middleThe angry driver gave me the middle finger as I drove past.
firstI pointed to the wrong person with my first finger
rightShe pointed to the culprit with her right finger
leftHe sprained his left finger while playing basketball.
longThe old man used his long finger to point at the map.
secondPoint to the moon with your second finger
fourthA ring on her fourth finger indicated that she was married.
singleHe pointed at the screen with a single finger
fifthMy fifth finger is the longest on my hand.
bonyThe skinny musician's bony finger danced across the piano keys.
coldThe cold finger reached out to touch the doorknob.
crookedHe pointed at me with a crooked finger
wetThe wet finger smeared the ink on the document.
extendedThe man pointed an extended finger at the other man.
thickYou should use a thick finger to click the button.
stubbyI pointed at the map with my stubby finger
slenderHer slender finger gracefully traced the contours of the ancient sculpture.
thinShe pointed a thin finger at the blackboard.
outstretchedThe teacher pointed to the map with an outstretched finger
fatHe made a mistake while typing due to his fat finger
injuredThe doctor wrapped the injured finger to protect it.
pinkyHer pinky fingernail was painted a bright, cheerful shade of pink.
brokenHe had to go to the hospital to get his broken finger fixed.
movableThe child's movable finger pointed to the correct answer.
bentThe butler's bent finger indicated the location of the secret passage.
dirtyThe dirty finger pointed accusingly at the suspect.
soreMy sore finger throbbed with each keystroke.
tinyI use my pinky, also known as my tiny finger to drink tea.
stiffHe lifted his stiff finger to point at the board.
brownHis brown finger flipped open the page.
accusatoryShe pointed her accusatory finger directly at me.
gnarledThe gnarled finger pointed at the old map.
upliftedShe pointed to the book with an uplifted finger
handMy hand finger is sore.
extraThe surgeon removed the extra finger that was growing out of my hand.
delicateHe traced delicate finger patterns on the dusty surface.
sixthThe surgeon was surprised to find a sixth finger growing from the patient's hand.
adjacentI can't type fast because my adjacent finger keeps hitting the wrong key.
smallestMy smallest finger is my pinky finger.
slimShe reached out a slim finger and traced the shape of his face.
manicuredThe pianist had manicured fingers that danced gracefully over the keys.
leanHe pointed his lean finger at the map.
affectedThe affected finger is recovering well post-surgery.
skinnyThe teacher's skinny finger pointed out the mistake on the board.
infectedThe doctor lanced my infected finger to drain the pus.
4thMy friend is wearing a beautiful ring on their 4th finger
longestTim's longest finger is his index finger.
bluntThe blunt finger pressed the button with a heavy click.
bloodyI saw a bloody finger on the floor.
5thShe played the beautiful melody with her 5th finger
upraisedShe gave a small laugh and looked up at him with an upraised finger
lubricatedThe doctor inserted a lubricated finger into the patient's ear to check for an infection.
angryShe pointed an angry finger at him.
icyThe icy finger of death crept across the land.
threeI held up three fingers to show my age.
stainedThe stained finger pointed to the only clue.
shakyHe pointed a shaky finger at the suspect.
chubbyThe chubby finger slowly traced the lines of the map.
3rdHe put the ring on her 3rd finger
1stI use my 1st finger to point at things.
itchyI've got an itchy finger to buy that new car.
involvedShe was involved finger in the illegal activities of the organization.
curvedThe gnarled hands of the old woman were covered in curved fingers and age spots.
immovableThe immovable finger of time continued ticking away.

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