Adjectives for Float

Adjectives For Float

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing float, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'float' can significantly alter the perception and imagery of your sentence. A 'free float' evokes a sense of liberation and ease, effortlessly drifting on water. A 'total float' might be used in more technical contexts, indicating the complete freedom in scheduling a task without delaying project completion. Describing a float as 'small' or 'large' directly impacts the visual scale, while 'wooden' adds a touch of nostalgia or natural essence. 'Public float', on the other hand, dives into the financial realms, reflecting a company's shares available for trading by general investors. Delve deeper into the art of description with our full list of adjectives tailored for 'float'.
freeThe free float of the stock was around 20%.
totalThe total float of this activity is 5 days.
smallThe small float bobbed up and down on the waves.
woodenThe wooden float bobbed gently in the water.
publicThe issuing company's public float has declined from $2.5 billion to $1.5 billion.
longThe long float of the clouds formed a beautiful picture in the sky.
singleThe graceful bird flew towards a single float
dirtyThe dirty float was a temporary solution to the currency crisis.
jointThe joint float was an innovative experiment in marine engineering.
doubleI saw a double float in the parade.
twinThe twin float was tethered to the dock.
whiteThe white float gently bobbed on the water.
negativeThe negative float was not able to be used.
lightShe watched the light float into the opaque room.
staticThe static float value remains constant throughout the program's execution.
netThe company has a net float of $10 million.
longerWe may see longer float in the future.
cleanThe car has a clean float
hollowThe boat's hollow float allowed it to stay afloat in the turbulent waters.
shortThe company's short float is less than 5%.
dostThe sailboat dost float upon the azure waters.
managedThe central bank decided to switch to a managed float exchange rate regime.
shapedThe shaped float bounced beautifully across the water.
redThe red float bobbed up and down in the water.
finalWe watched the final float go by during the parade.
quantifierThe quantifier float was estimated to be 1.2.
backThe toddler was steadily back floating in the pool.
yellowThe yellow float bobbed up and down in the waves.
smokeThe smoke floated up into the sky.
blueShe splashed into the pool and grabbed the blue float
pureThe pure float is not polluted.
deadThe boat has a dead float that needs to be fixed.
heavyThe heavy float drifted lazily downstream.
plasticThe plastic float bobbed up and down in the water.
andThe leaves and float softly to the ground.
availableThe bank's available float is the amount of cash that can be used to cover short-term obligations.
positiveThe positive float value is 0.5.
hugeThe huge float towered over the parade, its vibrant colors casting a festive glow upon the crowd.
buoyantThe buoyant float bobbed merrily on the water's surface.
dayThe nurse on the day float must cover for breaks and lunches.
weftThe weft float creates a decorative effect on the fabric.
sideThe boy did a side float along the edge of the pool.
weightedThe weighted float bobbed gently on the rippling water.
tinyI saw a tiny float in the parade.
cylindricalThe cylindrical float was designed to stay vertical in the choppy waters.
eternalThe eternal float of the boat created an ethereal stillness on the lake.
submergedThe submerged float bobbed gently on the water's surface.
leastThe least float is the smallest positive number that can be represented in a given system.
constconst float a = 1.2;
greenWe watched the green float pass by in the parade.
richThe rich float could mean a strong rally next week.
slowThe kites slow float in the sky.
beautifulThe beautiful float glided gracefully through the water.
proneThe prone float is a swimming position where the swimmer lies face down on the water with their arms extended in front of them.
sphericalThe spherical float bobbed gently on the surface of the water.
longitudinalThe longitudinal float of the river was measured to be 10 kilometers.
starboardThe starboard float was damaged during the storm.
unresolvedHis unresolved float ran out of time.
mileThe mile float was a huge success, with thousands of people turning out to watch the parade.
easyThe easy float made the raft drift down the river.

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