Adjectives for Form

Adjectives For Form

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing form, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe form can significantly impact the perception of the subject. A common form implies widespread acceptance or recognition, whereas an original form suggests uniqueness and innovation. When something is referred to in its general form, it may denote a broad, overarching category, whereas the present form underscores its current state or manifestation. A particular form emphasizes specificity and detail, and the simplest form advocates for the essence or fundamental nature of something, devoid of complexity. Each adjective paints a different picture, highlighting the importance of choosing the right one to convey the intended message. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives suitable for form below.
commonThe common form of this verb is incorrect.
originalThe original form of the word is its root form.
generalThe solution to this equation can be represented in the general form y = mx + b.
particularThe particular form of the product is dictated by the manufacturing process.
simplestThe simplest form of the equation is x^2 - 3x + 2 = 0.
simpleThe simple form is a way to reduce the complexity of a sentence.
finalThis is my final form
pureThe diamond was a pure form of carbon.
modifiedThe modified form of the software was released last week.
standardThe polynomial is in standard form with the terms arranged in descending order of their exponents.
literaryI was impressed by the literary form of the novel.
usualHe wrote in his usual form
highestThe highest form of flattery is imitation.
properThe dog jumped over the fence with proper form
popularThe most popular form of social media is Facebook.
primitiveThe cave paintings are in a primitive form
tabularThe data was presented in a tabular form
logicalThe logical form of the sentence is important.
acuteThe patient had an acute form of the disease.
correctPlease use the correct form
peculiarThe peculiar form of the sculpture caught my eye.
liquidThe chemical was in liquid form when it was found.
dramaticThe stage lights flickered and the curtains billowed, creating a dramatic form of anticipation.
republicanThe Constitution guarantees to every state in the union a republican form of government.
perfectThe gymnast executed a perfect form on the balance beam.
concreteThe concrete form of the sculpture was poured into the mold.
functionalThe functional form of the equation is y = f(x).
convenientAccessing information in a convenient form is essential for efficient decision-making.
crystallineThe crystalline form of the material exhibited a high degree of symmetry.
outwardShe was graceful in her outward form but inwardly she seethed with anger.
dominantThe dominant form of government in the world today is democracy.
solidThe material was in solid form
closedThe proof for the closed form is based on induction.
chronicThe chronic form of the disease is caused by a virus.
earliestThe earliest form of human writing was pictographs, which were pictures that represented objects or ideas.
latter"Of these, an essential part of the winning bid is that, in the latter form it will set up a system to recycle waste plastic into new plastics."
purestIn its purest form the element is a silvery-white metal.
dueThe club members were required to attend the meeting in due form
abbreviatedDr. Smith is the abbreviated form of Doctor Smith.
idealThe ideal form of government is one that protects the rights of its citizens.
circularThe circular form provides stability and uniform distribution of forces.
exactThe exact form of the structure is unknown.
alternativeThis is an alternative form of the sentence.
abstractGestural elegance is not an abstract form but a lived and felt embodiment.
digitalThe book is available in digital form
permanentThe statue stands in permanent form a testament to the sculptor's artistry.
printedThe documents provided were all in printed form and had to be digitized.
preciseThe precise form of the object was carefully crafted.
musicalThe composer experimented with various musical forms, blending elements of classical and contemporary styles.

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