Adjectives for Forbes

Adjectives For Forbes

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing forbes, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

When it comes to the prestigious designation of 'Forbes,' adjectives play a pivotal role in sculpting the narrative. The word 'late' evokes a sense of loss and remembrance of those who once made a mark. 'Young' and 'old' contrast the fresh, innovative faces against the seasoned, experienced stalwarts in Forbes listings, highlighting a spectrum of achievement and wisdom. The 'poor' and 'general' descriptors may seem less common but serve to emphasize the diverse financial backgrounds and broad categories represented. 'Former' signifies a transition, acknowledging past achievements while hinting at future potential. Each adjective weaves a unique story around the entities and personalities gracing Forbes, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of success. Dive deeper into how these adjectives illuminate different dimensions below.
youngMeet ten of the college athletes making the Forbes Under 30 list this year for young forbes
oldOld forbes was a kind and wise old man.
poorPoor forbes was left alone in the house.
generalGeneral forbes led the British army to victory at the Battle of Culloden.
formerJohn Smith, a former forbes employee, is now the CEO of a successful tech company.
ogilvieOgilvie forbes is a Scottish author.
britishBritish forbes is a financial magazine that covers business and investing in the United Kingdom.
patronPatron forbes is a wealthy businessman and philanthropist.
celebratedElon Musk, celebrated forbes magazine's person of the year in 2021, is an innovator and entrepreneur.
dearDear forbes I am writing to you today to express my concern about the recent article that you published about my company.
presidentialIt's the presidential forbes they're astronauts in the streets and oh god what's that.
americanAccording to American forbes the number of Bitcoin millionaires has increased by 30% in the past year.
wealthyThe wealthy forbes family has been in the news lately.
holmesHolmes forbes is a private investment firm based in Boston.
seventhThe Seventh forbes is a magazine that features the world's billionaires.
missMiss forbes is a very nice person.
republicanRepublican forbes was not a socialist.
scottishThe Scottish forbes family were a prominent clan in the northeast of Scotland.
eighthThe eighth forbes rich list was published in 1984.
brigadierBrigadier forbes was a highly decorated war hero.
loyalLoyal forbes was a trusted companion who remained steadfast in his support.
blindBlind forbes was a well-known figure in the community.
fernqvistFernqvist forbes is a global leader in the field of executive search.
presidentPresident forbes has been in office for two years.
honourableThe queen appointed honourable forbes to the role of governor-general of the Cook Islands.
wilcanniaMalcolm Wilcannia forbes was an American entrepreneur, publisher, and art collector.
sixteenthThe youngest billionaire on the sixteenth forbes list is Kylie Jenner.
echtecht forbes ist eine Art von Schinken.
birgeBirge forbes was an American businessman and philanthropist.
radicisThe Radicis forbes is a species of flowering plant in the family Orchidaceae.
compareCompare Forbes' methodology to other sources to verify its accuracy.
sturgisSturgis forbes is a famous businessman.
gallantThe gallant forbes was a fearless warrior.
sixthThe sixth forbes magazine cover featured Lebanese-American businessman Carlos Ghosn.
coryCory forbes is a famous basketball player.
braveBrave forbes is a brave man.
lamentedHe lamented Forbes' timing, and the politician saw his chance.
coriCori forbes is a talented and inspiring woman who has made a significant impact on the world.
starfishStarfish forbes is an award-winning science writer.
deceasedDeceased forbes made his debut with "For Your Eyes Only".
16thThe 16th Forbes' list was recently released.
youthful"Youthful Forbes", a boy's magazine in the early 20th century, was published by the same company that produced Forbes magazine.
fourthHe was ranked fourth forbes of all time.
historianHistorian forbes has a deep passion for uncovering the hidden truths of the past.
handsomeHe is indeed handsome forbes
garnettiGarnetti forbes is a very common name.
observedThe national bureau of economic research observed forbes to talk about the fall in the stock prices.
secSec forbes gave his speech about the importance of investing in renewable energy resources.
houstonHouston forbes is a prominent financial journalist and author.
veritableHe is a veritable forbes in the world of business.
eleventhFor other uses, see eleventh forbes
corporalThe corporal was charged with robbery and corporal forbes
avecJ'ai rendez-vous avec forbes dans une heure.

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