Adjectives for Flu

Adjectives For Flu

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flu, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'flu' can evoke a range of images and concerns, shaped significantly by the adjectives that precede it. Whether it's the 'Spanish flu' conjuring historical pandemics, the 'avian flu' prompting considerations of bird-to-human transmission, or the 'stomach' and 'intestinal flu' referring to gastrointestinal ailments, adjectives play a crucial role in specifying types and perceived severity. The inclusion of adjectives like 'Asian' and 'bad' further diversifies the context and emotional response elicited by the mention of flu. Each adjective not only paints a more vivid picture but also aids in understanding the variety and impact of flu on a global scale. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with the flu and the nuanced meanings they convey below.
spanishThe Spanish flu killed millions in the early twentieth century.
avianAvian flu is a highly contagious viral disease that can affect poultry and other birds.
asianThe Asian flu pandemic of 1957-1958 was caused by an influenza A virus of the H2N2 subtype.
intestinalI've been suffering from the intestinal flu for the past few days and it's been awful.
badI've been home with a bad flu all week.
gastricThe gastric flu can cause severe stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting.
blueI'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "blue flu".
pandemicThe pandemic flu is an event that has occurred throughout history.
severeI was out sick with a severe flu last week.
mildShe was only suffering from a mild flu
swineSwine flu is a respiratory disease caused by the type A H1N1 influenza virus.
terribleI'm suffering from a terrible flu and I can't go to work.
hourI had the hour flu
coldMy brother has been suffering from a bad cold flu for the past few days.
nastyI've been feeling under the weather with this nasty flu
seasonalThe seasonal flu can cause fever, chills, and muscle aches.
russianThe Russian flu was a particularly severe strain of influenza that caused a pandemic in 1889–1890.
deadlyThe deadly flu has spread throughout the region, causing widespread illness and death.
virulentThe virulent flu incapacitated the entire town, causing widespread illness and misery.
ordinaryThe ordinary flu is not as deadly as the Spanish flu was.
worstMy sister had the worst flu last year.
epidemicThe epidemic flu has spread throughout the city and is affecting thousands of people.
annualGet your annual flu shot today to protect yourself from the virus.
damnThe damn flu is making me miserable.
awfulI'm suffering from an awful flu that's left me feeling weak and miserable.
dayThe day flu left me feeling weak and achy.
gastrointestinalI was out sick with the gastrointestinal flu last week.
horribleI woke up with a horrible flu and had to stay home from work.
yuppieIt wasn't the flu he had, it was just a case of yuppie flu
dreadfulShe had been ill with a dreadful flu for a week.
slightI'm feeling a bit under the weather with a slight flu
violentThe violent flu kept me bedridden for a week.
equineThe horse was quarantined due to equine flu
incipientI am feeling the incipient flu coming on.
wretchedI've got the wretched flu and I feel terrible.
persistentThe persistent flu has been going around for weeks now.
blownThe flu has made me feel blown flu
debilitatingThe debilitating flu kept him home from work for several days.
bronchialBronchial flu is a type of influenza that affects the bronchi, which are the large airways in the lungs.
intentionalMy classmate gave me the intentional flu
contagiousThe contagious flu had spread to most students at school.
futuristicI can't believe I got the futuristic flu it's 2077, and we should have cured this by now!
gradeI'm feeling under the weather with the grade flu
maternalShe was diagnosed with maternal flu after giving birth.
mysteriousHe was lying in bed with a mysterious flu that made his body ache.
recurrentShe is going to the doctor because she has a recurrent flu
goddamnI'm stuck in bed with this goddamn flu
hogThe hog flu was a deadly pandemic that spread around the world in 2009.
felineThe cat developed a bad case of feline flu
infectiousThe infectious flu spread rapidly through the school.
devastatingThe devastating flu has caused widespread panic and illness throughout the city.
egyptianThat cold turned out to be the egyptian flu
feverishI tossed and turned in my bed with a feverish flu
dearestDearest flu I hope you're feeling better soon.

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