Adjectives for Focusing

Adjectives For Focusing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing focusing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe focusing can greatly alter the nuance of your sentence, revealing not just the kind of focus, but its intensity and origin. For instance, isoelectric focusing introduces a scientific precision, whereas self focusing invokes an inward, personal process. Magnetic focusing brings a sense of natural, irresistible attraction, contrasting with double focusing, which may suggest a multifaceted approach. Electrostatic focusing hints at a high level of control and precision, and strong focusing emphasizes the power behind the action. Each adjective, specific and vivid, layers additional meaning onto the base noun, enriching the context. Discover the full spectrum of possibilities in our comprehensive list below.
isoelectricIsoelectric focusing is a method used to separate proteins based on their isoelectric point.
doubleThe telescope's double focusing system provided a clear and detailed image of the distant star.
electrostaticThe electrostatic focusing was used to concentrate the ion beam
strongThe strong focusing lens magnified the distant galaxy.
capillaryThe decrease in size of the microfluidic channel promotes capillary focusing of the particles and facilitates the alignment of the particles in the channel.
periodicThe periodic focusing of the laser beam ensures a uniform distribution of energy across the sample.
preparativePreparative focusing allows one to isolate the heavy metal complexes of interest from a crude sample.
lightLight focusing is a technique used to concentrate light onto a specific target.
selectiveThe photographer used selective focusing to highlight the main subject of the photo.
gradientThe droplets were focused and separated by gradient focusing
conventionalThe camera used conventional focusing to take the picture.
currentThe engineer is using current focusing to reduce beam divergence.
criticalThe camera's critical focusing system allowed for precise image capture even in low-light conditions.
singleThe microscopes permit single focusing
summaryThe summary focusing on the key points of the article is provided below.
attentionThe speaker's attention focusing on the main points captivated the audience.
hydrodynamicHydrodynamic focusing is a microfluidic technique that is used to focus a sample stream in a microchannel.
magnetThe microscope uses magnet focusing to ensure a clear and sharp image.
finalAlthough the beam has a narrow emittance before entering the final focusing system, its size in the interaction point is much larger, typically of the order of tens of micrometers.
fineThe fine focusing knob on the microscope allows for precise adjustment of the image.
phasePhase focusing is a technique for improving the resolution of an optical microscope.
cultureThe museum provides a rich culture focusing on contemporary art.
electromagneticElectromagnetic focusing can be used to separate particles based on their mass-to-charge ratio.
dynamicDynamic focusing allows an image to be taken at multiple depths of a 3-D specimen without mechanically moving the focus plane.
goalGoal focusing can help you achieve your objectives.
conclusionsConclusions focusing on the relationship between concepts were most common.

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