Adjectives for Flush

Adjectives For Flush

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flush, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective landscape around the noun 'flush' opens up a vivid spectrum of meanings and emotional tones. A 'first flush' of love can evoke the freshness and excitement of new beginnings, while a 'faint flush' suggests a barely perceivable hint of emotion or color. The term 'slight flush' often conveys a minimal yet noticeable presence, whether in terms of health or reaction. Moving deeper, a 'deep flush' can indicate a strong, overwhelming surge of feeling or a vibrant intensity of color. The warmth and intensity rise with a 'hot flush,' often associated with passion or physiological reactions. Lastly, a 'red flush' vividly paints both embarrassment and vitality in a single stroke. Each choice of adjective with 'flush' not only describes but also colors the context with specific nuances. For a richer understanding of 'flush' and its descriptive partners, delve into the full array of adjectives that follow.
firstThe first flush of color in the springtime sky is a sight to behold.
faintHer cheeks had a faint flush from the exertion.
slightHer face bore a slight flush of embarrassment.
deepThe toilet had a deep flush
hotI experienced a hot flush after eating spicy food.
redHer face had a red flush from the heat.
fullThe full flush of water was disappointingly strong.
suddenThe sudden flush of guilt washed over her.
hecticAn overwhelming stream of people filled the streets in a hectic flush
straightThe gambler had a straight flush so he won the pot.
pinkThe sunset cast a pink flush across the sky
royalHe was dealt a royal flush the highest possible hand in poker.
angryHer face took on an angry flush
rosyHer face took on a rosy flush from the exertion.
darkThe dark flush on his face was a sign of his anger.
brightHer face turned a bright flush from embarrassment.
warmThe wine sent a warm flush to his face.
quickThe quick flush of the toilet startled the cat.
crimsonThe crimson flush on her cheeks betrayed her embarrassment.
slowThe toilet had a slow flush and didn't seem to be draining properly.
dullThe bathroom's dull flush echoed eerily through the silent house.
malarThe malar flush on her face indicated that she was suffering from a fever.
softThe soft flush of color across the horizon signaled the approaching dawn.
initialThe initial flush of rain cleared the air.
purpleHer face had turned a purple flush
ciliaryThe ciliary flush protects the lungs from inhaled pollutants.
momentaryAs the bullet whizzed past her, Sarah experienced a momentary flush of fear.
feverishHe had a feverish flush on his cheeks.
vividHer face burst into a vivid flush
topThe top flush on the poker table was a winning hand.
paleHer face had a pale flush as if she had been crying.
facialHer hands and face were cold, except for a facial flush on her cheekbones.
deeperHer face turned a deeper flush
lovelyShe applied a lovely flush of colour to her cheeks.
guiltyHis face turned a guilty flush as he confessed to the crime.
painfulThe painful flush on his face could hardly be concealed.
ruddyThe child's face had a ruddy flush after playing outside in the cold.
prettyHer cheeks were pretty flush after her jog.
saline"Saline flush" refers to the use of a saline solution to cleanse a wound or body cavity.
bustedThe once-popular politician was now a busted flush
healthyThe baby's face had a healthy flush after the bath.
richThe rich flush of color on her cheeks was beautiful.
duskyHer face turned a dusky flush as she realized her mistake.
voidThe void flush allowed for a faster and more efficient toilet system.
faintestHer face turned a faintest flush at his words.
embarrassedHis cheeks burned with an embarrassed flush
gentleThe gentle flush of the toilet broke the silence of the bathroom.
circumscribedThe circumscribed flush of the cheeks was caused by a fever.
reddishHer face was covered with a reddish flush
unusualThe bathroom had an unusual flush that made a loud whooshing sound.
swiftWith a swift flush the water carried away the dirt.
bloomyThe bloomy flush of the trees was a welcome sight after the long winter.
telltaleHer telltale flush gave away her secret.
transientThe transient flush subsided quickly.
indignantHer indignant flush turned her face scarlet.
brilliantThe sun was setting in a brilliant flush of orange and red.
automaticThe automatic flush system in the public restroom was a bit too sensitive.
goldenThe leaves on the trees had turned to a golden flush
characteristicHer face flushed with its characteristic flush
purplishHer face had a purplish flush
bottomThe toilet has a bottom flush

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