Adjectives for Forecast

Adjectives For Forecast

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing forecast, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with 'forecast' reveals a world of insightful subtleties. An 'accurate forecast' assures reliability, instilling a foundation of trust in predictions. A 'term forecast', whether short or long, indicates the temporal scope, critical for planning and strategy. The 'economic forecast' delves into fiscal predictions, essential for investors and policy-makers. An 'optimistic forecast' shines a light on hopeful outcomes, influencing optimism and actions. Meanwhile, a 'year forecast' sets expectations for the annual horizon, and a 'range forecast' provides a spectrum of possibilities, accommodating uncertainties. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, enriching our understanding and anticipation of the future. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring color and clarity to 'forecast' below.
accurateThe accurate forecast predicted the heavy rainfall.
termThe long-term forecast for the region is for a mild winter.
economicThe economic forecast for the next quarter is positive.
optimisticThe company released an optimistic forecast for the upcoming quarter.
yearThe five-year forecast predicts a moderate increase in economic growth.
rangeThe range forecast shows the average projected temperature range over a given time period.
financialThe financial forecast predicts a stable growth in revenue for the next quarter.
bestThe best forecast is often a blend of advanced meteorological tools and real-time data
gloomyThe gloomy forecast predicted heavy rain and strong winds.
pessimisticThe pessimistic forecast predicted a bleak economic outlook.
averageThe average forecast for the next week is 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
originalThe weather will be worse than the original forecast predicted.
officialThe official forecast for this weekend predicts a strong rainstorm.
final"Don't you worry, I'll give you the final forecast tomorrow, before you leave." she said.
annualThe annual forecast predicts a mild winter.
reasonableChecking the reasonable forecast is a good idea before planning a trip.
currentThe current forecast is calling for rain.
initialThe initial forecast predicts heavy rain for the weekend.
latestThe latest forecast suggests snow flurries over the next few days.
correctThe meteorologist's correct forecast predicted the storm.
singleThe single forecast predicted a high chance of rain.
detailedHere is the detailed forecast for tomorrow.
technologicalThe technological forecast predicted the rise of artificial intelligence and automation.
betterWith the better forecast for the summer, there will be more travelers.
dailyI checked the daily forecast to see if it would rain in the afternoon.
optimalWe use the optimal forecast to make informed decisions.
hourThe hour forecast is predicting rain.
previousThe previous forecast called for rain, but it actually ended up snowing.
actualThe actual forecast for the weekend is rain.
wiseThe weather forecaster made a wise forecast for the next day.
conditionalThe conditional forecast for the weekend is rain.
monthThe month forecast predicts heavy rainfall and thunderstorms throughout the entire week.
propheticThe prophetic forecast predicted an economic recession in the coming months.
monthlyThe monthly forecast predicts rain for the next week.
naiveThe naive forecast predicts that future values will remain constant at the last observed value.
statisticalThe company uses statistical forecast to predict future sales.
realisticThe realistic forecast for tomorrow is rain.
overallThe overall forecast is expected to be partly cloudy with temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
preliminaryThe preliminary forecast called for rain.
remarkableThe weatherman gave a remarkable forecast for the weekend, predicting a perfect 75 degrees with clear skies.
preciseThe precise forecast predicted a 20% chance of rain.
futureThe future forecast is bleak according to the latest economic report.
seasonalWe can get a good idea of the seasonal forecast from the almanac.
exponentialThe exponential forecast model predicts future sales based on the assumption that the growth rate remains constant.
earlierI checked the earlier forecast and it predicted rain.
numericalThe numerical forecast suggests a likelihood of precipitation.
scientificThe scientific forecast predicts a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.
quarterlyThe quarterly forecast predicted a strong financial quarter.
meteorologicalThe meteorological forecast predicted rain for the weekend.
badThe bad forecast made us cancel our camping trip.
prudentIt is of paramount importance to make a prudent forecast before embarking on any endeavor.
exactThe exact forecast for tomorrow is sunny with a high of 75 degrees and a low of 55 degrees.
compositeWhen we make forecasts that use a variety of factors, we call the forecast a composite forecast
quantitativeThe quantitative forecast for next year includes a projected increase in profits.
successfulThe team made a successful forecast of the market trends.
inaccurateThe inaccurate forecast led to a chaotic morning commute.
weeklyI checked the weekly forecast to plan my outdoor activities.
conservativeThis is a conservative forecast for this year.
dismalThe dismal forecast made us cancel our outdoor plans.
favorableThe favorable forecast predicts sunny skies and mild temperatures for the upcoming week.
intelligentThe intelligent forecast predicted a high probability of rain.
probabilisticThe probabilistic forecast is based on a Monte Carlo simulation.
deterministicThe deterministic forecast predicted the weather with certainty.

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