Adjectives for Force

Adjectives For Force

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing force, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe force can drastically alter the tone and implication of a sentence. Whether it's a military force that evokes images of discipline and strategy, a full force that conveys completeness and intensity, or a large force suggesting sheer volume, each adjective brings its own nuance. Describing a force as whole unites, while calling it powerful underscores its strength and potential impact. An armed force, on the other hand, introduces the element of weaponry and possibly confrontation. Exploring these adjectives in context offers a rich palette for expression and understanding. Discover more adjectives and the unique shades of meaning they add to 'force' below.
militaryThe military force was deployed to quell the unrest.
fullThe wind hit the sail with full force propelling the boat forward at a rapid speed.
largeA large force pulled me back.
wholeThe entire plan swung into action with whole force
powerfulThe mighty storm roared with a powerful force uprooting trees and smashing buildings in its wake.
armedThe armed force was deployed to quell the unrest.
strongThe strong force binds protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of an atom.
physicalThe physical force of the wind blew the tree over.
electromotiveThe electromotive force of the battery is 12 volts.
mainThe main force of the army charged into battle.
totalThe total force acting on the object is 10 Newtons.
centrifugalThe centrifugal force pushed the rider outward as the car rounded the curve.
greaterThe wind pushed with greater force as the storm approached.
vitalThe vital force held the oak tree upright in the storm.
superiorThe superior force of the storm uprooted ancient trees.
navalThe naval force surrounded the enemy ship, cutting off its escape route.
britishThe British force fought bravely against the enemy.
externalThe external force of the wind pushed the tree over.
equalThe two teams fought with equal force
moralHer moral force was not enough to persuade the jury.
magneticThe nail was strongly attached to the magnet due to magnetic force
entireThe entire force of the storm was unleashed upon the city.
expeditionaryThe expeditionary force set out to explore the uncharted territory.
sufficientThe car's engine roared with sufficient force to make the ground tremble.
effectiveThe effective force was calculated through the integral of the power on the time duration.
gravitationalThe gravitational force between two objects is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
sheerThe sheer force of the hurricane uprooted trees and tore through buildings.
resultantThe resultant force of the two forces is equal to their vector sum.
dominantThe dominant force in the industry continues to be a major player.
creativeThe creative force within her soul blossomed into a masterpiece.
bindingThe provisions in the document served as a binding force among the parties.
activeThe active force of the wind pushed me forward.
overwhelmingThe army attacked with overwhelming force
irresistibleThe irresistible force of gravity pulled the apple down from the tree.
largerThe larger force exerted by the wind pushed the boat forward.
potentThe potent force of nature ravaged the land with an unstoppable fury.
dynamicThe dynamic force of the wind pushed the trees back and forth.
spiritualThe energy of life and the universe surged through her like a spiritual force guiding her actions and decisions.
nuclearThe nuclear force is the strongest of the four fundamental forces.
netThe net force acting upon the box is zero.
mechanicalThe mechanical force of the impact caused the vase to shatter
horizontalThe horizontal force applied to the object is 10 newtons.
electricThe electric force between two charges is proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
destructiveThe earthquake's destructive force left the city in ruins.
centripetalThe centripetal force is the force that keeps an object moving in a circular path.
tremendousThe explosion released tremendous force shattering windows and causing widespread damage.
maximumThe impact sent shockwaves through the building with maximum force
appliedThe applied force is directly proportional to the displacement.
unifyingThe shared love of music acted as a unifying force bringing people from all walks of life together.
constantThe constant force of the wind drove the sailboat forward.
coerciveThe government's coercive force was used to repress dissent.
formidableAmidst the chaos, the knights charged with formidable force shattering the enemy's defenses.
axialThe axial force on the beam caused it to bend slightly.
frictionalThe car's wheels screeched against the road as the frictional force slowed its progress.
excessiveThe police used excessive force during the arrest.
motiveThe motive force behind his actions was a desire for revenge.
strikingThe submarine was a part of the nation's naval striking force
verticalThe vertical force acting on the object was equal to its weight.
revolutionaryThe people's movement was a revolutionary force that changed the political landscape.
enoughThe ball was hit with enough force to break the window.

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