Adjectives for Folks

Adjectives For Folks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing folks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe folks can profoundly impact the tone and impression of your sentence. Whether emphasizing their age with old or young, specifying demographic with white or other, or quantifying with most or many, each word adds a unique layer of nuance. These descriptors not only paint a more vivid picture in the reader's mind but also convey deeper context and connections to broader societal discussions. Understanding the subtle distinctions between these adjectives can elevate your writing, making it more precise and engaging. For a comprehensive exploration of the most fitting adjectives to complement folks, discover the full list below.
whiteThe white folks down the street are having a party.
oldOld folks have a wealth of knowledge and experience.
youngThe young folks were excited about the upcoming trip.
otherI need to ask other folks for their opinions.
mostMost folks were pleased with the outcome of the election.
manyMany folks attended the meeting yesterday.
goodI'm grateful for all the good folks in my life.
blackBlack folks are a diverse group of people with a rich culture and history.
poorThe poor folks had to fend for themselves.
littleThe little folks were having a picnic in the park.
olderThe older folks enjoyed the afternoon playing cards.
coloredColored folks have always been an important part of our community.
richThe rich folks in the neighborhood threw a lavish party last night.
ordinaryThe ordinary folks of the town were known for their kindness and hospitality.
commonThe common folks were excited to celebrate the holidays.
plainShe used 'plain folks' language to connect with her audience.
fineI had the pleasure of meeting some fine folks at the gathering.
honestHonest folks don't need to promise much.
niceIt's always nice to meet nice folks in the neighborhood.
sickThe doctor visited the sick folks in the hospital.
simpleThe simple folks were kind and welcoming.
ruralThe rural folks were friendly and welcoming.
decentThe vast majority of the people at the party were decent folks
youngerThe younger folks were more interested in the new technology.
regularRegular folks were in attendance at the event.
deadI'm not sure what you mean by 'dead folks'.
dearDear folks I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.
friendlyI was greeted by friendly folks at the local coffee shop.
elderlyThe elderly folks sat on the porch, reminiscing about the old days.
gentleThe gentle folks in the town were always willing to help those in need.
respectableThe respectable folks of the town were invited to the mayor's ball.
grandThe grand folks left the bustling city behind for a peaceful life in the countryside.
mindedI'm always happy to chat with like-minded folks and learn from their perspectives.
humbleThe humble folks extended a welcoming smile to the strangers.
smartI like to surround myself with smart folks
wiseWise folks have long understood the importance of a well-rounded education.
classI'm so glad to see all my class folks here today.
grownThe grown folks sat around the table talking about their day.
wonderfulI'm so grateful for the wonderful folks in my life.
hungryHungry folks waited patiently for a meal.
everydayEveryday folks faced a range of challenges in the tumultuous year.
elderElder folks deserve our utmost respect and care.
quietThe quiet folks were often overlooked, but their observations were always keen.
queerThe queer folks marched in the parade with pride.
madI've met a lot of mad folks in my time.
worthyThe worthy folks at the charity organization have been working tirelessly to help those in need.
innocentThe innocent folks were caught in the crossfire of the battle.
wealthyWealthy folks were able to afford the expensive paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.
sensibleSensible folks realize the importance of planning for the future.
workingThe working folks deserve a decent wage.
cleverClever folks find creative solutions to complex problems.
piousThe pious folks often gathered at the temple to pray.
agedThe aged folks in the community often gather at the senior center.
colouredThe coloured folks in the neighbourhood were very friendly.
gayGay folks are entitled to the same rights as everyone else.
retiredThe retired folks gathered in the park for their weekly game of bocce ball
oleMy grandpa told me ole folks used to say 'speak when you're spoken to'
homeI'm going to visit my home folks this weekend.

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