Adjectives for Flags

Adjectives For Flags

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flags, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Flags symbolize identities, emotions, and historical narratives, capturing attention with their vibrant or subtle hues. A 'red flag' can signal warning or danger, while an 'American flag' evokes national pride. 'White flags' are universally known as symbols of peace or surrender. Size also plays a role; 'little' or 'small flags' can be personal tokens or markers, less imposing yet still meaningful. The 'national flag' embodies a country's spirit and heritage. The adjectives paired with 'flags' not only describe physical attributes but also imbue them with a deeper significance and context. Explore the full array of adjectives associated with 'flags' to grasp the nuances and implications they carry.
redThere were too many red flags to ignore.
americanThe parade was filled with waving American flags
whiteThe ships on the horizon raised white flags in surrender.
littleChildren proudly waved their little flags as the parade passed by.
nationalThe national flags flew proudly on the parade ground.
smallThe small flags fluttered in the wind.
blackThe pirate ship flew black flags as it sailed through the treacherous waters.
foreignThe ship sailed proudly with the foreign flags waving in the wind.
confederateThe giant confederate flags hung from the cars of the angry protestors.
signalOur ship uses signal flags to communicate with other ships.
britishThe British flags fluttered in the breeze.
yellowThe yellow flags are a warning that you should proceed with caution.
greenThe honesty and open communication are definitely green flags in this relationship.
blueThe beach was awarded blue flags for its cleanliness.
neutralThe ships flew neutral flags to avoid being attacked.
coloredThe colored flags were waving proudly in the breeze.
frenchThe french flags were waving proudly in the wind.
colouredThe brightly coloured flags fluttered in the gentle breeze.
tinyThe tiny flags fluttered gently in the wind.
regimentalThe regimental flags fluttered in the wind.
brightThe bright flags waved proudly in the wind.
japaneseThe Japanese flags were waving in the wind.
battleThe battle flags waved proudly in the wind as the soldiers marched into battle.
tatteredThe tattered flags hung limply against the old brick wall.
germanThere were many german flags at the rally.
colorfulThe colorful flags fluttered in the breeze.
miniatureHer desk was covered in miniature flags representing all the different countries she had visited.
gayThe rainbow gay flags were waving proudly at the parade.
hugeThe stadium was adorned with huge flags of all the participating countries.
numerousNumerous flags fluttered proudly in the wind.
spanishThe Spanish flags were waving in the wind.
followingThe two following flags are red.
respectiveThe soldiers carried their respective flags with pride.
italianThe parade featured many Italian flags
mexicanThe mexican flags waved proudly in the wind.
chineseThe chinese flags were waving in the wind.
russianThe russian flags waved proudly in the wind.
turkishThe Turkish flags danced proudly in the wind.
israeliThe protesters waved israeli flags and chanted slogans against the government.
triangularThe triangular flags fluttered in the strong wind.
canadianThe maple leaf fluttered proudly on the Canadian flags
polishThe Polish flags waved proudly in the wind.
cubanThe protesters waved their cuban flags in the air.
silkenThe silken flags danced gracefully in the gentle breeze.
palestinianPalestinian flags waved in the wind as demonstrators marched through the streets.
falseThe intelligence community is investigating the possibility of false flags as a pretext for war.
bitThe system uses bit flags to indicate the status of the program.
navalThe ship sailed under naval flags
buddhistThe vibrant colors of Buddhist flags fluttered in the gentle breeze.
unsignedThe unsigned flags have been rejected by the city council.
irishThe marchers waved their irish flags with pride.
squareThe square flags flapped in front of the castle.
norwegianThe Norwegian flags fluttered proudly on the windy day.
dutchThe Dutch flags are red, white, and blue.
panamanianThe Panamanian flags are a source of national pride.
innumerableInnumerable flags danced and whipped in the howling wind.
tallThe tall flags waved in the breeze.
tornThe torn flags fluttered in the wind, a reminder of the fierce battle that had been fought.
austrianThe crowd waved Austrian flags with pride.
communistThe communist flags were a symbol of the revolution.
greyDespite the seemingly positive qualities, the numerous grey flags led me to reconsider the relationship.
republicanThe republican flags were waving in the wind.

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