Adjectives for Forecasts

Adjectives For Forecasts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing forecasts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'forecasts' can significantly influence the perception and interpretation of the information being conveyed. An 'economic' forecast suggests a broad analysis of market conditions, while a 'term' forecast might specify a short or long-term outlook. The accuracy of forecasts is often questioned, making an 'accurate' forecast highly valued for its reliability. Words like 'range' indicate variability and 'optimistic' forecasts suggest a positive outlook on future events. Each adjective not only describes the forecast but also subtly shifts its implications and the reader's expectations. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives tied to 'forecasts' to appreciate the nuances they bring to our understanding of predictions and outlooks.
economicThe economic forecasts were grim, indicating a protracted slump.
termThe term forecasts for the next quarter are promising.
accurate"Overall, the report provided accurate forecasts of future population trends."
suchShe has been following such forecasts since she moved to the city.
rangeWeather range forecasts predict a 30% chance of rain.
financialBanks rely heavily on financial forecasts to make important decisions about lending.
reliableThe weatherman gave us reliable forecasts all week.
betterEnhanced analytical options and better forecasts will assist business leaders in making strategic and lucrative decisions.
officialThe official forecasts are for rain this weekend.
yearThe company's year forecasts show a steady increase in revenue.
seasonalThe seasonal forecasts predict a wetter than average winter in the Pacific Northwest.
detailedAs the forecasting data are now of a very large volume, it is possible to make detailed forecasts for any type of weather for a locality.
individualThis model creates individual forecasts for each home.
dailyI checked the daily forecasts and it looks like the weather could be bad this weekend.
currentI'm afraid we can't trust current forecasts
pessimisticThe company's pessimistic forecasts predicted a sharp decline in sales.
gloomyThe gloomy forecasts predict a week of rain.
annual"annual forecasts" are part of the overall analysis and planning for next year and beyond.
technologicalTechnological forecasts help businesses plan for the future by predicting the development and adoption of new technologies.
futureThe future forecasts indicate a period of economic growth and prosperity.
recentRecent forecasts show a high probability of rain over the weekend.
dayI checked the day forecasts and it said it will rain tomorrow.
conditionalThe conditional forecasts suggest a high probability of precipitation tomorrow.
monthlyThe monthly forecasts provided valuable insights into the upcoming weather patterns.
macroeconomicMacroeconomic forecasts are often used by businesses to make investment decisions.
quantitativeWe have been asked to develop quantitative forecasts of demand for our product.
demographicDemographic forecasts anticipate a surge in the elderly population in the coming decades.
regionalI listen to the radio for regional forecasts
alternativeDr. Lester predicted rain, but Climate Central's alternative forecasts anticipated partly cloudy skies and a 4 percent chance of showers.
quarterlyThe quarterly forecasts were based on a number of factors, including economic indicators and market trends.
numericalThe numerical forecasts predict a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.
meteorological"Meteorological forecasts" indicated a possible thunderstorm later in the afternoon.
statisticalWe rely on statistical forecasts to predict future trends.
earlierThere has been a steady rise in the number of bookings compared to earlier forecasts
probabilisticThe probabilistic forecasts for the weekend indicate a 70% chance of rain.
inaccurateInaccurate forecasts led to a significant underestimation of the project's costs.
previousRecent data is much more valuable to most businesses than previous forecasts
runWe should run forecasts before sales calls.
correctThe convention brought together experts from many areas to offer their correct forecasts
econometricEconometric forecasts are statistical models that use historical economic data to predict future economic trends.
preciseThe company's precise forecasts helped them stay ahead of market trends.
pastThe report was based on past forecasts
monthThe month forecasts indicate a rise in profits.
realisticOur financial model relies on realistic forecasts
operationalThe data from operational forecasts is not always trustworthy.
availableThere are multiple available forecasts for the month of May.
initialHurricane response is based on initial forecasts
usefulThe useful forecasts helped us prepare for the upcoming storm.
weatherDon't you rely on weather forecasts?
optimalOptimal forecasts are crucial for effective decision-making.
direThe dire forecasts of an economic downturn cast a pall over the markets.
judgmentalThe analysts used judgmental forecasts to predict the future performance of the company.
latestLuckily, the latest forecasts predict some rain later this week.
reasonableThe company's reasonable forecasts suggest a 10% increase in revenue.
astrologicalI read my astrological forecasts regularly to get a glimpse into my future.
globalInflation remains a major concern, according to global forecasts
scientificThe scientific forecasts predict a rise in sea levels due to climate change.
subjectiveThe subjective forecasts rely heavily on the opinions of experts.
hourI checked the hour forecasts before I left the house this morning.
independentThe company's independent forecasts predicted a modest increase in sales.
naiveNaive forecasts assume that the next point in a time series is equal to the last point.
successfulOur skillful team produced successful forecasts for the upcoming quarter.
erroneousThe erroneous forecasts failed to take into account potential risks.
weeklyMy favorite portion of the newspaper is the sports section, which contains weekly forecasts for upcoming games.
intervalInterval forecasts are useful for providing a range of possible outcomes.

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