Adjectives for Fingers

Adjectives For Fingers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fingers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of adjectives paired with 'fingers' illuminates much more than mere physical attributes; it unveils stories and emotions tied to human experiences. Descriptors like 'long', 'little', and 'slender' convey not just size, but also elegance, vulnerability, or dexterity. The word 'middle' might hint at defiance or a pivotal point, while 'thin' and 'white' evoke images of delicacy or pallor, perhaps suggesting health or emotional states. Each adjective, when matched with 'fingers', enriches the narrative, offering deeper insight into character, context, or feeling. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'fingers' to discover the layered meanings behind each word.
longHer long fingers danced across the keyboard, creating a symphony of words.
littleThe mice used their little fingers to pick up the tiny piece of cheese.
middleShe couldn't believe he was flipping his middle fingers at her.
slenderA pianist's slender fingers glided effortlessly over the ivory keys.
thinShe ran her thin fingers over the surface of the table.
whiteHer white fingers gripped the steering wheel tightly.
strongHer strong fingers danced across the piano keys, weaving melodies that filled the room.
coldRubbing his cold fingers he cursed the cold weather.
bonyHe reached out with bony fingers clutching the handle tightly.
nimbleThe surgeon's nimble fingers quickly sutured the wound.
delicateThe pianist's delicate fingers danced gracefully over the ivory keys.
thickHer thick fingers were clumsy but gentle.
shortMy pianist friend has very short fingers
nervousShe fumbled with the lock, her nervous fingers trembling.
slimThe pianist's slim fingers danced gracefully across the ivory keys.
deftThe surgeon's deft fingers navigated the intricate anatomy with precision.
stubbyHis stubby fingers fumbled with the tiny button.
stiffHer stiff fingers could barely hold the pen to sign the document.
brownThe artist's brown fingers deftly blended the colors.
fatI couldn't type properly because my fat fingers kept hitting the wrong keys.
dirtyThe boy had dirty fingers from playing in the mud.
thirdHer third fingers were longest.
icyThe icy fingers of the north wind crept into every nook and cranny.
rightWith your right fingers gently massage the skin clockwise in small circles.
fourthThe fourth fingers on my hands are longer than the third fingers.
outstretchedThe pianist's outstretched fingers danced across the keyboard with effortless grace.
stickyThe child was caught with sticky fingers after stealing a cookie from the jar.
extendedShe pointed towards the door with extended fingers
leftThe pianist only used his left fingers to play the delicate melody.
clumsyThe clumsy fingers fumbled with the delicate vase.
coolThe pianist had cool fingers as he played the grand finale.
warmThe warm fingers of the pianist danced across the keys.
stainedTina was able to remove the temporary dye from her stained fingers
wetThe baker kneaded the dough with wet fingers
busyThe typist's busy fingers flew over the keyboard.
gnarledAncient, gnarled fingers twisted an aged parchment.
nervelessThe surgeon's nerveless fingers moved with precision during the intricate procedure.
sensitiveThe surgeon's sensitive fingers carefully manipulated the delicate tissue.
paleHer pale fingers gripped the edge of the table.
leanHer lean fingers deftly played the chords on the guitar.
crookedThe crooked fingers of the old woman gripped the handle of her cane.
quickHer quick fingers danced across the keyboard.
likeThe sunbeams shone through the clouds like fingers
greenShe has green fingers and can grow anything.
eagerThe chef's eager fingers deftly chopped the vegetables.
frozenI couldn't feel my frozen fingers as I tried to grip the steering wheel.
rosyThe rosy fingers of dawn crept over the horizon.
hardThe hard fingers of the pianist danced across the keyboard.
pointedThe angry mob pointed fingers at the accused.
greasyThe mechanic's greasy fingers left smudges on the steering wheel.
clenchedShe coiled her arm around the bar and held it with clenched fingers
plumpThe pianist's plump fingers danced across the keyboard with grace and precision.
deadThe dead fingers of the old tree reached out toward the sky.
cleverHer clever fingers deftly wove the intricate tapestry.
lightThe thief's light fingers allowed him to pick the lock with ease.
yellowThe heavy smoker's yellow fingers hinted at years of excessive nicotine intake.
bloodyThe killer's bloody fingers left a trail, leading the detective to his lair.
daintyHer dainty fingers played across the piano keys with effortless grace.
restlessShe watched, restless fingers plucking the edge of her magazine.
webbedThe frog's webbed fingers help it to swim easily.
taperThe surgeon's taper fingers deftly maneuvered the delicate instruments.
handThe pianist's hand fingers danced across the keys.
adjacentThe adjacent fingers on her left hand were slightly calloused.
skinnyThe pianist had long, skinny fingers that danced across the ivory keys.
invisibleThe invisible fingers of the wind caressed her face.
bentHe bent fingers counting the coins for the fare.
smoothThe pianist's smooth fingers danced across the keys.

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