Adjectives for Folding

Adjectives For Folding

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing folding, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'folding' carries with it a world of precision and nuance, largely influenced by the adjectives that precede it. Descriptors such as 'proper' and 'correct' evoke a sense of meticulous care and specificity, ensuring that the folding process meets exact standards. 'Intense' folding might conjure images of rigorous, repeated actions, often required in crafts or physical tasks. A 'little' fold adds a minimalistic, subtle touch, perhaps in origami or fabric design. The term 'isoclinal' introduces a scientific precision, referring to folds with parallel limbs, commonly used in geological contexts. Lastly, 'complex' folding speaks to the intricate patterns and techniques that challenge and fascinate. Each adjective opens a new dimension to folding, illustrating the depth and variety of this seemingly simple action. Dive into a comprehensive exploration of adjectives enriching the world of folding below.
properFolding proteins into their proper folding pattern is a challenging task.
intenseThe intense folding of the strata suggests a complex geological history.
littleThe letter was written on a little folding sheet of paper.
correctThe correct folding of proteins is essential for cellular function.
isoclinalThe isoclinal folding style is a characteristic of ductile deformation.
complexThe sheets' complex folding made it difficult to spread them on the bed.
strongThe climber needed to do strong folding of her fingers to hold on to the tiny grips.
minorThe minor folding of the paper created a crisp edge.
extensiveThe extensive folding of the protein allows it to fit inside the cell membrane.
gentleThe gentle folding of origami creates intricate designs.
localThe local folding of the protein was studied using circular dichroism spectroscopy.
tightThe climbers struggled up the tight folding and narrow chimney.
scaleThe carpenter is scale folding
subsequentThe subsequent folding of the paper created a sharp crease.
recumbentThe seat back is adjustable to provide a wide range of recumbent folding positions.
dimensionalThe quantum computer's ability to perform dimensional folding opened up new possibilities for space travel.
tertiaryThe tertiary folding of the protein stabilizes its structure.
majorThe map had major folding
closeThe chair's compact design allows for close folding
simpleThis origami uses simple folding to achieve its elegant design.
alpineThe Earth's surface is characterized by various geological processes, one of which is alpine folding which results in the formation of mountain ranges.
mainThe main folding was completed yesterday.
similarThe proteins were analyzed with similar folding properties.
secondaryThe secondary folding of proteins is a crucial process in determining their overall structure and function.
intensiveThe art of origami involves intensive folding of paper to create intricate figures.
hercynianThe Hercynian folding was a significant geological event that occurred during the Paleozoic Era.
muchTrying to cram too much folding into a confined space is not advisable.
lateDue to late folding proteins do not attain their proper tertiary structure.
openKeep the door open folding
slightThe slight folding of the paper made it difficult to read.
regionalThe process of creating folds in a region is called regional folding
disharmonicThe disharmonic folding of the fabric created an unappealing aesthetic to the garment.
longitudinalGenomic DNA was extracted from peripheral blood mononuclear cells and subjected to longitudinal folding fragmentation, ligation, PCR amplification, and sequencing.
sharpHe folded the paper with a sharp folding technique.
corticalThe cerebrum is an intricate structure containing billions of neurons, each of which can form trillions of connections with other neurons, resulting in an extensive network of cortical folding
anticlinalThe layer of rock is bent into anticlinal folding
complicatedOrigami is a unique art that requires complicated folding to create intricate and beautiful paper designs.
normalThe sample passed the normal folding test.
concentricScientists have discovered the first evidence of concentric folding in the brain.
considerableThe core of the neutron star is composed of neutrons with considerable folding
regularThe regular folding of origami helps to improve focus and concentration.
broadThe broad folding river flowed lazily through the meadow.
abnormalResearch indicated that prolonged abnormal folding and retention of the G protein in the endoplasmic reticulum underlies the clinical manifestation.
mediatedThe mediated folding of proteins is a complex process that is essential for the proper function of many proteins.
rapidThe rapid folding of the laundry helped me get it done quickly.
ptygmaticThe fossil had fine ptygmatic folding indicating that it had been subjected to intense pressure.
improperThe researcher is convinced that the formation of a supramolecular polymer was due to an improper folding of the protein.
intricateThe delicate flower revealed its intricate folding as it slowly bloomed.
overallOverall folding and topography of the G-quadruplexes in i-motif promoter are essential for the antitumor effects.
severeThe high temperatures caused severe folding of the metal.
optimalThe baker utilized optimal folding techniques to create multilayered croissants.
caledonianThe Caledonian folding occurred during the Silurian period and resulted in the formation of the Caledonian Mountains.
initialThe table was made with an initial folding then painted.
cellularCellular folding proteins ensure quality control within all eukaryotes.
inwardThe petals of the flower exhibited an inward folding as they closed for the night.
irregularThe irregular folding of the protein was caused by a mutation.
embryonicEmbryonic folding is a complex process that involves the formation of the embryo's body plan.
multipleThe origami crane had multiple folding steps to complete.
laramideThe Laramide folding refers to compression and thickening during the Rocky mountain orogeny.
oxidativeOxidative folding is a crucial process in the biogenesis and quality control of secretory and membrane proteins.
appalachianThe Appalachian folding occurred during the Paleozoic era and created the Appalachian Mountains.
excessiveThe excessive folding of the laundry caused wrinkles.
parallelThe parallel folding of the fabric created a pleasing effect.
incorrectOur smiles are like flowers, beautiful even in their incorrect folding
assistedThe elderly patients assisted folding the linens.
characteristicThe characteristic folding and the cancellation of gluons in the Wilson loop are the main characteristics of confinement.
shearShear folding involves the deformation of rock under compressive stress.
molecularMolecular folding is a fascinating and complex process that is essential for the function of proteins.
spontaneousThe spontaneous folding of the protein occurred in less than a minute.
partialShe read the book with partial folding
markedThe old map had marked folding lines.
extremeThe extreme folding of the protein made it difficult to determine its structure.
efficientThe campers used an efficient folding technique to pack their tents.
intramolecularThe protein's intramolecular folding allowed it to function properly.

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