Adjectives for Fit

Adjectives For Fit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'fit' can subtly alter the context and perception of a statement. A 'perfect fit' implies a flawless match, leaving no room for improvement, while a 'good fit' suggests suitability with a hint of compromise. Describing something as a 'tight fit', on the other hand, introduces a sense of limitation or struggle. The comparison between 'better fit' and 'best fit' highlights a journey towards improvement. Selecting from 'more fit' introduces a comparative aspect, suggesting a progression or increase in suitability. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting a vivid picture of compatibility and adequacy. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can redefine 'fit' in numerous contexts below.
bestThe best fit model was selected based on the lowest AIC value.
goodThe new employee was a good fit for the company.
moreHe is more fit than his brother.
perfectIt was the perfect fit for the vacant lot.
betterThe new employee is a better fit for the company than the previous one.
tightThe tiny box was a tight fit for the large book.
poorThe shirt was a poor fit
lessThe less fit athletes were unable to keep up with the pace.
epilepticThe man suddenly collapsed on the ground, suffering from an epileptic fit
closeThe dress was a close fit
violentThe violent fit of rage made him tremble and scream.
faintingThe unexpected news sent her into a fainting fit
mostDaniel is the most fit person in the group.
longerThe dress is no longer fit for her.
properThe dress fits me perfectly with a proper fit
linearWe use a linear fit to model the relationship between the variables.
suddenHe was taken with a sudden fit of coughing.
apoplecticThe art critic had an apoplectic fit when he saw the painting.
overallHis overall fit in the role was good.
excellentThe new jacket is an excellent fit
reasonableDespite the fact that the garment was the reasonable fit it was still too tight.
severeThe patient had a severe fit of coughing.
badThe ill-fitting dress was clearly a bad fit for the occasion.
looseThe shirt has a loose fit providing ample comfort and ventilation.
leastThe least fit person in the group was struggling to keep up with the rest.
rightShe's the right fit for the job.
exactThe exact fit of the new carpet made the room look fresh and inviting.
satisfactoryThe machine demonstrated a satisfactory fit for its intended purpose.
coldThe cold fit was used to assemble the components.
strategicThe strategic fit between the two companies was highly favourable
comfortableThe dress ensured a comfortable fit for the wearer.
squareThe square fit perfectly into the corner of the puzzle.
hotThe mechanic used a hot fit to install the new bearing.
hystericalThe sudden news caused her to throw herself into a hysterical fit
adequateThe shirt was an adequate fit for her.
accurateThe tailor's accurate fit ensured the suit looked flawless.
agueI had an ague fit last night and could hardly sleep.
acceptableThe dress had an acceptable fit after being altered.
easyThe new dress was an easy fit
exponentialThe exponential fit of the data suggests an exponential growth pattern.
drunkenThe man in a drunken fit was shouting obscenities at the top of his lungs.
polynomialThe polynomial fit of the data is a quadratic equation.
goodnessThe goodness fit of the model is excellent.
empiricalThe empirical fit of the data was excellent.
correctThe shoes were the correct fit for her feet.
closestThe closest fit was a navy blue shirt with a white collar.
theoreticalThe theoretical fit of the model to the data was excellent.
convulsiveThe convulsive fit was so severe that Sarah couldn't speak.
uncontrollableThe child's uncontrollable fit of crying interrupted the entire class.
statisticalThe model's statistical fit was excellent.
optimalThe optimal fit of the data was achieved with a quadratic regression model.
preciseThe custom-made suits were designed with a precise fit
madShe was mad fit when she found out she had won the lottery.
terribleThe shirt was a terrible fit and I couldn't wear it.
closerHer swimsuit was a closer fit than she thought.
tighterThe new jeans provided a tighter fit
niceThe suit looks like a nice fit on you.
loudThe loud fit of laughter startled the sleeping cat.
neatThe fabric was cut to a neat fit
gaussianThe gaussian fit to the data is shown in the figure.
marginalThe use of inappropriate personnel resulted in a marginal fit for the job.
straightThe model is wearing a straight fit black dress.
quadraticThe quadratic fit for the data is y = 10 + 5x - 2x^2.
subjectThe subject fit the description of the suspect.
smoothThe dress had a smooth fit on her body.
heartyThe hearty fit young man jogged through the park.
lineWe can use the line fit to predict the future values.
idealThe ideal fit for the position is someone with a strong work ethic.

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