Adjectives for Finish

Adjectives For Finish

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing finish, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'finish' when paired with the right adjective can profoundly affect the perception of the object or action it describes. A 'smooth finish' evokes a sense of perfection and care, often sought after in woodworking or painting. 'Good finish' suggests a task completed with competence, while 'interior finish' dives into the specifics of indoor aesthetics, focusing on the final touches that make a space feel complete. The term 'high finish' denotes quality and class, often associated with luxury items or meticulous work. Conversely, 'fine finish' points to the delicate, precise nature of a task well done, and 'dull finish' introduces a matte, subtle effect that can be both sophisticated and understated. Explore the full range of nuanced descriptions that 'finish' can convey in the list below.
smoothThe car's glossy paint had a smooth finish
goodI appreciate the good finish on this car.
interiorThe luxurious interior finish of the car is a key selling point.
highThe car had a high finish
fineThe cabinet had a fine finish
dullThe tarnished metal had a dull finish
finalThe runner gave a final finish to the race.
glossyThe newly waxed car had a glossy finish
naturalThe dresser had a natural finish that brought out the beauty of the wood grain.
hardThe concrete floor had a hard finish
betterI know you can do better finish
clickI click finish to complete the transaction.
exquisiteThis piece of jewelry boasts an exquisite finish showcasing the artisan's meticulous attention to detail.
artisticThe painting had an artistic finish that was both subtle and captivating.
perfectThe painting had a perfect finish reflecting the artist's meticulous attention to detail.
rough"Its sandstone walls give the building a rough finish."
blackThe table has a sleek black finish
clearThe painter applied a clear finish to the wooden table.
brightThe chrome on the car had a bright finish
exteriorWe are still waiting for the exterior finish for the house to be completed.
polishedThe sculpture had a polished finish reflecting light like a mirror.
whiteThe dresser has a white finish that complements the room's light and airy decor.
originalThe antique dresser had its original finish carefully preserved.
excellentFinishing the race with an excellent finish was a dream come true.
beautifulThe car had a beautiful finish
neatHer bedside table had a neat finish
flatThe walls have a flat finish giving the room a minimalist look.
softHer skin had a soft finish after using the lotion.
durableThe durable finish on the table makes it resistant to scratches and water damage.
likeI like finish my work on time.
decorativeThe decorative finish on the walls added an elegant touch to the room.
poorThe car's poor finish made it difficult to sell.
shinyThe car's shiny finish gleamed in the sunlight.
mattThe painting has a matt finish
smootherThe new paint gave the wall a smoother finish
attractiveThis table has an attractive finish and is perfect for any dining room.
lustrousThe coffee table had a lustrous finish that made it look more expensive than it actually was.
cleanHer clean finish in the marathon was a hundred laps ahead of her competitors.
carefulThe artist's paintings were always characterized by their careful finish
niceIt covers everything and does so in a nice finish
elaborateThe elaborate finish of the sculpture was a testament to the artist's skill and attention to detail.
delicateMy grandmother has a fragile glass vase with a delicate finish
protectiveThe wooden table was given a thin protective finish to make it water-resistant.
satisfactoryWe received a satisfactory finish on the construction of our new home.
highestHer highest finish in the competition was sixth place.
superiorThe superior finish of the product was evident in its smooth surface and impeccable craftsmanship.
resistantThe new paint has a durable and resistant finish that can withstand scratches and stains.
insideThe inside finish is more durable than the outside finish.
finerThe wooden table had a finer finish than the metal one.
permanentThe car had a permanent finish that made it look new.
closeThe race between the two horses was a close finish
metallicThe sleek metallic finish of the car gleamed in the sunlight.
antiqueThe antique finish on the furniture gave it a classic look.
darkThe antique dresser had a dark finish that complemented the room's decor.
professionalI was very impressed with the professional finish on the project.
brilliantWe were all very impressed with the brilliant finish on the car.
technicalDiego Costa's move to Wolves, 33, quietly goes under the radar due to his poor technical finish and injury history, despite a decent goalscoring record.
texturedThe walls had a textured finish that added depth and character to the room.
outsideThe outside finish of the car was a deep, glossy blue.
richThe furniture has a rich finish
dryThe paint has a dry finish
uniformThe dark wood had a uniform finish
concreteThe concrete finish gave the floor a smooth and durable surface.
photoThe horse race was so close that it was a photo finish
topThe car's top finish was ruined by the scratches.
elegantThe elegant finish of the table gave it a sophisticated and timeless appeal.
minuteThe intricate carvings on the antique wooden box were rendered with remarkable minute finish
dramaticThe play ended with a thrilling dramatic finish
blueThe furniture had a beautiful blue finish
suitableThe paint has a waterproof and suitable finish
plainThe table has a plain finish

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