Adjectives for Forces

Adjectives For Forces

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing forces, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe forces can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence, enriching it with finer nuances. Using armed or military emphasizes a context of defense or conflict, pointing specifically to the capability and preparation for combat. The adjective social, on the other hand, shifts the focus towards societal impact or collective movement, invoking a sense of community or reform. Descriptors like british and american specify nationality, adding layers of cultural or geopolitical implications, while external might suggest outside influence or intervention. Each choice paints a unique picture, revealing the complex dimensions of forces in different scenarios. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with forces and explore the worlds they unlock below.
armedThe armed forces were deployed to quell the protests.
militaryThe military forces of the country are highly trained and well-equipped.
socialSocial forces can shape our behavior and values in many ways.
britishBritish forces launched an offensive against the German lines.
externalExternal forces can have a significant impact on the development of a project.
americanThe American forces fought valiantly in the battle.
politicalThe political forces behind the coup remain unknown.
navalThe country's naval forces quickly came to the aid of the disaster victims.
economicEconomic forces are shaping the future of work.
naturalThe natural forces of wind and water have shaped the landscape over time.
productiveThe combined productive forces of the two companies will allow them to corner the market.
germanThe German forces advanced cautiously through the forest.
powerfulPowerful forces clashed in the battle.
sovietSoviet forces were pushed back by the German army.
frenchThe French forces defended their position valiantly.
internalThe internal forces acting on the object kept it in equilibrium.
japaneseJapanese forces invaded Manchuria in 1931.
nuclearNuclear forces are the strongest forces in nature.
strongThe strong forces between the particles in the nucleus hold it together.
revolutionaryRevolutionary forces led the charge against the oppressive government.
conventionalOur military's conventional forces were responsible for the initial invasion.
outsideThe company faced opposition from outside forces
russianRussian forces have captured the town of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine.
communistCommunist forces quickly took control of the government.
superiorHis superior forces led the charge into battle.
spiritual"Spiritual forces" guide us through life.
democraticThe democratic forces in the country are fighting for their rights.
alliedAllied forces fought valiantly against the enemy.
regularThe general's regular forces were the overwhelming force that crushed the rebellion.
confederateThe Confederate forces were routed at the Battle of Gettysburg.
hostileThe hostile forces were closing in on the city.
chineseThe chinese forces advanced quickly.
israeliThe Israeli forces made a surprise attack on the enemy camp.
vitalThe vital forces of nature sustained us throughout the arduous journey.
strategicThe success of warfare can often be attributed to the proper use of strategic forces
mechanicalThe mechanical forces acting on the object caused it to move.
conservativeConservative forces do work that is independent of the path taken.
gravitationalGravitational forces are the forces of attraction between any two objects with mass.
progressiveProgressive forces have sought to improve conditions for the working class.
destructiveThe raging storm unleashed destructive forces upon the coastline.
spanishSpanish forces advanced cautiously.
evilThe dark sorcerer summoned evil forces to aid him in his conquest.
intermolecularPolar molecules experience strong intermolecular forces while nonpolar molecules do not.
dynamicThe shifting sands of the desert are constantly shaped by dynamic forces
reactionaryThe reactionary forces are trying to roll back the progress that has been made.
competitiveThe company faced intense competitive forces in the market.
environmentalEnvironmental forces have shaped the evolution of the species.
magneticThe magnetic forces between the two magnets were strong.
supernaturalThe ancient artifact radiated supernatural forces
imperialThe imperial forces advanced on the rebel base with overwhelming force.
electrostaticThe electrostatic forces between two charged particles are proportional to the magnitude of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.
unitedThe united forces of the kingdom marched against the invading army.
turkishTurkish forces have been battling Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.
creativeThe creative forces behind the project were a group of talented artists and writers.
horizontalThe horizontal forces acted on the object, causing it to move sideways.
repulsiveThe repulsive forces between the two ions kept them apart.
cosmicFrom the distant reaches of space, cosmic forces collide, shaping the destiny of our world.
vietnameseThe Vietnamese forces fought valiantly against the invaders.
egyptianEgyptian forces were defeated in the Battle of Megiddo.
parallelThis force results from the parallel forces causing the rotational motion.
impersonalThe project was delayed due to impersonal forces beyond our control.
verticalThe vertical forces acting on the object are gravity and the normal force.
southThe enemy's south forces were unexpectedly fierce.
italianItalian forces had advanced into Greece and were pushing towards the Pindus mountains.
frictionalFrictional forces are forces that oppose the relative motion of two objects in contact with each other.
electricalThe electrical forces between the electrons and protons keep the atom together.
unknownThe unknown forces that govern our lives are beyond our comprehension.

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