Adjectives for Focus

Adjectives For Focus

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing focus, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'focus' can subtly alter the meaning and intensity of your message. Whether it's a 'primary focus,' emphasizing its role as the first point of attention, or a 'sharp focus,' highlighting precision and clarity, each adjective brings its own flavor and nuance. A 'central focus' places it at the heart of discussion, whereas a 'principal focus' marks it as the leading or most important aspect. The adjectives 'main' and 'major' both signify significance but vary in the weight they carry. Navigating these subtle differences can enhance your communication, making it more precise and impactful. Dive into the full list of adjectives to discover how they can further refine your expression of 'focus'.
primaryThe primary focus of the meeting was to discuss the company's financial performance.
mainOur main focus is on providing excellent customer service.
majorThe organization's major focus was on providing job training to underprivileged youth.
centralThe central focus of the meeting was to discuss the new company strategy.
principalThe principal focus of the research was on the development of new materials.
sharpThe photographer adjusted the lens to achieve a sharp focus on the distant landscape.
particularThe review paid particular focus to the film's cinematography.
narrowThis is a very narrow focus
specialThe company was given a special focus on developing new software.
specificHer specific focus was on the development of new technologies.
clearI have a clear focus on my goals.
sharperTo get clear images, I fine-tuned the camera with a sharper focus
strongThe principal's orders carried a strong focus on academic excellence.
exclusiveThe team's exclusive focus was on winning the championship.
initialThe initial focus of the research was on the development of new materials.
greaterWe must ensure that we can adapt to the rapidly changing environment with greater focus
currentThe current focus of the research is on developing new materials.
properThe photographer ensured proper focus on the subject of the picture.
primeThe telescope has a prime focus of 10 meters.
traditionalHer traditional focus is on the role of women in society.
softThe soft focus created a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere.
intenseHe handled the difficult situation with intense focus
strategicThe strategic focus of the company has been on expanding into new markets.
keyThe key focus of the project is to develop a new algorithm for image processing.
deepI engaged in deep focus when working on the project.
soleThe team's sole focus was on winning the championship.
explicitThe explicit focus of the presentation was on the importance of customer service.
clearerWith a clearer focus she was able to finish the project quickly.
attentionalShe maintained her attentional focus on the task at hand.
regionalThe company has a strong regional focus on the Midwest.
dominantThe dominant focus of the presentation was on the company's financial performance.
chiefThe chief focus of the meeting was on the company's financial performance.
termThis term focus is on the importance of education.
epilepticThe epileptic focus was localized to the left temporal lobe.
narrowerThe narrower focus allows for a deeper understanding of the subject.
broaderThe study's broader focus included data from a wider range of sources.
visualA visual focus on aesthetics and composition brings captivating images to life.
analyticalThe team's analytical focus on customer data led to improved marketing campaigns.
ectopicThe ectopic focus was located in the left lower quadrant of the abdomen.
sociologicalThe research team analyzed the data with a sociological focus on the intersection of race, class, and gender.
singularThe team worked with singular focus to complete the project.
tuberculousConcerning the tuberculous focus in the left lung, the patient has recently had a hemoptysis.
strongerThe stronger focus enabled her to achieve her goals.

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