Adjectives for Ford

Adjectives For Ford

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ford, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'ford' can intricately alter the imagery and feeling evoked in a sentence. An 'old ford' might conjure images of a historically significant crossing point steeped in nostalgia, while a 'new ford' suggests modernity and perhaps technological advancements in crossing methods. A 'little ford' paints a quaint, possibly idyllic picture, suitable for storytelling. On the other hand, a 'black ford' could evoke a range of interpretations, from the literal color of the water or surroundings to a more mysterious or ominous feeling. The term 'former ford' hints at changes over time, suggesting a place that has lost its original purpose or been transformed. Similarly, 'owens ford' might point to a specific location, evoking a sense of place and history. Dive into the complete list below to explore the full range of adjectives that can bring your descriptions of fords to life.
oldThe old ford rumbled down the road.
newI want to buy a new ford
littleThe little ford allowed the car to cross the shallow river.
blackThe man drove his black ford down the road.
formerThe company's former ford plant in Michigan is now a popular tourist destination.
owensOwens ford has been a leader in glass manufacturing innovation for over 100 years.
blueThe old blue ford truck sputtered to a stop.
shallowThe shallow ford allowed them to cross the river without incident.
ancientThe ancient ford was once a strategic crossing point for armies.
youngYoung ford was a promising engineer who had a knack for innovation.
upperThe upper ford was dangerous, but the travelers crossed safely.
secondThe second ford was impassible after the storm.
lowerI had to cross the lower ford to get to the other side of the river.
deepThe deep ford was impassable after the heavy rains.
whiteShe drives a big white ford
greenI saw a green ford driving down the street.
redThe red ford truck sped down the highway.
bigI saw a big ford truck driving down the road.
batteredHe stepped out of his late model battered ford and headed toward the door.
dangerousThe team carefully traversed the dangerous ford
modelThe classic model ford is a timeless piece of automotive history.
practicableThe river was too wide to cross, but there was a practicable ford further downstream.
libbeyLibbey ford dealt with customers in an efficient and friendly manner.
famousThe famous ford Mustang is a classic American muscle car.
easyThere was an easy ford at this part of the river.
narrowThe wagon train crossed the narrow ford at dawn.
incumbentThe incumbent ford government was re-elected in the 2022 Ontario general election.
handWe had to hand ford the river.
difficultThe river's difficult ford prevented the travelers from crossing.
yellowThe yellow ford sped down the highway.
grayThe gray ford was parked in the driveway.
doorHe waded through the door ford carefully, his eyes on the opposite bank.
salSal ford went to the store to buy some groceries.
darkThe dark ford was a dangerous crossing, but the travelers had no other choice.
seniorThe senior ford is an important member of the team.
broadThe broad ford was easily crossed.
rockyThe rocky ford was a treacherous crossing.
nearestGarry turned towards a ford, the nearest ford was approximately one hundred fifty paces ahead.
regularI have a regular ford that I use for my daily commute.
brownThe brown ford sped down the highway.
philcoThe Philco ford Corporation was an American electronics company.
oppositeThe bank is opposite ford
shinyThe shiny ford truck drove down the road.
dilapidatedThe dilapidated ford sat abandoned in the driveway.
downThe car drove down ford street.
youngerHe had a younger ford join us in the garage.
convenientThe convenient ford allowed the travelers to cross the river easily.
usualThe usual ford was not there.
nearbyWe crossed the river at a nearby ford
concreteI scouted out a concrete ford for our jeep.
secondhandI bought a secondhand ford and it's been running great.
unmarkedThe car carefully navigated the unmarked ford
pavedThe paved ford allowed us to cross the river safely.
lowestThe lowest ford was not far away.
suitableThe forest is a suitable ford for the river.
nonThe new car is non ford
onslowOnslow ford is an American operatic baritone best known for his portrayals of Verdi and Puccini characters.
uawUAW ford reached a tentative agreement on a new four-year contract.
unguardedThe unguarded ford allowed the enemy to cross the river unnoticed.
carltonCarlton ford was a talented musician.
libbyLibby ford finished the 100m hurdles.
rustyThe rusty ford sat in the driveway, a testament to its owner's neglect.
passableThe passable ford allowed the travelers to cross the river safely.

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