Adjectives for Fluid

Adjectives For Fluid

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fluid, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fluid can significantly alter the tone and specificity of your sentence. Whether it's the life-sustaining cerebrospinal fluid cushioning our brain and spinal cord, the protective amniotic fluid enveloping a fetus, or the synovial fluid lubricating our joints, each adjective unveils unique characteristics and functions. Mentioning clear fluid can imply purity and cleanliness, whereas extracellular fluid highlights its location outside cells. These adjectives, when paired with 'fluid', not only enrich our understanding but also refine our communication. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives applied to 'fluid' to embrace the nuances they bring.
cerebrospinalLumbar puncture is a procedure to obtain cerebrospinal fluid
amnioticThe amniotic fluid is a clear liquid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy.
extracellularThe extracellular fluid is the fluid that fills the spaces between cells.
synovialSynovial fluid lubricates and cushions the joints of the body.
clearThe clear fluid dripped from the pipette.
interstitialThe interstitial fluid surrounding the cells provides nutrients and removes waste products.
moreThe dance was more fluid than ever before.
serousThe serous fluid surrounding the heart is called pericardial fluid.
viscousThe viscous fluid flowed slowly through the pipe.
excessThere was excess fluid in her lungs.
pleuralThe pleural fluid was bloody and contained inflammatory cells.
electricThe electric fluid flowed through the wires.
peritonealThe peritoneal fluid was cloudy and contained a large number of white blood cells.
asciticThe accumulation of ascitic fluid in the abdomen can cause discomfort and swelling.
intracellularThe intracellular fluid is the fluid that is found inside the cells of the body.
freeThe imaging study revealed free fluid in the abdomen.
hydraulicThe hydraulic fluid used in the system is a high-quality synthetic oil that provides excellent lubrication and protection against wear.
tubularRemoval of metabolic waste products occurs in the kidneys and into a structure called tubular fluid
newtonianThe Newtonian fluid flowed smoothly through the pipe.
normalThis is a normal fluid that is not toxic.
wateryThe substance was a clear, watery fluid
thinThe thin fluid was flowing rapidly.
pericardialThe pericardial fluid was clear and straw-colored, with no evidence of inflammation or infection.
yellowThe yellow fluid leaked from the broken pipe.
subretinalSubretinal fluid is an accumulation of fluid beneath the retina.
thickThe thick fluid slowly oozed out of the container.
milkyThe milky fluid oozed out of the wound.
bloodyThe bloody fluid seeped out of the wound.
intravenousThe patient received intravenous fluid to maintain hydration.
lighterBe sure the grill is cool before adding lighter fluid
purulentThe wound was draining purulent fluid
prostaticAn analysis of prostatic fluid may reveal the presence of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) or other markers.
hotThe hot fluid quickly cooled in the cold air.
gastricGastric fluid helps to break down food and kill bacteria.
elasticThe elastic fluid expanded to fill the container.
transparentThe transparent fluid shimmered in the sunlight.
yellowishThe yellowish fluid leaked out of the broken pipe.
vitalBlood is a vital fluid in our body that carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells.
perfectThe perfect fluid has zero viscosity and infinite thermal conductivity.
coloredThe colored fluid flowed smoothly through the tubes.
compressibleThe fluid in the pipe is a compressible fluid meaning its density changes with pressure.
magneticThe magnetic fluid twisted and turned in response to the changing magnetic field.
idealThe ideal fluid is an incompressible and non-viscous fluid.
colorlessThe colorless fluid flowed slowly from the bottle.
cerebralThe cerebral fluid was extracted from the patient's spine.
alkalineThe alkaline fluid neutralized the acidic solution.
coelomicThe coelomic fluid bathes the internal organs and is involved in various physiological processes.
darkThe dark fluid swirled around the room, casting an eerie glow on the walls.
turbidThe turbid fluid made it difficult to see the bottom of the lake.
lessThe batter was less fluid than usual.
homogeneousThe homogeneous fluid filled the container to the brim.
viscidThe viscid fluid flowed slowly through the pipe.
stainedThe stained fluid seeped out of the wound.
bronchoalveolarThe bronchoalveolar fluid was analyzed for the presence of bacteria.
excessiveThe patient's excessive fluid intake led to fluid overload.
nervousHer nervous fluid was running down to her legs.
brownThe brown fluid dripped slowly down the wall.
stickyThe honey was so thick and sticky fluid that it was difficult to pour.
digestiveThe digestive fluid helped break down the food.
likeThe movements of the dancer were like fluid
allantoicThe allantoic fluid provides nourishment and protection for the developing embryo within the amniotic egg.
enoughThe patient was given enough fluid to maintain hydration.
gingivalThe gingival fluid was collected from the gingival sulcus.
supercriticalSupercritical fluid chromatography is a separation technique that uses a supercritical fluid as the mobile phase.
colouredThe coloured fluid swirled in the glass tube.
preciousThe precious fluid coursed through her veins, bringing life and sustenance.
intestinalThe intestinal fluid was analyzed for the presence of bacteria.
sterileThe sterile fluid was used to clean the wound.
albuminousThe albuminous fluid contained in many plant seeds provides essential nutrients for the developing embryo.
extraI drank extra fluid to stay hydrated during the hot weather.
aspiratedThe aspirated fluid was sent to the laboratory for analysis.
warmThe warm fluid flowed through the tube.
injectedThe injected fluid was clear and without color.
oilyThe oily fluid caused the part to jam.
luminalThe luminal fluid collected by the different methods was frozen until analyzed.
electricalThe electrical fluid coursed through the wires.
denseThe dense fluid was hard to pump through the pipe.

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