Adjectives for Flux

Adjectives For Flux

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flux, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'flux' significantly enriches our understanding of various contexts, highlighting the dynamic or static nature of entities and phenomena. 'Magnetic flux' evokes the invisible yet palpable force fields, while 'total flux' encompasses an entirety, leaving no aspect unaccounted. 'Constant flux' speaks to the unchanging rate of change, a paradox that intrigues, and 'net flux' simplifies complexities into a singular, comprehensible figure. Exploring 'luminous' and 'radiant flux,' we delve into the world of light and energy, perceiving its intensity and warmth. Each adjective, serving as a prism, reveals unique colors of meaning in the concept of flux. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'flux' below and uncover the nuanced shades they bring to light.
magneticThe magnetic flux through the coil is 0.001 Wb.
totalThe total flux of the magnetic field across the surface is zero.
constantThe world is in a constant flux always changing and evolving.
netThe net flux of heat through the wall is 100 W.
luminousThe luminous flux of the LED emitted more than 12000 lumens.
radiantThe radiant flux of the sun is a measure of the power per unit area emitted by the sun.
solarLarge solar flares cause solar flux events that disrupt radio waves.
highThis novel catalyst enables the synthesis of nanomaterials at high flux
perpetualSurrounded by the perpetual flux of the ocean, the sailor found solace in the constant rhythm of the waves.
averageThe average flux of the high energy protons is above 0.01 GeV/cm2s
maximumThe maximum flux through the aperture was reached at 800 nm.
thermalThe thermal flux in the slab was 12 watts per square meter.
electricThe electric flux through the surface is zero.
criticalThe critical flux is the minimum heat flux required to prevent film boiling.
rayThe variations in the ray flux density might point to the fact that the variation in the flux during the day is less than the variation in the flux from one day to the next.
verticalThe vertical flux of turbulent kinetic energy in the bottom boundary layer is more intense compared to other regions of the water column near the coast.
continualThe world is in a continual flux always changing and evolving.
bloodyThe violent cramps and bloody flux were a brutal reminder of the harsh conditions they faced on the journey.
continuousThe universe is in a constant state of continuous flux
mainThe main flux was cut off during the operation, resulting in a system failure.
sensibleThe downward sensible flux is.
lightThe light flux of the bulb is 1200 lumens.
downwardThe downward flux of water in the soil was measured with a tensiometer.
resultantThe resultant flux was measured to be 0.5 W/m^2.
diffusiveThe diffusive flux of fluid is a function of concentration gradient.
uniformIn thermal radiation, uniform flux means that the radiation intensity is constant over the entire surface of a blackbody.
integratedThe wafer was annealed with integrated flux for 30 minutes at 850 °C.
upwardThe upward flux of water vapor increased significantly during the drought.
turbulentThe lake experienced turbulent flux due to the strong winds.
latentThe latent flux of water vapor from the soil surface was estimated using the Penman-Monteith equation.
heatThe heat flux at the surface of the sun is about 107 watts per square meter.
observedThe observed flux of the blazar is dominated by synchrotron emission.
usefulThe useful flux was measuring the frequency of the light waves.
meanThe mean flux varies fast and can reach up to 10^25 O2/cm2/s.
residualThe residual flux in the system was measured to be 0.05 W/m2.
eternalThe eternal flux of the river reminded her of the transient nature of all things.
massThe mass flux of the fluid was measured in kilograms per square meter per second.
convectiveThe convective flux is the transport of heat and mass by the movement of a fluid.
cosmicThe cosmic flux constantly bombards our planet with high-energy particles.
rapidThe rapid flux of the economy made it difficult to plan for the future.
steadyThe steady flux of people through the city center was a constant reminder of the city's vibrancy.
universalThe universal flux within quantum field theory references the idea that physical quantities come into and go out of existence.
glycolyticGlucose entry into glycolysis glycolytic flux( represents the rate-limiting step of the overall pathway.
annualThe annual flux of the ground is equal to the mean annual specific runoff of the basin.
externalThe external flux of the system was measured to be 100 W/m^2.
permeateThe permeate flux was measured at a constant temperature and pressure.
measuredThe measured flux of the reaction was 0.5 nmol/min/mg protein
ceaselessThe relentless river demonstrates the concept of ceaseless flux with its ever-changing waters.
outwardThe outward flux of the electromagnetic field around a current-carrying loop decreases as you move farther from the loop.
organicThe organic flux in the ecosystem has been altered due to human activities.
inwardThe inward flux of ions is an important factor in maintaining cell homeostasis.
suitableTo achieve the desired results, a suitable flux should be used.
globalThe global flux of carbon dioxide has been increasing steadily for decades.
temporalThe temporal flux between the past and the present was evident in the ruins.
liquidThe liquid flux was used to remove the oxides from the metal surface.
correspondingThe corresponding flux through the membrane is 0.0.
dynamicThe dynamic flux of the market made it difficult to predict the stock's performance.
stateThe state flux of the system is continually changing.
unidirectionalThe unidirectional flux of ions across the cell membrane creates an electrical potential.
excessThe excess flux may cause the combustion efficiency of the boiler to decrease.
heracliteanThe Heraclitean flux of the river's currents had always fascinated her.
trappedThe trapped flux is causing a disturbance in the magnetic field.
overallThe overall flux of the system is determined by the balance between the input and output fluxes.
incomingThe incoming flux of solar radiation is a key driver of the Earth's climate system.
conductiveThe conductive flux of the material is 0.5 S/m.
radiativeThe phenomenon that energy is transmitted in the form of photons is known as radiative flux
endlessThe endless flux of life swept her away, leaving only memories in its wake.
intenseThe intense flux of particles caused the material to glow.
ionicIonic flux is an essential part of cell function.
minimumThe research team observed minimum flux in the experimental group.

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