Adjectives for Flying

Adjectives For Flying

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing flying, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective-noun combination with 'flying' offers a vivid illustration of how variations in descriptions can dramatically alter perceptions. The term 'flying' itself conjures images of movement and freedom, yet when paired with adjectives such as 'kite', 'private', 'commercial', 'blind', 'high', and 'low', it delves into specific niches, each with its own set of expectations and experiences. A 'flying kite' evokes leisure and childhood joy, while 'flying commercial' shifts the focus to the more adult concerns of efficiency and comfort during air travel. The adjectives 'high' and 'low' further color these experiences with levels of altitude or perhaps metaphorically, quality and expectation. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'flying' to understand the nuanced meanings they bring.
kiteThe children enjoyed kite flying in the park.
commercialCommercial flying has seen a dramatic increase in the past decade.
blindThe pilot expertly navigated the aircraft through blind flying conditions with ease and precision.
lowThe low flying plane was barely visible in the thick fog.
militaryThe pilot had years of experience in military flying
operationalThe squadron achieved and maintained a high level of operational flying effectiveness.
actualThe actual flying was delayed due to a technical glitch.
civilThe civil flying industry is a heavily regulated industry.
altitudeThe pilot adjusted the plane's altitude flying over the mountains.
instrumentThe pilot was proficient in instrument flying
civilianThe civilian flying was restricted after the airspace violation.
realThe pilot's years of experience gave him real flying confidence.
freeThe birds were free flying in the sky.
countryThe country flying through the air was breathtaking.
distanceThe distance flying is too long for a small bird.
acrobaticThe skilled pilot amazed us with acrobatic flying during the airshow.
personalI always dreamed about my personal flying drone.
normalThe plane was flying at its normal flying altitude.
ordinaryThe aircraft buzzed and darted with ordinary flying
practicalI'm eager to start practical flying and experience the thrill of soaring through the sky.
internationalThe international flying conditions were perfect.
experimentalThe pilot's experimental flying skills allowed him to land the plane safely.
nightThe plane took off into the night flying towards the west.
dangerousThe dangerous flying saw just missed his head.
slowThe slow flying airplane glided gracefully through the air.
transatlanticShe dreamed of a future when transatlantic flying was a reality.
recreationalThe pilot enjoyed recreational flying on weekends.
smoothThe flight attendant announced that it would be a smooth flying experience.
routineThe routine flying has kept the aircraft pilots engaged and proficient.
activeThe active flying of the plane was an impressive sight.
continuousThe birds are in continuous flying mode.
navalThe naval flying has been an effective way to protect the coastal areas.
rangeFighter jets were range flying over the city.
wartimeI was fascinated by tales of wartime flying from my grandfather.
regularShe was in regular flying competition.
northernThe northern flying squirrel is a small, nocturnal rodent that lives in coniferous forests.
successfulThe team celebrated their successful flying experiment.
constantThe constant flying of birds amazes me.
recklessThe pilot's reckless flying endangered the lives of his passengers.
aerobaticThe pilots performed breathtaking aerobatic flying maneuvers.
pigeonThe pigeon flying through the window looked majestic.
transoceanicTransoceanic flying is the most efficient way to travel long distances over water.
instructionalI enjoyed my instructional flying experience as an opportunity to learn more about aviation.
swiftThe bird's swift flying amazed me.
yogicDuring the festival, yogis performed incredible feats of yogic flying
frequentFrequent flying has become a way of life for many business travelers.
testThe engineers are busy test flying the new aircraft.
dayThe pilot was used to day flying but this was only his second night flight.
supersonicThe test flight exceeded supersonic flying
accurateThe pilot's accurate flying ensured a smooth landing.
happyLook up in the sky to see happy flying birds!
visualVisual flying was permitted for the remaining portion of the approach.
competitiveCompetitive flying requires advanced techniques and precise maneuvering.
comfortableThe comfortable flying experience made the long journey bearable.
strangeI saw a strange flying in the sky last night.
corporateAccountants were skeptical, and The Concorde did little to change their opinions regarding corporate flying
roughThe rough flying made the passengers nauseous.
busyBees are busy flying around the hive.
tacticalThe pilot's tactical flying maneuvered the aircraft into a position that gave it an advantage over the enemy.
skillfulThe pilot's skillful flying saved the passengers during the storm.
polarPolar flying is a fun hobby to take up in Alaska.
halfThe kite soared through the air, half flying and half dancing.
saferWith autopilot, safer flying is more possible than ever.
preciseThe pilot's precise flying skills enabled the plane to land safely in crosswinds.
downThe eagle was down flying towards its prey.
lineThe kite soared through the sky, its line flying out behind it.

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