Adjectives for Fixes

Adjectives For Fixes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fixes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe fixes can deeply influence the perception of the solutions provided. A quick fix implies a swift, possibly superficial solution, while a technological fix suggests an innovative, modern approach. Technical fixes are often seen as specialized and informed by expert knowledge. Hot fixes, urgent and immediate, address problems directly as they arise. Mentioning a term fix, one thinks of solutions with defined durations, and temporary fixes are understood to be provisional, waiting for a more permanent solution. Each adjective colors the noun with unique shades of meaning, guiding expectations towards the outcome they describe. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with fixes below.
quickQuick fixes are often tempting, but they can sometimes create more problems than they solve.
technologicalWe rely too much on technological fixes for social problems.
technicalTechnical fixes were implemented to resolve the software bug.
hotThe developers released hot fixes for the critical bugs.
termThe lawyer asked to see the term fixes before he would sign off on the agreement.
temporaryThey have spent a lot of time and effort on temporary fixes but they have not addressed the root causes of the problems.
easyEasy fixes could make the dresser look new again.
simpleThere are some simple fixes you can try before calling an electrician.
possibleThese are some possible fixes for the issue you are experiencing.
navigationalThe ship used several navigational fixes to determine its position.
badNothing brings on a headache faster than bad fixes
accurateFixing the power lines required accurate fixes to prevent another outage.
minorThe team released a new update with minor fixes
spatialThe housing crisis has forced many people to seek spatial fixes
celestialThe celestial fixes of the aircraft were determined by the angle formed by two stars.
latestThe system contains the latest fixes
astronomicalThe astronauts used astronomical fixes to determine their location in space.
successiveThe technician applied successive fixes until the problem was resolved.
necessaryThese necessary fixes prevent the potential for serious health risks during pregnancy and fetal development.
potentialWe have identified potential fixes for the issue and are working on implementing them.
satelliteWith the help of satellite fixes sailors can pinpoint their location even in the vastness of the ocean.
institutionalThe deeper problems of the society are not solved by institutional fixes alone.
visualThe software development team implemented visual fixes to the user interface.
permanentI'm looking for some permanent fixes to my car.
worseWorse fixes complicate substantial mistakes.
temporalThe company used temporal fixes to keep the system running.
positionalThe navigator used positional fixes to determine the ship's location.
cosmeticThe house needed a few cosmetic fixes before it could be sold.
multipleThe car had multiple fixes but it still wouldn't start.
cheapWe found some cheap fixes for our home.
tightThey were in a number of tight fixes but they managed to escape.
expensiveThe car had several expensive fixes that needed to be made.
frequentThe frequent fixes were not enough to solve the problem.
superficialThe renovations applied superficial fixes to the house's foundation.
geographicalThe geographical fixes of the map were not accurate.
awkwardThe technician attempted some awkward fixes before deciding to replace the entire system.
minuteThe problem is solved after making some minute fixes
availableThere are three possible available fixes that we can perform on this car.
suggestedThe suggested fixes were implemented and the issue was resolved.
preAutocorrect sometimes adds unwanted pre fixes to words.
legislativeLawmakers are considering several legislative fixes to address the issue.
preciseWe have made precise fixes to the code.
prettyNot all the pretty fixes in the world can keep an old car running forever.
automaticThe software can apply automatic fixes to the issue.
periodicThe software requires periodic fixes to eliminate bugs and security vulnerabilities.
innumerableThe car required innumerable fixes before it could be driven again.
costlyThe repairs to the old building would require costly fixes
instantQuick solutions, or 'instant fixes,' can sometimes be detrimental in the long run.
magicAbracadabra, the magic fixes all!
interimThere are interim fixes to stop the leaks, but that won't solve all of our problems.
dimensionalThe engineers spent a significant amount of time on dimensional fixes

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