Adjectives for Flow

Adjectives For Flow

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flow, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'flow' brings to mind the effortless movement of something from one point to another, yet the addition of adjectives can significantly alter its perception. A 'current flow' implies a direction and possibly a purpose, whereas a 'cerebral flow' delves into the realms of thought and intellect. A 'steady flow' evokes a sense of reliability and consistency, in contrast to a 'turbulent flow' that suggests chaos and unpredictability. The nuances these adjectives introduce are vast, touching on the physical, the abstract, and even the emotional states or processes. For a more in-depth exploration of how different adjectives color the concept of flow, revealing unique dimensions and insights, explore the full list below.
currentThe current flow through the resistor is 10 amps.
cerebralThe researchers found that the cerebral flow was significantly reduced in the patients with Alzheimer's disease.
continuousThe continuous flow of water from the faucet filled the bathtub.
turbulentThe turbulent flow of the river created a dangerous undercurrent.
laminarThe laminar flow of the liquid through the pipe was observed under a microscope.
renalThe increase in renal flow can result in over-filtration and damage to the renal tubules.
coronaryThe coronary flow is the flow of blood through the coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart.
constantThe water flows from the faucet in a constant flow
totalThe total flow is 100 gallons per minute.
normalThis is a completely normal flow in this river.
lowMy faucet has a low flow rate.
pulmonaryThe pulmonary flow waveform is characterized by a large V wave and a small A wave.
netThe net flow of resources out of the country exceeded the flow coming in.
regionalThe regional flow of funds is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.
bloodExcessive blood flow can cause the area to become swollen and painful.
dimensionalThe fluid exhibits a four-dimensional flow pattern.
smoothThe stream of water had a smooth flow downstream.
viscousLaminar flow is a type of viscous flow in which the fluid particles move in straight lines, parallel to the direction of flow.
plasticPlastic flow occurred in the material under the applied load.
uniformThe velocity distribution in a uniform flow is constant throughout the cross section.
meanThe mean flow of the river is 100 cubic meters per second.
maximumThe maximum flow through the network is 10 units.
liquidThe liquid flow is controlled by a valve.
averageThe average flow rate of the river was 100 cubic feet per second.
axialThe axial flow fan was used to cool the engine.
hepaticThe hepatic flow was normal on the CT scan.
rapidThe river's rapid flow cascaded over the rocks below.
arterialThe arterial flow to the brain was reduced.
adequateThe river had an adequate flow during the rainy season.
circularThe circular flow of the economy describes the continuous flow of goods, services, and money in the economy.
incompressibleIncompressible flow occurs when the density of the fluid remains constant throughout the flow.
annualThe annual flow of the river is about 100 cubic meters per second.
supersonicThe supersonic flow generated by the aircraft caused a sonic boom.
easyThe mathematician solved the problem with an easy flow of thought.
slowThe river has a slow flow
collateralThe collateral flow provides an alternative pathway for blood to reach the ischemic area.
unsteadyThe unsteady flow of the river made it difficult to cross.
myocardialMyocardial flow refers to the blood flow through the coronary arteries supplying the heart muscle.
upwardThe upward flow of the river carried the boat towards the waterfall.
uterineThe mother's uterine flow was studied to monitor the fetal heart rate.
wayThe way flow of water is from the mountains to the sea.
salivaryThe excessive salivary flow caused by the medication made it difficult to speak.
retrogradeThe retrograde flow of the planet occurs when it moves in the opposite direction of its normal orbit.
potentialPotential flow is a mathematical model for the flow of an inviscid fluid.
regularThe river maintained a regular flow throughout the year.
radialRadial flow was observed in the fluid dynamics experiment.
venousThe venous flow was reduced in the experimental group.
reverseThe reverse flow of water caused the mill to turn.
parallelThe two fluids move in parallel flow through the heat exchanger.
fluidThe fluid flow in the pipe was turbulent.
compressibleThis is a question about compressible flow
forwardThe blood pressure changes are mainly driven by flow pulsatility and forward flow
menstrualThis study evaluated the menstrual flow and hormonal changes in adolescent girls.
verticalThe vertical flow of the river carved a deep canyon through the rock.
excessiveThe excessive flow of water caused the river to overflow its banks.
minimumThe minimum flow rate was 10 gallons per minute.
peakThe peak flow was measured at 500 liters per minute.
portalThe portal flow was significantly increased in the experimental group.
uninterruptedThe river's uninterrupted flow had created a deep canyon over the centuries.
outwardThe outward flow of students from the countryside to the city continues.
downwardThe downward flow of water through the pipes was exceptionally strong.
opticalOptical flow techniques can be used to estimate the motion of objects in a scene.
secondarySecondary flow is a three-dimensional flow that is observed in curved channels and pipes.
heatThe heat flow from the earth's core to the surface is about 44 terawatts.
tidalThe tidal flow moved the boat back and forth.
pressureThe pressure flow hypothesis proposes that phloem sap is transported through plants due to pressure differences between the source and sink.
pulsatileThe pulsatile flow of blood through the arteries is essential for maintaining blood pressure.
peripheralThe peripheral flow of the economy is the movement of money and goods through the different sectors of the economy.
evenThe water in the river flowed with an even flow
massThe mass flow of the fluid is controlled by a valve.
systemicThe systemic flow of blood throughout the body is essential for maintaining homeostasis.
continualThe continual flow of water kept the pond filled.
capillaryThe capillary flow is a phenomenon of water movement in small tubes due to surface tension.
unidirectionalThe unidirectional flow of water kept the air fresh.

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