Adjectives for Foot

Adjectives For Foot

Explore our comprehensive guide to the most common adjectives for 'foot', including 'right', 'left', 'cubic', and 'front'. Each adjective is presented in context with a sentence to enhance understanding. Perfect for writers and language enthusiasts seeking precise descriptions.

rightHe stepped forward with his right foot
leftI stumbled and fell, landing on my left foot with a sharp pain.
cubicThe cubic foot is a unit of volume in the imperial system.
frontHe played the front foot confidently.
squareThe carpet is 10 square foot
linearThe linear foot is a unit of length equal to 12 inches.
bestI always try to put my best foot forward when meeting new people.
wrongThe unexpected news caught me on the wrong foot
flatHe has a flat foot which is a common problem in children.
hindThe dog lifted its hind foot to scratch its ear.
veryShe was very foot sore after the long hike.
diabeticThe patient has a diabetic foot ulcer.
clovenThe devil's cloven foot was visible in the flames.
rearThe batter had a good rear foot
backThe batter was caught on his back foot and was bowled.
bootedHe kicked the door down with his booted foot
heavyHe has got a heavy foot on the gas.
injuredHe limped painfully, favoring his injured foot
oppositeI tripped and fell on my opposite foot
lameThe lame foot made it difficult for him to walk.
forwardThe batter hit a ground ball with his forward foot
soreI have a sore foot from walking all day.
lightShe tiptoed through the house with a light foot
nearestThe flagpole is 20 feet tall to the nearest foot
easternThe climber scaled the eastern foot of the mountain.
tinyThe tiny foot stepped into the shoe.
fourthThe horse kicked its fourth foot up into the air.
muscularHer muscular foot sprang into action, kicking the ball with precision.
fifthThe dog ran on its fifth foot
superficialThe podiatrist noticed a superficial foot abrasion on the patient's plantar surface.
metricalThe poem is written in iambic pentameter, a type of metrical foot that consists of five iambs.
brokenI had to wear a cast for six weeks due to a broken foot
affectedThe doctor examined the patient's affected foot
clubThe doctor diagnosed the baby with club foot
outsideThe player kicked the ball with the outside foot
prettyHe admired the dancer's pretty foot as she gracefully moved across the stage.
circularThe table has a circular foot
deformedThe deformed foot made it difficult for him to walk.
shodThe shod foot of the horse was making loud noise on the road.
weakThe player's weak foot hindered his ability to shoot accurately.
insideThe midfielder received the ball with his inside foot and drove towards the goal.
firmShe stood with a firm foot on the ground.
swollenMy swollen foot prevented me from walking.
slenderShe had slender foot
armedThe guard raised his armed foot preparing to kick down the door.
shapedMy new shoes have a boat-shaped foot.
daintyThe dancer stood on her dainty foot balancing perfectly.
goutyI limped along with my gouty foot
archedThe arched foot bridge stretched across the river.
fiveThe bookshelf was five foot tall.
neuropathicThe recent amputation of his neuropathic foot was described as "a blessing" by the patient, who was in great pain.

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