Adjectives for Fitting

Adjectives For Fitting

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fitting, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'fitting' conjures up a variety of nuances when paired with different adjectives, each enhancing its meaning in a unique way. Whether it's 'more fitting' for a slightly improved suitability, 'most fitting' signifying the utmost appropriateness, a 'tight fitting' garment closely hugging the body, a 'close fitting' scenario indicating snugness, a 'prosthetic fitting' for medical precision, or the 'proper fitting' ensuring correct size and comfort, each combination alters the perception of fitness and suitability. These adjectives highlight the importance of context and precision in communication, ensuring the conveyed message is just right. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring color and specificity to 'fitting' below.
moreThe more fitting choice would be the blue one.
mostHer most fitting talent was her ability to dance.
tightThe tight fitting shirt left no room for breathing.
closeShe squeezed into her close fitting wetsuit.
prostheticHe received a new prosthetic fitting after his accident.
properThe jeans were not a proper fitting
finalThe tailor made the final fitting of the dress.
looseThe loose fitting shirt kept her cool in the summer heat.
bestThe gear with the best fitting mechanism allows for smooth adjustment.
curveCurve fitting is a technique used to find a function that best fits a set of data points.
specialThe dressmaker ensured a special fitting for the bride-to-be.
accurateThe tailor made an accurate fitting for the new suit.
carefulThe careful fitting of the new countertop was essential for its durability.
lightPlease get me the new light fitting from the cupboard.
standardThe standard fitting of the new door is perfect for the opening.
initialThe initial fitting went smoothly and the dress was perfect.
squareI'm not sure if the square fitting is correct.
polynomialPolynomial fitting is a type of regression analysis that uses a polynomial function to model the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables.
immediateThe carpets in the rooms required an immediate fitting
perfectThey looked so handsome in their perfect fitting tuxedos.
linearLet's try to do linear fitting of the data.
correctMake sure your running shoes are correct fitting
betterI've been working out, and now my clothes are better fitting
lessThe dress was less fitting than she had hoped.
leastThe green apple was the least fitting fruit in the basket of oranges.
exactThe exact fitting of the parts was essential for the successful assembly of the machine.
poorThe shirt was a poor fitting and uncomfortable to wear.
directThe direct fitting of the new component was a success.
successfulThe successful fitting of the new exhaust system improved the car's performance.
nonlinearThe nonlinear fitting method was used to determine the kinetic parameters.
empiricalThe empirical fitting of the model to the data was outstanding.
preciseThe precise fitting of the components ensured optimal performance.
improperThe improper fitting of the prosthetic caused discomfort and pain.
iterativeThe iterative fitting process can be used to refine the parameters of a model.
femaleThe plumber needed a female fitting to connect the pipes.
peculiarlyThe oddly shaped puzzle piece was peculiarly fitting into the larger puzzle.
exponentialExponential fitting is a method of fitting data to a curve.
simultaneousThe simultaneous fitting of the entire curve resulted in standard deviations of between 2% and 9%.
profileThe profile fitting allowed us to accurately estimate the parameters of the model.
statisticalStatistical fitting includes regression and classification.
easyThe easy fitting garment allows for greater range of motion.
proportionalThe proportional fitting method was used to determine the best fitting curve for the data.
appropriateThe dress was an appropriate fitting for the special occasion.
badThe shirt is too loose and is a bad fitting
shapedThe shaped fitting easily slipped into place.
snugThe snug fitting jacket kept him warm during the cold winter months.
postsurgicalThe postsurgical fitting was a success, and the patient is now able to walk without pain.
subsequentThe subsequent fitting of the model resulted in improved accuracy.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory fitting of the new engine ensured its optimal performance.
globalGlobal fitting is a technique for estimating the parameters of a mathematical model by adjusting them to fit a set of data points.
numericalNumerical fitting is a mathematical technique used to find the best-fit curve or surface to a set of data points.
binauralAudiologists use binaural fitting to adjust hearing aids for both ears to optimize sound quality and spatial hearing.
typeThe type fitting is a technique for making a type specimen fit a particular space or area.
gaussianGaussian fitting was used to determine the peak positions and areas in the spectrum.
postoperativeThe patient underwent a postoperative fitting for a new prosthesis.
electricalThe electrical fitting was done by a qualified electrician.
hullThe hull fitting was designed to improve the ship's speed and maneuverability.
maleThe pipe has a male fitting on one end.
optimalThe optimal fitting of the data was achieved with a non-linear regression model.
electricThe electrician checked the electric fitting before turning on the power.
sanitaryThe sanitary fitting was made of stainless steel.
singularlyThe singularly fitting woman was the perfect choice for the role.
mathematical"The mathematical fitting of the data to the model was excellent"
suitableThe suitable fitting of the new component ensured its optimal performance.
mechanicalThe mechanical fitting was installed with precision.
preliminaryThe preliminary fitting for the new prosthetic leg was successful.
topThe top fitting was too tight.
straightThe straight fitting is used to connect two tubes of the same diameter.

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