Adjectives for Flesh

Adjectives For Flesh

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flesh, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe flesh can deeply influence the imagery and emotion evoked in your writing. The word 'flesh' alone carries a multitude of connotations, but when paired with adjectives like 'human', 'own', or 'soft', it gains a personal, tender touch. Conversely, descriptors such as 'white', 'raw', or 'warm' might lead readers towards themes of purity, vulnerability, or even discomfort. Each adjective shades the noun with subtle nuances, directing the reader's perception and emotional response. Curious about how other adjectives transform the meaning of 'flesh'? Dive into the full list below to explore the rich variety of expressions.
humanThe smell of human flesh cooking filled the air.
ownHe is the devil's own flesh
whiteThe fish had white flesh
rawThe zombie's raw flesh hung from its mouth as it lunged at its victim.
deadThe wound had dead flesh around it.
mortalIn spite of being made of mortal flesh his resolve was adamantine.
sinfulThe sinful flesh is a burden that we must carry in this life.
veryThe wound's very flesh was putrid.
animalThe animal flesh was cooking slowly in the oven.
redThe inside of the watermelon has a juicy red flesh
gooseThe chilling wind sent goose flesh cascading down my arms.
firmThe fruit had firm flesh
proudThe doctor had to remove the proud flesh from the wound.
femaleI am not comfortable writing a sentence with "female flesh".
burntThe smell of burnt flesh filled the air.
yellowThe mango has sweet yellow flesh
superfluousThe doctor removed the superfluous flesh during the surgery.
hardThe hard flesh of the orange was difficult to peel.
mereThe mere flesh of a mortal was no match for the supernatural power of the demon.
burnedThe acrid smell of burned flesh filled the air.
tornThe fighter's torn flesh hung from his wound, a gruesome reminder of the battle's brutality.
rottenThe stench of rotten flesh filled the air.
looseThe loose flesh hung from her arms like deflated balloons.
charredThe charred flesh provided irrefutable evidence of the horrific fire.
liveThe doctor examined the live flesh of the patient's wound.
cookedThe smell of cooked flesh permeated the air.
roastedThe smell of roasted flesh permeated the air.
bloodyThe aftermath of the battle left the ground littered with bloody flesh
freshThe predator approached its prey, eager to sink its teeth into fresh flesh
brownThe branch of the tree had brown flesh
muscularThe wrestler's muscular flesh rippled beneath his skin as he prepared for the match.
healthyThe doctor examined the patient's healthy flesh for any signs of infection.
horseThe butcher shop sold horse flesh for dog food.
greenThe zombie staggered towards me with its rotting green flesh
dryThe dry flesh of the old man flapped in the wind.
quickThe surgeon's quick flesh removed the tumour with precision.
moistThe doctor examined the moist flesh of the wound.
edibleThe edible flesh of the fruit was juicy and sweet.
fatThe fat flesh of the pig hung down from the hooks.
leanThe cuts of lean flesh were certainly appetizing.
thinThe thin flesh of the fish was barely enough to fill the plate.
orangeThe cantaloupe had a juicy, sweet orange flesh
holyThe holy flesh of the saint was said to possess miraculous powers.
flabbyThe flabby flesh of the old man hung loosely on his bones.
coloredThe colored flesh of the fruit made it look delicious.
creamyThe avocado had creamy flesh
enoughThe doctor did not have enough flesh to work with.
extraThe extra flesh around her belly was a constant reminder of her unhealthy lifestyle.
decayedThe scent of decayed flesh wafted through the air.
corruptibleThe corruptible flesh succumbed to the relentless march of time.

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