Adjectives for Fixtures

Adjectives For Fixtures

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fixtures, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances that different adjectives bring when paired with the word 'fixtures' can profoundly affect the ambiance and functionality of a space. Describing fixtures as 'light' emphasizes their weight or illumination quality, while 'permanent' hints at their durability and long-term presence. 'Fluorescent fixtures' spotlight the type of lighting and the mood it creates, varying significantly from the implications of 'special' or 'new' fixtures, which suggest uniqueness and modernity, respectively. Each adjective unlocks a new perspective, changing how we envision and engage with these objects in our environments. Dive into the full list of adjectives below to explore the wide array of connotations that can enhance your descriptions of fixtures.
lightThe electrician installed new light fixtures in the living room.
otherThe other fixtures were postponed due to the weather.
permanentTwo permanent fixtures in the house were the grandfather clock and the piano.
fluorescentThe fluorescent fixtures illuminated the room with a harsh, clinical light.
specialThe stadium had special fixtures to accommodate disabled fans.
newThe bathroom renovation included new fixtures and a fresh coat of paint.
electricalThe electrician installed new electrical fixtures in the kitchen.
electricI need to replace the old electric fixtures with new ones.
variousThe house has various fixtures such as a fireplace, a chandelier, and a built-in bookcase.
modernThe new house included modern fixtures throughout.
standardThe house has standard fixtures and fittings.
overheadThe overhead fixtures cast a warm glow over the room.
recessedThe remodeled kitchen had new recessed fixtures
originalThe house still had its original fixtures
necessaryThe necessary fixtures for the kitchen were finally installed.
sanitaryThe hotel's sanitary fixtures were outdated and needed to be replaced.
porcelainThe bathroom had beautiful porcelain fixtures
indirectThe interior designer complemented the indirect fixtures with ambient lighting.
interiorThe interior fixtures of the house were in need of repair.
expensiveThe store carries more expensive fixtures than other retail stores.
additionalThe apartment has been refurbished with additional fixtures
regularThe team's regular fixtures included matches against local rivals.
osseointegratedThe titanium dental implant consists of osseointegrated fixtures
ornamentalThe room was adorned with exquisite ornamental fixtures
decorativeThe room was adorned with decorative fixtures that added a touch of elegance.
outdoorThe outdoor fixtures illuminate the property with a warm glow.
platedThe contractor installed plated fixtures to match the sleek modern look.
suitableThe house was equipped with suitable fixtures
efficientThe home's efficient fixtures helped reduce the energy bill.
holdingThe holding fixtures have not been lubricated in weeks.
antiqueThe apartment was furnished with a collection of antique fixtures
elaborateThe living room was adorned with elaborate fixtures
typeThe type fixtures are used to mount the components in the storybook.
agriculturalAgricultural fixtures dotted the landscape, marking the rich farming heritage of the region.
ordinaryThe kitchen had all the ordinary fixtures
modularThe modular fixtures provided flexibility in designing the laboratory.
woodenThe store had rustic wooden fixtures
domesticWe have several domestic fixtures coming up and the team is really looking forward to them.
goldThe bathroom had luxurious gold fixtures
gasThe gas fixtures in the kitchen were outdated.
pendantThe opulent chandeliers and pendant fixtures bathed the grand ballroom in a warm, ethereal glow.
ornateThe ornate fixtures in the grand hall sparkled in the sunlight.
multipleThis bathroom has multiple fixtures including a sink, a toilet, and a shower.
ironThe old house had beautiful iron fixtures
removableThe kitchen featured modern, removable fixtures
movableThe movable fixtures in the apartment included a couch, a table, and a bookcase.
cheapThe bathroom had cheap fixtures
cleanThe clean fixtures in the bathroom made the room look more inviting.
typicalThe kitchen had typical fixtures like a stove, oven, and refrigerator.
adjustableThe adjustable fixtures allowed us to customize the lighting in the room.
conventionalThe installation of solar panels required a departure from conventional fixtures
mechanicalThe mechanical fixtures were designed to withstand the harsh conditions.
portableThe portable fixtures were a great addition to the event space.
crystalThe grand ballroom was illuminated by the sparkling crystal fixtures
familiarThese familiar fixtures of his daily life had given him a sense of stability and comfort.
fewerThe kitchen has fewer fixtures than the bathroom.
vitreousThe vitreous fixtures of the bathroom were sparkling clean.
proofThe proof fixtures were delivered to the site yesterday.
coloredThe bathroom had beautiful colored fixtures
shapedThe construction company utilized uniquely shaped fixtures for the modern art gallery.
metalThe bathroom had metal fixtures that gleamed in the light.
virtualThe virtual fixtures provided an augmented reality experience for the users.

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