Adjectives for Flexibility

Adjectives For Flexibility

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flexibility, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Flexibility in any context can be described with a myriad of adjectives, each bringing its unique shade of meaning. Describing something as having 'greater flexibility' conjures an image of improvement or enhancement over a previous state, while 'more flexibility' suggests a comparative increase. 'Great flexibility' signals a high level of adaptability, and 'considerable flexibility' denotes a noteworthy degree. When objects or systems are described with 'maximum flexibility,' it implies they can accommodate the widest range of changes or variations. Conversely, 'sufficient flexibility' suggests just enough adaptability to meet the needs. Each adjective nuances flexibility differently, enhancing our understanding of its scope and scale. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that can pair with 'flexibility' to fully appreciate its vast implications.
greaterThe new software offers greater flexibility in scheduling appointments.
moreThis new schedule allows for more flexibility
greatHe showed great flexibility in his job.
considerableThe law allows for considerable flexibility in interpretation.
maximumThis sentence demonstrates maximum flexibility
sufficientThe company's budget had sufficient flexibility to adapt to the changing market conditions.
muchDancing allows for much flexibility and coordination.
lessDue to less flexibility she was not able to do the splits.
enoughThe company's rules have enough flexibility for employees to work remotely.
additionalThe latest software update provides additional flexibility for customizing the user interface.
cognitiveCognitive flexibility is the ability to switch between different ways of thinking and problem-solving.
operationalThe company's operational flexibility allows it to adapt to changing market conditions quickly.
necessaryThe necessary flexibility is crucial for adapting to changing circumstances.
greatestThis new system offers the greatest flexibility and ease of use.
inherentThis new material is characterized by its inherent flexibility
completeThe new contract offers complete flexibility in working hours.
limitedThe company's strict rules gave employees limited flexibility in their work schedules.
extremeThe gymnast's extreme flexibility allowed her to bend and contort her body in astonishing ways.
mentalMental flexibility is the ability to adapt one's thinking and behavior to new and changing circumstances.
organizationalThe company's organizational flexibility allowed it to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
functionalFunctional flexibility is the ability of a system to adapt to changing requirements.
financialOur financial flexibility enables us to adapt to changing market conditions and pursue new opportunities.
tacticalThe team's tactical flexibility allowed them to adapt to the unexpected and overcome the challenges presented by their opponents.
strategicOur firm's strategic flexibility allows us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
tremendousThis new technology offers tremendous flexibility in terms of customization options.
remarkableThe yoga instructor showed off her remarkable flexibility
intellectualIntellectual flexibility allows individuals to adapt quickly to changing situations and perspectives.
waxyThe leaves of the plant had a waxy flexibility to them.
jointMy daily yoga practice has improved my overall joint flexibility
behavioralThe child demonstrates behavioral flexibility by switching between play activities with ease.
numericalThe company's financial results showed numerical flexibility in its revenue and expense figures.
relativeThe company demonstrated relative flexibility in its approach to problem-solving.
conformationalThe drug's conformational flexibility allows it to interact with multiple different receptors.
enormousThe gymnast demonstrated enormous flexibility in her performance.
internalShe explored her internal flexibility through yoga and meditation.
administrativeThe company's administrative flexibility allowed for a rapid response to the changing market conditions.
addedThe new software added flexibility to our workflow.
adaptiveThe team's adaptive flexibility allowed them to respond quickly to changing conditions.
adequateThe company demonstrated adequate flexibility during the merger.
extraordinaryThe gymnast displayed extraordinary flexibility during her routine.
managerialHe has experience working in different capacities and offers managerial flexibility
dynamicDynamic flexibility is crucial for maintaining range of motion and reducing the risk of injury in athletes.
extraThis sentence was written with extra flexibility
overallHer overall flexibility impressed the judges.
substantialThe company's production schedule provides substantial flexibility to meet changing market demands.
institutionalThe institutional flexibility allowed the organization to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
requiredThe project required flexibility and adaptability to meet the changing needs of the organization.
enhancedThe new program offers enhanced flexibility for scheduling appointments.
increasedThe new yoga class has increased flexibility and range of motion.
downwardThe prices experienced downward flexibility meaning they could only go down.
infiniteThe yoga master showed infinite flexibility as he contorted his body into unimaginable positions.
unlimitedHer unlimited flexibility allowed her to fit into almost any space.
temperatureThe temperature flexibility of the machine allows it to operate in a wide range of conditions.
rateThe company offers rate flexibility to customers who sign long-term contracts.
reducedReduced flexibility is a common symptom of aging.
fiscalThe government's fiscal flexibility allows it to respond quickly to economic changes.
reasonableThe contract offers reasonable flexibility in terms of payment options.
unusualThe gymnast's unusual flexibility allowed her to contort her body into astounding positions.
utmostThe company worked with utmost flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of the client.
regulatoryThe regulatory flexibility of a system is inversely proportional to the square root of the number of components in the system.
ideologicalDue to her ideological flexibility she was able to adapt her beliefs to the changing political landscape.
interpretiveThe interpretive flexibility of this text allows for multiple interpretations.
molecularThe molecular flexibility of the protein played a crucial role in its function.

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