Adjectives for Fits

Adjectives For Fits

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fits, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Employing adjectives to describe fits can significantly impact the perception and understanding of the term. Using 'epileptic' or 'fainting' emphasizes medical or health-related contexts, infusing the noun with a sense of urgency or concern. 'Best' and 'good', on the other hand, transform 'fits' into a positive assessment, often used in fashion or compatibility discussions. Meanwhile, 'violent' and 'occasional' provide nuances of intensity and frequency, respectively, which can apply to various scenarios, from physical manifestations to metaphorical fits of passion. Each adjective paints a unique picture, highlighting the importance of thoughtful adjective selection. Discover the full spectrum of nuances by exploring the complete list of adjectives used with 'fits' below.
epilepticThe patient was diagnosed with epileptic fits at the age of 10.
bestThis design best fits the contemporary style of the home.
violentHis violent fits caused great concern among his family.
goodThe two are good fits for each other.
faintingHe had been experiencing fainting fits all day.
occasionalThe patient experienced occasional fits of coughing throughout the night.
suddenHe was subject to sudden fits of rage.
frequentThe toddler threw frequent fits when his wishes were not granted.
hystericalThe child's hysterical fits were a source of great concern for her parents.
betterThis new design better fits the company's branding.
strangeHe was taken by strange fits of coughing.
severeThe elderly woman experienced severe fits of coughing throughout the night.
longerThe longer fits better.
linearThe linear fits provide the slope and intercepts of the best line to represent the data.
uncontrollableThe patient suffered from uncontrollable fits of laughter.
terribleThe patient was having terrible fits of coughing.
hotThe patient experienced hot fits followed by shivering.
coldThe patient was shivering with cold fits
periodicalThe patient experienced periodical fits of coughing.
periodicThe periodic fits of the patient made it difficult to understand her speech.
alternateThe tailor offered alternate fits for the customer to try on.
uncinateThe patient exhibited uncinate fits characterized by repetitive chewing and lip smacking.
nervousHe suffered from terrible nervous fits every night.
poorThe poor fits of the new clothes were evident.
theoreticalThe scientist's theoretical fits perfectly with the experimental data.
leastThe least fits in with the rest.
madThe child threw frequent mad fits
exponentialThe exponential fits the data perfectly.
excellentThe excellent fits of the model to the data suggest that the model is accurate.
recurrentThe patient has been having recurrent fits of depression.
hystericThe child threw hysteric fits every time he was told 'no'.
sureThis dress sure fits me well.
closeThe close fits of the puzzle pieces made it difficult to solve.
wildHis playing wild fits left the audience in awe.
focalThe patient presented with multiple focal fits involving the right face and arm on one occasion and the left leg on another.
agueDespite showing symptoms of ague fits fatigue, dysentery, and dizziness, the courageous soldier decided to march farther.
tightThe tiny screws required tight fits to prevent them from falling out.
apoplecticThe doctor panicked when he found the patient in apoplectic fits
reasonableThe electrician has made reasonable fits to get the wiring in the house up to code.
jacksonianThe patient exhibited violent jacksonian fits
slightHe had slight fits of trembling when he was nervous
spasmodicThe patient's spasmodic fits were a sign of a neurological disorder.
perfectThe puzzle pieces were perfect fits
empiricalThe method of empirical fits suggests ways of judging how well an equation describes experimental data.
latterA latter fits a pierced ear perfectly.
tonicThe patient suffered from tonic fits and generalized convulsions.
keyThe key fits the lock perfectly.
acceptableThe results were within acceptable fits
satisfactoryThe satisfactory fits of the puzzle pleased Peter.
gaussianThe researchers employed Gaussian fits to analyze the spectral lines.
polynomialThe polynomial fits the data so well that it can be used to predict future values.
sizeThe one size fits all.
dreadfulI watched with dread as the child was seized by dreadful fits
snapThe blocks snap fits together easily, creating a sturdy structure.
worstThe worst fits did not deter the dancers.
locationalThe patient frequently experienced locational fits in different areas of the building.
minorThe toddler threw minor fits in the store.
melancholyThe old man sat alone in his armchair, lost in melancholy fits
sullenShe sat in sullen fits her silence deafening.
intermittentThe noise from the renovations was characterized by intermittent fits of drilling and hammering.
catalepticThe cataleptic fits caused his body to stiffen and his muscles to lock.
statisticalThe researcher used statistical fits to determine the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.
angryThe child was prone to angry fits when he didn't get his way.
humerusThe distal end of the humerus fits snugly into the glenoid cavity.
loudThe child threw loud fits in the grocery store.

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