Adjectives for Five

Adjectives For Five

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing five, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The number five takes on various dimensions when paired with different adjectives, underscoring the importance of context in numerical expression. When described as twenty or forty, it references subdivisions or multiples, showcasing its flexibility in quantification. Adjectives like sixty or seventy expand on this, hinting at larger aggregations or fractions, thus broadening its application. Similarly, the adjective part appended before five reveals a fraction of a whole, introducing a nuanced understanding of division and completeness. Each adjective unlocks a unique perspective on quantity, proportion, and numerical relationships, enriching our interpretative framework. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with five and explore the intricate nuances they introduce below.
twentyThe library has twenty five books on this topic.
partIn part five the protagonist finally confronts their adversary.
sixtyThe speed limit on the highway is sixty five miles per hour.
seventyThere were seventy five students in the lecture hall.
thirtyThe total count of people who participated in the event was thirty five
fiftyThe train was delayed for fifty five minutes.
slaughterhouseThe events of Slaughterhouse five set between 1944 and 1975, are framed by the ubiquity of death in the 20th century.
ninetyThe total cost of all the repairs came out to ninety five dollars.
bigThe big five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
threeI counted three five-dollar bills.
sectionPlease refer to section five of the document for more information.
sixSix five is the product of three and five.
twoTwo five-dollar bills were found on the ground.
calledShe called five times this morning.
nineThe nine five schedule is common in many industries.
eightyThere were eighty five students in the auditorium.
dayBy day five I was feeling much better.
lessonI was absent during lesson five
bookI'm reading book five of the series.
zeroThis is zero five over and out.
nineteenShe turned nineteen five months ago.
jiveLet's jive five as a celebration of our triumph.
afterThe restaurant closes after five
famousThe five friends, known as the Famous five embarked on a thrilling adventure together.
ruleThe new rule five states that all players must wear helmets.
eightMy friend's apartment is number eight five
phaseWe are currently in phase five of the project.
exerciseExercise five is the best way to stay healthy.
permThe perm five swimmers showed determination and camaraderie during the intense relay.
fifthThe total system is built across the fifth five year plan.
principlePresident Obama discussed the principle five issues in his speech.
pageTurn to page five and start reading.
andI have five apples and five oranges.
problemThe report indicated that problem five was the most detrimental factor.
sixthThe sixth five-year plan was a success.
novelI can't find my novel five anywhere.
weekThis is week five of the training program.
hundredThe teacher asked her students to take out a hundred five sheets of scratch paper.
caseWe have closed case five so you can stop looking for Billy now.
outThe team is out five players due to injuries.
shortyGive me a shorty five
fourThe concert featured four five-piece bands.
blankBlank five hundred and one.
atlanticThe Atlantic five is a group of five hurricanes that formed in the Atlantic Ocean in 2005.
divideDivide five into equal parts.
countCount five seconds before you react.
fifoFIFO five food for family.
sceneWe can meet at the bar in scene five
itemItem five has been selected.
devilHe devil five'd his friend after completing the puzzle.
bossyThe bossy five-year-old ordered her friends around the playground.
episodeEpisode five is already live.
voiceThe soprano sang in voice five

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