Adjectives for Footage

Adjectives For Footage

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing footage, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe footage can significantly impact the reader's understanding and interest. Whether it's square footage that quantifies an area, documentary footage that adds authenticity to a narrative, or original and archival footage which provides historical insights, each term serves a unique purpose. The adjective total may speak to the completeness of a collection, whereas actual footage emphasizes genuine, unedited visuals. Understanding these nuances enriches the context and enhances the viewer's experience. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'footage' to grasp the diverse perspectives and interpretations they can convey.
squareThe square footage of the house is 1,200.
documentaryThe documentary footage captured the devastating aftermath of the natural disaster.
totalThe total footage of the film is 120 minutes.
originalThe original footage of the movie was lost in a fire.
archivalThe documentary includes archival footage from the 1960s civil rights movement.
actualThe news report included actual footage of the accident.
rawThe raw footage of the accident was too graphic to be shown on the news.
liveWe watched the live footage of the game with excitement.
oldThe old footage from the security camera was not clear enough to identify the suspect
moreI can't wait to see the more footage of the new movie.
videoThe video footage was used as evidence in court.
additionalThe additional footage provided valuable insights into the event.
muchMuch footage has been taken of the event.
enoughWe have enough footage to make a documentary.
historicalThe documentary used historical footage to illustrate the events of the past.
cubicThe cubic footage of the room is 1000 cubic feet.
whiteThe white footage was too bright to see the details of the face.
dramaticThe dramatic footage shows the moment the building collapsed.
extraThe extra footage from the film was released on DVD.
actionThe action footage was so intense that I felt like I was right there in the middle of the battle.
rareThe documentary contained rare footage of the elusive snow leopard.
uneditedThe unedited footage revealed a shocking twist in the case.
archiveI enjoyed watching the archive footage of the historic event.
silentThe silent footage captured the raw emotions of the crowd.
frontThe front footage of the house was expansive.
grainyThe grainy footage captured the tense moments during the altercation.
usableThe usable footage was analyzed to determine the best course of action.
graphicThe graphic footage of the accident was too disturbing to watch.
grossThe gross footage of a film is the total running time, including credits.
shotThe cameraman captured the championship game in stunning 4K shot footage
aerialThe aerial footage captured the extent of the damage from the storm.
linearThe linear footage of the new carpet is 100 feet.
extensiveThe documentary showed extensive footage of the expedition.
foundThe found footage from the missing hikers revealed their gruesome fate.
averageThe camera captured average footage of the incident.
availableUnfortunately, there is no available footage of the incident.
excellentThe excellent footage caught the thief in the act.
spectacularThe documentary featured spectacular footage of the African savanna.
unusedThe unused footage was recently discovered in an old storage locker.
authenticThe documentary featured authentic footage of the historic event.
exclusiveThe reporter showed exclusive footage of the rescue mission.
scenesOur production team will stitch all of the scenes footage together in the edit suite.
netThe net footage of the movie is 120 minutes.
contemporaryThe lecture included contemporary footage of silent movies.
historicScholars study historic footage to gain insights into past events.
underwaterThe team released stunning underwater footage of the Great Barrier Reef.
amateurThe amateur footage clearly showed the suspect fleeing the scene.
digitalThe digital footage captured the entire event.
lessThe director had less footage to work with after the cuts.
editedThe edited footage was used to create a compelling documentary.
interestingI watched the interesting footage of the car chase.
excitingI couldn't take my eyes off the exciting footage of the race.
visualMedia organizations use visual footage to inform and engage their audiences.
valuableInvestigators managed to retrieve valuable footage from the security cameras.
roughThe rough footage captured the intense moments of the accident.
maximumThe security camera had captured the maximum footage of the crime.
remarkableAstonishing scientists recently discovered remarkable footage of an unidentified flying object.
videotapedThe police discovered crucial videotaped footage of the suspect at the crime scene.
famousThe famous footage was widely shared on social media.
endlessThe security camera captured endless footage of the suspect's movements.
excessWe have excess footage and we would like to share it with the public.
exploratoryThe production crew captures exploratory footage for use during post-production editing.
ethnographicThe ethnographic footage provided valuable insights into the cultural practices of the community.
extraordinaryThe documentary contained extraordinary footage of the endangered species in their natural habitat.
wonderfulWe have collected a wonderful footage of the event.
exactThe exact footage of the incident was not captured on the security camera.
unwantedWe apologize for the presence of any unwanted footage in the broadcast.
rentableThe building has over 100,000 square feet of rentable footage
addedThe director decided to put the added footage in the sequel fearing that it would make the film too long.
qualityThe production team captured quality footage of the event for later use.

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